get a pebble this is Glenn here again
with another video for today and today I’m showing you $10 from New
Zealand issued to commemorate the year 2000 as you see commemorating the new
millennium legal tender $10 is the governor now here it has traditional
Maori canoe not too short the exit Calder you have a map of New Zealand on
the world your spoils you have the wind set yeah the winds that blew the canoe
to where it was gone opportunity this just represented madam Ares first
landing only deal on the bat a thousand years ago and here’s the Sun okay the
dawn of a new era lights the way for New Zealand’s perpetual voyage into
innovation and discovery okay so this canoe not only represents the founding
Oh New Zealand Maori society when I first come here most likely from the
Cook Islands I believe but also it’s a technological research into the future
so that’s where the ones and zeros come in here that’s just the computer code 0
is well basically in electronics 0 as me no no a Lobo teach and the one means a
voltage that’s basically okay now you have a silver fan which is endemic to
Magellan and represents New Zealand oh it looks like it’s in the shape of a
cloud never lot of spoils never lots of patterns then here in triangles
not sessional discs like extra water in onto the beach beautiful with this
banknotes quite nice and you can tell by the date is because in New Zealand long
of Australia as well as Vietnam the first two numbers in the serial number
and the extra dates as zero series too fast so here I have the back side of the
night and they’re just those various things that you do in New Zealand
because I have lots of mountains there’s lots of snowing there’s lots of it’s
gone to the beach lots of surfing which originate from
Hawaii and why it’s actually linguistically related to the married
language you have canoeing you have our squad skydiving and here is a the map of
New Zealand’s South Island it’s a North Island most of the people live in all
come which is there there is Wellington there is Christchurch day and you have
to remember is that a tectonic plate split snoozy on roughly around that way
that’s why you need to unlock volcanoes and lots of earthquakes okay then here
looks like you have a beach scene again beautiful and you just have a great wave
at the back this looks like a merry pattern design up here looks beautiful
that Bank name I’m it’s actually better than what I thought and if you look at
the ten here let me see if I can get up to the line you have a merry mask can
you see that there merry mask looks like a similar one to
on a 10-cent coin and this is a polymer banknote made out of plastic so no pod
mine is just an organic compound and it’s made of the same molecule not
the same atoms carbon hydrogen bonding that as you see my skin is made up so
that is the New Zealand 2000 commemorative Bank 9 what a beautiful
Bank now you DS and I’m glad I brought it excellent so you good I hope you did
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oh look at that beautiful feature silver hmm what’s the number this does this
thing yes it does thank you