it’s like a fellow coin collectors how are you
going and today I have some new items so let’s go ahead and see what I happen to
like these find some silver we have a forty fiat currencies 1946 shilling this
is the first year that the shilling was made fifty percent silver before that
was a ninety two point five percent and it’s a bit forty percent copper and I
think has ten so that’s bit one but I brought that point close to boolean
value I think it’s a bit roughly a bit two dollars or something like that the
three disciplines are nice and the exchange with current coins this will be
a 10 cent coin and I have some other coins it’s over 1961 nice floor under
looks like it’s just yeah it’s just a Mac have a nice open six pence from 1962
and this is almost uncirculated you can tell by Queens I’ll probably extreme
it’s fine almost uncirculated great that’s a pretty good pick up for me
I have another 1961 that one to match the same grade very very fun extremely
fun have a our round 10 rules so you can see the new rule 10 near assesses reals
use the royal crown the coat of arms of Iran back then and it’s sharp
lovie so 2 5 free that’s a fault that’s not an Islamic date I think it’s a date
of the founding of Iran the a commanded Empire which will be two and half
thousand years ago so that’s personally what that Davies
and yes that I use 10 rules anymore cause it’s about 25,000 rules for $1 and
here we have a Jersey one penny 1/12 of shilling celebrate near 1066 invasion or
by the Normans of the United Kingdom so 966 second remedy there’s like a few
million it is minted so this one’s actually pretty good okay Vietnamese
banknotes yes some more so whatever I actually got you know so I have
different series so I have a North Vietnamese 958 series – ha ha or a 22
we’re from an Australian currency will be equivalent to like 20 cents so point
to evade on I have a sip of South Vietnamese so these were preliminary
issue this is supposed to be issued in South Vietnam
these are runoff free so five one one seven two seven seven two
eight and seventy nine and here’s a separate one I got so they have
communist team so people harvesting wheat today doing the colder areas of
Vietnam in education so these were apparently captured by Americans in bulk
so they were not issued in 1975 near $1.00 generally the most common that you
would actually get on the internet so it’s nice indochina pretty high-grade 20
cents issued during the Second World War by the Vichy French government so I
think that’s loud everything that’s Cambodian Vietnamese and Chinese and
just replace it the silver 20 cent coin that actually had in circulation at the
time you know I have some banknotes get rid of the sticky tank so some have a
beep minutes from Vietnam was wrong so I have the 50 cent as well so that
completes my set of high-grade banknotes at this time I do have light gray one
for these ones actually not too expensive another one of the same series as this
one but this one was the lowest thing though you get the 10 sue or yeah whole
and pretty pretty basic I think these were printed in China they had the
characteristics of trying to spank notes with um all these line patterns around
so that’s nice so actually got all these off bent eBay eBay pretty safe place to
buy most of the audience I actually get and here we have a harder banknote to
get $100 from 1955 so Vietnam and series here tractor and on
Becca has a Phoenix so it’s pretty lucky to pick that up for a low price here I
have a 1p esta nice pink Mutt there’s the Tigers a watermark they use that for
itself Vietnam as well mmm this says Cambodia Laos and Vietnam
in the title and this one is think this might be the Vietnamese issue I need to
look that up here I have no I have a selfie nietzermann’s ting dong so this
completes my series of the first issue of morning tea five serious or 54 answer
confusion on the date and this was pretty much the same kind silence the
previous Tempe esta but did designs a little bit different so here we ever
boats on a coastal since that’s a nice series to get o days so I like the click
Keaton amis been nicer actually quite interesting finite country quite
interesting because of the complex history as well as Cambodia and Laos
yeah Thailand’s okay but you know boomers
okay but the really thing you had like one issued issued by the government so
got some more coins today which is nice and this a Mexican and I mean so much sticky time to try and
get these out I would just pause it while I open it up okay so that took a
while actually open up so much plastic so I have a bunch of Mexican coins to
Saudi Arabian and some don’t really have pop many Polish coins before but now I
have quite a few Saudi Arabian I have one of the old five halala and this is
the smallest coin could actually get in Saudi Arabia I think it’s worth about
one point one point three cents or something like that
thirteen ninety two and here’s another bad coin and see swords and palm tree
here are pretty decimal points I think before is one real equals forty halala
need to look that up again can’t remember and the Asia coins of one two
and four so this is the two or people nearly completely serious just need to
get half quarter hollow and this one is pink before 1960 so 1379 so yeah you
know Polish polish Mexican coins this is a smallest one so 5 centavos my 68 makes
a call not bad where you got that one what’s the ever small ones that I’ve got
I got a 20 centavos so this is my favorite Mexican coin as a Tod Oaxacan
which is joint pyramid in Mexico and it wasn’t built body as in Aztecs Inca as
texture increase in Peru as Texas so that is pre astok era in I have a lot of
hyperinflation coins of five ten twenty hundred fifty a hundred thousand so I
need the actual five hundred so what I have is five pesos nine seventy two and
nine and eighty one so during the eighties actually started to get
hyperinflation that actually had to reduce the size of the coins so this is
the largest five pesos smallest one any smallest they actually got was that big
so so you see what happens when your hyperinflation in no fiat currencies
which what we have now because of economic news manager Venezuela is going
through this but you don’t really see coin say she’s shoot bentonite so try to
hide the situation so 25 percent of us 1953 didn’t you know actually was in
there so all all makes it been coins at the coat of arms on the back Oh rolling
rolling rolling Indian I have another one in ten pesos 1981
I already got these for that name and I don’t really like the abled waiter done
it’s just loins so it’s good oh do you want pistols that they used up until 19
1980 some they did reduce the size but I don’t have at that coin
and then I have 85 pesos and 10 pesos 85 as well 20 which I don’t have an 85 as
well this one’s all have a portrait of the person except for the five and they
change a way to the beta version okay fifty pesos this one has palenko to look
up what an easel who it is maybe it’s just a carbon 110 Bulls hundred pesos
and as you can see the pesos actually uses a dollar sign no pesos on in this
case anyone fares in pesos and I believe this is the highest coin so this is 91
the pestle was read innominate 1899 for 1000 pesos because when you piss us this
is one pestle and it’s quite a large coin if got it the two pesos it’s used
currently but nowaday actually taken in off a novel so as you can see this is
actually this is actually a nice series actually you know I’ve got a series and
I need to do a video on it and then I have polish coins so it looks
like I’ve got the whole series think of think I need two one two and five so
tengo she is all pretty pretty boring they actually just have the denomination
and the white eagle polish eagle on the back some 1972 Oh some silver coin say 10 20 50 100 T
so one salty goes 100 Gashi to slotty this one’s better sorry
before Silva is a small too slutty 82 hogs wotty
as you can see it’s pretty pretty boy 10 salty no it’s on Kakadu 50
this is 1919-20 of an early issue in this one has a commemorates my jelly no
no what oh no vodka not issue of its debut or be this is 27 1976 and here I
have three to softies from three Walpole 9 32 33 in looks like 34 as well they
did silver coins they just have the Polish eagle and allegorical feature of
a woman in over 50 zloty from the current series haven’t got this quite
small fingers a bit too too afraid to run strained or so those are my new
pickups thank you very much for watching how awesome coin collecting time people
well so please give these me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel thank you
for watching and have an awesome Baker collecting time bye