what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel today I have some new information on Ark Genesis that I really
wanted to share with you guys this information comes from an updated
description of Ark Genesis on Steam there’s a lot to read so I’m not gonna
read everything here word-for-word but I will talk about the highlights of this
updated description and then at the end of this video I will post screenshots of
the entire description so you can pause the video and read it at your own pace
I’m gonna try to keep this video short so let’s just hop right into it
so first we have new details for the missions coming with Ark Genesis for
those of you that don’t already know this Ark Genesis will have missions that
you can complete to earn resources or gear and there has been some rumors
about these missions saying that they will be story-driven so you will
actually learn a little bit about the lore of Ark Genesis by completing these
missions I’m not too sure about that just yet they’ve just been rumors so far
we’re gonna have to wait for our Genesis to release to really understand what
these missions are and what they can offer us it would be nice to see some
missions that will expand the lore of Ark a little bit because I do think Ark
has a very interesting story but in this updated description we learn about a few
missions that we will come across in art Genesis so it says we will see
everything from getting down waves of enemies with the aid of power-ups
escorting vulnerable baby creatures to their parents tracking and hunting down
powerful bosses competing in dino races or even playing a round of doto
basketball so to me this all sounds very fun this could be a really cool way to
kill some time in the game and maybe gather some pretty good gear if it does
offer good items but the part where they mentioned tracking and hunting down
powerful bosses really stuck out to me will we see big bosses wandering around
in some of the biomes and will we be able to tame them and use them in raids
I think that could be very cool I also don’t know what they mean by bosses they
could be something completely new or they could be alpha versions of some of
the Dinos maybe like an alpha giga that would be pretty cool or it could be the
world bosses that you find on the AI map maybe we will be able to find like a
Broodmother boss walking around that we can fight or tame for a little bit and
then after that we learn a little bit about glitches apparently in the arc
genesis map we will come across glitches that we will be able to fix to earn
credit and resources so I’m guessing we will find little events that we can
participate in to fix a glitch and it sounds like if we fix that glitch it
could reward us with resources like metal or pearls or something like that
maybe even element at higher levels but it also says that we can earn credit
which leads to the next point in this description there will be a currency in
Genesis called hexagons which you can use to purchase extra resources tech
items and more you will also need to spend these hexagons to travel between
biomes and Genesis so I guess we will not have access to every biome in
Genesis as soon as we start we’re gonna have to earn some of these hexagons just
to travel to a new biome but by the sounds of it we will be able to earn
these hexagons by completing missions and glitches in this new map and I think
HL na will be the vendor for hexagon so our purchases will go through her so now
that we know we will not have access to every biome right away it gets me
thinking where do we start in our Genesis will there be a basic island
that we will all start on at the same time and then once we earn enough
hexagons we can pick up biome to move to or do we get to pick one biome at the
start and then we can move to another biome when we’re ready I really don’t
know that’s very interesting to think about like it’s possible that we could
all start on like a glitched out version of the island map that has a bunch of
missions and glitches that we can fix to earn these hexagons and then once we
have enough we can maybe hop into the simulation through HL na and move to a
different biome whenever we want to I don’t know they don’t really talk about
the map that we’re gonna start on they just talk about these simulations that
we can transfer to but where do we transfer from and then finally there
will be new vehicles that we can craft and ride in arc Genesis in this
description they mentioned hover skiffs which I think will be like these water
hover crafts but they also suggest that there will be other vehicles in Genesis
but that’s all I really wanted to talk about
in this video it sounds like we will be seeing a lot of really cool stuff in our
Genesis it is currently February 23rd and Ark
Genesis is releasing on the 25th of February so it’s coming up pretty soon
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