New Zealand’s banknotes are among the most secure in the world. They incorporate state of the art security features that make them more difficult to copy. But how can you be sure if your notes are the real deal? That’s where technology comes in. First, look through the holographic window. The edges of the window should look smooth, and you should see the bird’s silhouette, a map of New Zealand and a 3D feature showing the value of the banknote. Then feel the note – You should be able to feel raised ink on both the denomination and the letters at the top. After that, tilt the note – a bright, shining bar should roll across the bird silhouette on the front, and the holographic window’s colours should shift and change – revealing fine details Remember, to make sure your banknotes are the genuine article, just look, feel and tilt. To find out more about the many security features on our banknotes and what to do if you think you’ve been given a counterfeit note, visit