so as I’ve said in another video we’re
just gonna open up and see what I have so ooh oh the other one has an address
so just wait a minute please so these actually have nice stamps on
them pity at the stamp collecting is much died out so here I have our first
item and I actually need a knife to open it so quick like thing is fun you can
still get plenty of good coins on the Internet
and well let’s see whoa I think I know what I have here these are awesome
awesome these are pretty large coins so let’s have a look
Oh what is this come on Dan so 700 yarder jubu d lat Liam dear start
theater Burke Vaughn come on Dan so come on in sit down it’s been so just 1978 so
700 years will be 1278 so that’s when it was founded more countries it boo
Republic yesterday so this is Austrian history just means Eastern Empire Easter
is Eastern races Empire and 100 shillings so in Australian dollars that
would have been worth $10 because there’s 10 shillings to an Australian
dollar as the coat of arms sterilized and yeah quite like that coin quite a
bit coin what’s the edge so just as hundred shilling that’s pretty much and
that’s where it’s I say so wounded shipping which means 100 shilling
there’s Germany is actually a Germanic language well it’s very
closely related to English which is closest related language is actually
frisian or one of the Frisian languages anyway here is one person einen ein hoon
de tierra y la so this town you’re celebrating this one person fee and this
one’s also 1978 so it was founded in 1878 and yeah it existed so does another
Austrian coin let me have a look at what’s in the
other yeah fold Oh for your banknotes Oh awesome banknotes and it comes in a
nice nice packet that comes in a nice packet in a packet in a packet wow these
are banknotes from Laos these are Kipp so the national currencies Kipp and
these are in circulation between 1960 to 1975 they were replaced it well 20 kit
because one you keep when a pad out to go but Laos and this is a Tinky banknote
awesome I love this is one of my favorite series she’s probably the Queen has the
elephant which represents Laos and in the watermark on the wrist