Hello citizens! Today is the day I am going to tell you about
the new Mining City Debit Card. Since I announced the card you have swamped
me with million questions about it. And it is awesome to see how many of you actually
want one. So here are the most pressing questions you
had about the card. And my answers to those questions. What is the Crypto Debit Card? The Crypto Debit Card is the card that allows
you to make real time purchases at physical retailers with your Bitcoin. How can I get a Crypto Debit Card? You can currently pre-order the Debit Card
at the “Order Your Debit Card” section of the Mining City dashboard. On the Mining City website. After the accompanying application’s launched,
you will have to fulfill the KYC procedure and after that you will be able to order your
card to be shipped to your location. What costs are associated with using the Crypto
Debit Card? Well, there is obviously the cost of purchasing
the card upfront and there is a small fee of $1.50 to be incurred monthly. Also, there is a spread fee, that you have
to pay when you exchange your Bitcoin into the FIAT currency. And if you want to forward money from your
card to another account there is a fee of $0.50. What is the daily spending limit card of the
Crypto Debit Card? The spending limit depends on the card that
you have. The silver card has a limit of $5,000. The gold card has a limit of $10,000. The black card has a limit of $20,000. Is it possible to change the spending limits
on my Crypto Debit Card? It is impossible to change spending limits
of your cards so you have to remember that you have to purchase the card that best suits
your needs. How can I monitor the transactions made with
my Crypto Debit Card? Whenever you pay for something with your card
that payments shows up at the accompanying applications
and this is where you can check all your transactions. Where can I use my Crypto Debit Card? You can use your Debit Card at any merchants
that accept the payment card network. Please, check your payment card network providers
website to see the list of countries that actually support your card. Can I use my Crypto Debit Card at ATMs? Yes, you can use your Debit Card at ATMs. Are there any fees for using my Crypto Debit
Card at an ATM? There are no fees to be incurred at ATMs from
the card perspective, but please check your ATM provider for any
fees they may put on the transaction. Mining City Crypto Debit Card- Bitcoin made