okay people I have two packages here now
if you want to do openings on YouTube good idea is not to show your address or
the address of the sender okay that’s a little security to query anyway
I’ll open it up and we’ll see what I have
okay so in this slot I pay Russian five ruble coin okay it is commemorating
something in 1845 so I looked it up and see what it is
Crimean War is bad at time but this image I Thanksgiving is actually the
crime you know okay I have some ever Russian coins these are I think these
are fingers okay 17:41 is a user Russian eagle imperial eagle so these are half
cock rubles not half rules half Copic yeah
Pyarelal and this one is a two Copic what date is
it can you see the day no this is this would be 18 1800 some time and I have a
ruble coin it’s quite big actually 1895 didn’t expect it to be big but what I
need to do is to see if it is real or fake I didn’t pay that much money for from the looks of it let’s focus here
look so it looks real just been warned a lot heavily circulated slide looks ok I
need to see that it’s a Cindy and this one that part there can be a
bit of a problem okay so I will check that out
okay in the second package to go a lot of bank notes there’s a Serbian 500
dinars and 941 another 500 same day this is only produced in one year
oh and 50 dinars 940 242 Romanian 25 Roy should be 1966 I anticipate psycho focus
you can buddy Samsung you ever get a Samsung phone you can drop them in water
drop these in water and I still work okay now we’re Bulgarian by David Ain
sequence note is there uncirculated 5 and we have another 5 and here’s the pen
these are all 1951 and 1944 do this when the People’s Republic or whatever
Socialist Republic was declared not bad that’s quite a nice banknote that one
the 10-day in sequence no still uncirculated the central bank
must have had a lot of these left over because he’s a lot of these uncirculated
ones come out Oh favorable same date 1951 as the hammer and sickle
I mean those are done three three have some more five rules okay no 25 ruble
now this guy’s probably the first president of People’s Republic of
Bulgaria this one’s not bad as well the color is nice bluing yellows go together
Wow okay another one this one in sequence
no still it doesn’t matter as soon as I get a set I will show you okay a hundred
rubles it’s not bad as well I’m quite in liking me sir
set two hundred roubles that’s even better
nice kick you babes two hundred now what I need to do one ruble and you
500 a a first series I think these will reduce up until 1964 when you back lad
to issued okay Auto 50 rubles yep
good your rooms more hundred another 100 and now we have hungry so some MIDI or
pengal so 100 million pingos this is 1 million pingos no under foreign what
date you sent 84 and this is 10 562 not bad
I like that mr. Beck additional months I’ve always wanted to get these set
quite lightly sent 100 these are use for at least 40 years and they’re 500 Pingo
now I’m not can go foreign in Japan go is used before 4769 pity has writing on
it okay so that is what I got today so thank you very much watching please like
and subscribe and if you actually want to make your own videos about banknotes
you have when the coins you have order stamps no eat just anything that you
have okay and just enjoy thank you very much and have a nice day