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And today we’re gonna be talking about litecoins partnership with token pay as well as them purchasing
10% of a bank in germany by the name of AG
so we’re gonna be breaking this down explaining what all this means and how this could be like coins replacement for light pay and
bringing forth cryptocurrency debit and credit cards for light coin
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So when this first came out it raised a red flag for a lot of people because the last time that they saw something like
This it was light pay getting suspended indefinitely
And if you guys don’t know what the whole light pay scenario was
essentially a couple of months ago light Coen tried to revolutionize itself through launching light pay now light pay was meant to
revolutionize light coin by bringing in more
Fiat pears while also putting forth crypto credit and debit cards to help light coin be used for more real-world
Transactions and not only just for trading on cryptocurrency
exchanges this ended up failing in one of the last days just before launch and it was
You know handed out to the public. It was actually suspended indefinitely and therefore cancelled
and so when people see this
You know at the time this was added on to a longer list of light coin kind of fading away
I mean you had
Charlie Lee selling off almost all of his light coin holdings and then you had him coming out and saying that he wanted to
Fade away into the background and make a light corn quote-unquote more decentralized
And with him stepping away more and more at this time, you know
You had the crypto currency market plummeting and with that you had like when plummeting and then you had light pay fail
and so when people see this they can’t help but get at least a little bit nervous because of
What happened last time that they tried to launch something like this?
But we know that our excuse me that we know that token pay is a company that works to get out cryptocurrency
Credit and debit cards and they’ve already been working with coins like Bitcoin
Ef’n, you know the tea pay token verge and a couple of these other ones that they’ve been going forth, you know
There’s been rumors about them working
Tron and cordon, oh and a couple of these other ones, you know that hasn’t been confirmed yet
But what we see now, is that light coin?
Has officially partnered with them and also getting a 10% stake in the bank called AG over in Germany
So it’s gonna be unique what they’re gonna be able to do with that and working through banks
We know that the German banks are starting to be very very bullish on cryptocurrencies
In fact, you know some of the most bullish in the world right along the Swiss and the South Koreans
But it’s gonna be it’s gonna be cool
So essentially um, we have a quote here from Charlie Lee and he said, you know, the this partnership is huge
It’s a win-win for both litecoin and token pay. I’m looking forward to integrating litecoin with the weg Bank AG
And all the various services that it has to offer to make it simple for anyone
To buy and use litecoin. I’m also excited about litecoin support in token pay and Ethan’s decentralized exchange
So what they’re doing here is they’re expanding their market
They’re expanding their availability, which is something that’s really essential in today’s crypto world. You know me personally
I have a lot of trouble getting crypto or actually Fiat into crypto currencies
At least if you’re using coinbase because it can be a little bit of pain between the fees and the transaction times
That they have on their exchange and so with like when making themselves more available
It will essentially bring in more money. And if this does work now, this is a big thing
This is a big if because if they can get their crypto debit cards out to actually be used in
real world transactions
You know not just getting traded around like a stock on then that could be huge the problem with this
Is that a lot of these people who are saying that it can be used all in all these different places?
It’s only getting used in major cities and or in capitals of countries, you know, so outside maybe like Switzerland or like South Korea
Japan, you know if you’re in the u.s
You might only be able to buy stuff in Bitcoin or in cryptocurrency
And like maybe New York or LA or one of these major cities
because if you’re in like, you know, just even you know, the capital your state might not even have
Crypto, you know, it might not even be crypto accessible
And so what they need here to do is they need to make these these token pay debit cards
Accessible to a variety of places and not just these, you know high, you know condensity, you know these big cities
I guess you could say, you know, it needs to be able to be used everywhere
It needs to be able to be used line
It needs to be able to be used if you go to the grocery store and you want to pay with something, you know
If you want to go get clothes if you want to go out to eat
That’s what it needs to be able to be used for
It doesn’t need to be used for only select stories and major cities
And so if light Quinn can come out and accomplish that goal of letting themselves being used and you know it maybe not
Everywhere, but at least I’m you know, a nice majority of places so that it’s not just selected cities around the world
You know what I’m saying?
So if like Quinn can’t accomplish that goal. I think that this would be wildly successful
And you know, it’s another thing because we know that they have Charlie on their team, right? He’s the head developer for litecoin
He’s a huge background with Google. He’s an
extremely smart guy so
you know to say that Charlie is gonna do a bad job with all this and just kind of misuse his
Opportunity is a little bit, you know, silly because he is an extremely smart individual and he definitely knows what he’s doing so far
I mean, he’s created one of the top
He’s the lead developer for one of the top cryptocurrencies in the world
You know along with this whole other list of resumes that he has next to him. And so
It’s gonna be interesting to see how T pay and effing work with litecoin here to move towards the future
You know, this could be if they you know, if they do this the proper way effectively
Then this could be a turnaround point for litecoin and taking back. Its number third spot on the crypto currency list
You know whether that’s gonna happen or not, you know
we’re yet to see but this is an opportunity for
Litecoin to comment to kind of bump up their ranks a little bit to where they used to be in the top four crypto
You know whether or not that’s gonna happen where I have to wait and see but they certainly have a great opportunity
Ahead of them if they can get these cryptocurrency debit cards done
Right and out to the public and make it as accessible as they talked about in here, you know, cuz that’s a big thing
they talk about how it’s gonna be so accessible and it’s gonna be so easy to use and you know,
We’re yet to see that in crypto debit cards
so if it actually is viable then again, it’s gonna be revolutionary and you’re gonna see other coins follow this
But token pay has been putting in a lot of work, you know
We’ve seen them roll out partnerships with several coins in the past months. So let me know what you guys think about this
well, let me know if you guys are a
Litecoin supporter or not, you know whether you know or not you like charlie
Lee and what you guys think about this whole situation with light clean, you know purchasing part of a bank in Germany
While also working towards debit cards because that’s pretty cool
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