so hello people and here I have the last
of the Nigerian bank notes that are in my collection the other ones I have
showed you so far okay so this one is a 50 Cobo issued in 1980s and this
denomination was changed into coin in 1991 so this denomination was issued in
1973 and it replaced the old pound it equivalent to five shillings because one
Nigerian town that I have here it was a good two nearer so did 10 shillings was
equal to one year one mirror yeah and the fifty copper was
equal to five seconds first thing that you notice is that they
both have the ten current central bank building on the front of the bank notes
and also they’ve reduced the number of signatures to only two and but they’ve
kept the actual serial numbers the same format okay I’m gonna reverse it has
people storing logs which is also in the five shilling and has a nice beautiful
pet nations here can we get close up close up please and as you can see
crisscrossing and zigzagging okay so this is this is a faux shearling this
would have been it would be something like five dollars today an equivalent
value you watermark is just a bird as you can see here and it doesn’t have
oh yes it has a security threat here nice banknote quite easy to get if you
shop on an ebay especially an uncirculated condition 1973 or be harder
to get that year so thank you very much for watching if you’d like it’s being
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have been have a nice day