okay special treat for everybody today
we just got finished getting this thing
hopefully running reliably and this is a
Green Bay Packer football team for those
that don’t watch football themed
neighborhood electric vehicle and this
thing is awesome so we are gonna have
rod just tell us a little bit about it
hi rod hi well it’s a 2006 dynasty
tropic electric car made in Canada they
go on the streets and like you said it’s
themed for the Packers we use it for
parades and for neighborhood right
arounds and we love it and and chris has
helped us get it going again and
charging batteries again and getting the
brake lights working which hasn’t worked
in three years but it seemed to be
running great now we’re gonna take it
for our first official ride with
everything working yep and for those
curious this is a 72 volt car how do we
pop the hood because you had the hood
open for me already oh okay so I don’t
have anything okay nevermind I can do
that with one hand but this is a 72 volt
lead acid based vehicle and we added
because it never had one a 12-volt
auxilary battery because the DC DC
converter is starting to kick the bucket
and had only working intermittently and
we’re hoping that’ll hold out long
enough until we could find maybe a
direct replacement in the meantime if we
added a secondary charger for that so
we’ll charge when you plug in the main
vehicle and now legally this thing is
restricted to about 25 miles an hour
so in Wisconsin laws are a little little
restrictive on where
these things can go and you need an
ordinance in your municipality on top of
being plated to be able to drive it
pretty simple key on which already Oh
key on and the speedometer calibrates
itself parking brake off with the
parking brake on the main contactor will
not engage now the main contactor is
engaged and you probably won’t hear it
on the video but you can hear a little
hum from the motor controller which is a
Curtiss or in drive green light lights
up you want reverse red light lights up
and we get a little backup alarm and the
range Gessle meter is actually just zero
to one and as that little light LED
moves down it means you’re running out
of power and it also has headlights and
tail lights but we’re gonna leave those
off and we’re gonna find some LED
replacements because man he’s got a
hundred and twenty watts just in
headlights and range and a full charge
is actually about what 25 miles run
about 30 miles we hope and we just got
some new batteries in here too so and
I’m used to driving a Tesla so I
instinctively want to pull this down to
go forward but that’s the go pedal yes
the go pedal yeah so let’s see what we
got this is our first ride after doing
some TLC which way should we go right
yep no power steering in this one and I
think I’m going to shoot a little bit of
wd-40 in your steering column there
right up to 25 with no sweat whatsoever
and I think we got some low air in our
now there’s no power breaks in this but
they are hydraulic and considering this
thing with seven-letter six now seven
let acid batteries six heavy drivetrain
and now an artillery battery for the
so far we read about
we’ll say about six to seven seconds to
get up to 25 which on the streets this
is designed for it’s more than plenty
make your foot all the way down yep
what’s all the yeah we’re at 25
no autopilot on this one focus
funny when you’re with there’s not many
people out now but yeah typically when
there’s people out working out a lot
everybody’s wavy and it’s a really
popular car and parades of course here
in Wisconsin they’re a trailer and up to
Green Bay have-not trailer that up Green
Bay we’ve taken it up the road America
for the IndyCar races and why they love
it up there
right turn yep subdivisions get me lost
at least you have a shortage of stop
signs oh this is fun this is like
driving a awesome golf birth
wait again
right again
now dynasty made a couple different
versions you said this was the tropic
which is the open side ones and yes it
does actually have seatbelts but there’s
no doors at least no solid doors did I
see online possibly that they have some
cloth doors that you can they do and
they also made a pickup truck model and
then they remember a sedan and a sedan I
think I saw said Dan and I’m sure Ben
Nelson is going to can’t comment on this
video I want to say oh nine at one of
your gatherings in Oconomowoc I think it
was okay
and then I think that was also the one I
brought that zebra car to once
and if you want to we can keep driving
fuck you oh I think we’re good I think
we just passed all our tests for today
yep and then you can see the Big Brother
they’re parked on the side of the road
next time you come over next time
actually I think Aaron the tire wouldn’t
help more fully okay oh gosh yeah
practically flat so no I’m just gonna
comment we have a practically flat you
want in the driveway or the garage
garage okay we have a practically flat
tire just still performed admirably
switch to neutral parking brake um Oh
key off I mean how can you not and that
was an awesome ride beautiful and if I’m
understanding correctly dynasty actually
sold to a Pakistani company so they may
still be manufacturing these in Pakistan
but we could not get any information out
of them and they never responded to
emails or any other modes of
communication and there’s no way I was
gonna call Pakistan my phone bills high
enough already so there you go that’s
the treat for the week folks and be sure
if you’re in Wisconsin to look for this
awesome little bugger at some parades
and special events I guess this Saturday
is going down to South Milwaukee for the
crusher memorial of famous wrestler from
South Milwaukee so they’ll be a awesome
event adios everybody