Hey guys, I hope you’re all doing good!
Today has been an insane day for news.
Right now, the community has just got their
hands on all of the upcoming unreleased Legends.
We have early concept art and 3D renders for
all of them.
I’ll go through each of them one by one in
this video.
Big props goes to Twitter users Shrugtal for
Shrugtal has just pulled out the biggest datamine
Shrugtal managed to go into the game files
and pull out concept art and very early game
renders for all of the Legends that have had
their names leaked before.
Now, all of these are very early renders,
so keep that in mind.
However, they certainly give some ideas about
what each of these characters will look like
when they are finally released.
The names that have been put to the character’s
faces aren’t 100% confirmed and are mostly
just estimates based on their names and appearances.
Even though we have these images, we still
know very little about their abilities.
We currently only know about Octane’s ability
set, and one of Wattson’s skills.
Okay, so first up we have Rampart, The name
and overall rough appearance would make me
assume Rampart is a tank.
Next, we have Rose.
Very little to go off about her unfortunately.
After, we have Crypto, or otherwise known
as Talchum.
He was seen in some of the earlier Apex Legends
concept art images.
Then, we have Octane.
He’s easily the most fleshed out character
right now and he’s certainly the one that’s
got the most details in-game.
We’re expecting to see Octane in the game
when the Battle Pass launches later this month.
I’ve put a link in the description for those
that want to see more about his abilities.
Next up, we have Nomad.
And then, we have Skunner.
Next, Jericho.
Unfortunately, for these three, we know very
little, and we can’t really confirm that these
are even the right characters.
It’s just estimates and guesses based on their
And then we have Wattson.
We can pretty much confirm this one – Wattson
has an energy symbol on their shoulder.
Wattson looks quite small.
Could this be the new smallest hitbox?
We’ll have to wait and see.
I’d make a guess that Wattson will be the
second new Legend after Octane because there’s
quite a lot more code in the game referring
to Wattson too.
We also have a very early image for an ability
that could well be Wattson’s Tesla Trap.
I talked more about that in earlier videos.
Next, we have the last two, Husaria, who has
a very interesting mechanical arm attachment,
and Prophet, who looks to be very early in
Now, keep in mind, all of these names are
just estimations based off of the images that
have been datamined.
The real names could be assigned to any of
these new legends.
If you’d like to see more detailed pictures,
make sure to follow Shrugtal.
I’ll put their Twitter in the description.
all credit goes to them.
They’ve done an excellent job here.
So, now it’s theory crafting time.
I want to go over each Legend in more detail
and provide some thoughts on what they could
potentially offer.
If you have your own opinions, let me know
by leaving a comment.
So, starting with Rampart.
Rampart is a word used to define a defensive
wall on a castle, so perhaps he’ll be one
of the toughest tanks in the game.
Maybe more health?
Or maybe he can literally create shield walls
in front of him.
Maybe similarly to lifeline’s shield that
she gets when she heals someone.
Next, we have Rose.
Is she related to Mirage?
Could she also have the same tech that Mirage’s
mother created?
She looks a bit too young to be Mirage’s mother
herself, but she has that same mischevious
look about her.
Or, maybe she’s completely unrelated.
Who knows?
And then we have Talchum.
He seems to have some kind of weapon on his
I would assume this is related to his abilities.
He also has the name Crypto.
So, I would make a wild guess that Talchum
actually has data knives.
These are tools seen in past Titanfall games
that allowed pilots to hack spectres and other
AI machinery.
The question is, will Talchum get given his
own machinery, or will new AI be added on
the map for him to hack?
Or Maybe I’m completely wrong again.
Who knows?
We already have Octane covered.
He has a jump pad and can damage himself to
increase his movement speed.
He also has a passive that heals his HP over
time slowly.
Nomad and Skunner seem to have a similar getup.
I’m a bit lost for what to suggest for these
If you have any thoughts on what their abilities
could be, I’m all ears.
Skunner reminds me of Bangalore quite a lot,
Skunner has that same mercanary vibe to them.
Now Jericho seems quite interesting.
He has a very large backpack.
I wonder what could be inside.
Or, maybe he has increased carry capacity
at the start of the game.
The eye piece looks interesting too.
Could he be some kind of treasure hunter?
Maybe his eye piece can track down rare items
in the game.
Wattson will have a range of electrical based
We already know about the Tesla Trap.
I’m interested to learn more about Wattson’s
backstory too.
Husaria could be some kind of unique tech
based Legend, and then Prophet perhaps shares
similar abilities to Wraith, but it’s too
hard to say at this point.
So that wraps up my look at all of the new
Legends revealed in the latest leak.
Make sure to check out Shrugtal on Twitter
for the original images.
What are your thoughts on these leaks?
Are you excited?
If you’ve watched this far, I have just one
question for you.
Which of these Legends is your favorite?
Let me know.
I’ll see you in the comments.