How to get free $50 up to $100
worth of bitcoin by ads viewing job?
Hello future millionares, my name is Aiza Mercado
and in this video tutorial I will be sharing you
1 legit website where we are able to view ads
and make easy money out of it.
Really? It that true?
Yes it is, so stay tuned!
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Lets start now and the site i will be sharing is
“Hashing Ad Space”.
Just go to “”
or check out my video description
for the link and where to register.
As i’ve mentioned earlier,
we simply view ads and make money out of it.
But not only by viewing ads we can earn here,
we can also advertise our referral links
to gain traffics so people
will also see your advertisement.
They quoted “Simplify the way you advertise and earn”.
I will be discussing how their site works.
In Homepage, we can advertise with them.
In this part, you will deposit money
for them to advertise your links.
But good news!
Once you sign up now
you will get free 2000 points worth of ad package.
Next, earn with them.
Earn crypto currency daily.
The crypto name we will be earning is “Asimi”
and what i like about it is that Asimi is now available
to many crypto trading exchanger.
We can now convert it to Bitcoin or Ethereum
or any coins pairing with Asimi.
If you are interested with this site,
check my video description for my referral link
because you cannot register directly to the site.
Hashing ads space does not accept direct registrations.
Please get back in contact with the sales affiliate
that referred you in this site.
So if anyone invited you with this site,
please get the referral link
coz you can’t register without sponsor.
Once registered and logged in,
you can see the Log in Ads.
Just wait for the countdown timer,
you can choose open new window
to stay this ads in your browser
or you can straight go now to your dashboard.
We’re here now in my dashboard,
and already earned 126 Asimi.
I will try to break down all the functions
links here and will try to discuss it one by one.
Now, if you wanted to strat clicking advertisement
just simply click this “View V2E”
and everyday you can click up to 50 ads per day.
Every 10pm (PH time) we can restart clicking.
For example, you completed the 50 ads at 5pm
at 10pm, you can now restart click ads again.
Lets try now view ads.
Click View Ad
Pass the Human Verification and check im not a robot.
Then submit.
Once verified,
please start watching view to earn ads.
Click view ad, and new window will pop out.
Just wait till the count down timer runs out.
After countdown timer ends,
drag this slider to verify
just drag this to complete the puzzle
then close it now.
Congrats! you have successfully view 1 ads today.
Do this over and over until you reach 50 ads today.
Drag this again and close.
2 ads now successfully viewed
and if you want short ads to view
go to available ads
you can sort it by “per seconds”
you can now view ads every 7 secs and close.
Thats how easy to view ads!
Next, how to advertise our referral links?
In advertising products, there are 4 choices to advertise.
Ad Minter Advertising, Banner, V2E advertising
and Login Ad Purchase.
In Ad Minting Advertisement,
you can purchase ad package
based on how many traffic or impression
people want to see your ads.
Price displays how much is your designated package.
This advertisement,
this are the ads that shown in V2E ads viewing
watched by the users.
In ad banner advertising,
this are the ads shown on your dashboard.
In view to Earn Advertising Purchase,
view ads and then you can convert Asimi
to purchase ads package advertisement.
In Login Ad Purchase,
this are the ads shown when you log in your account.
Like awhile ago, i have logged in my account
and log in ads popped out.
Your ads will be displayed for about 1 day or 24 hours.
Next, Asimi Stake.
What we do here is that, you can invest your Asimi HODL
and locked in for about 365 days.
In advertising section, active campaigns will display
V2E active campaigns, deleted campaigns,
campaign statistics and URL checker.
In campaign setup, you can setup your ads banner,
or your links.
Under here are Ad Setup, Banner Setup,
V2E campaign setup, V2E premium setup
and Log in Ad Setup.
In transaction, you can view your wallet
wallet history, minting summary,
purchase history and many more.
In sales Affiliate Centre,
view your referral link here in Hashing Ad Space.
Apply and aggree first to their terms and conditions
before you get your Hashing Ad Space ref link.
Get your homepage referral link and your register link.
Now, i only have 129 asimi
and i think its a bit small amount
thats why im about to earn more by clicking ads
until i earned a lot.
But if you would ask where this to exchange
just go here at
because Asimi is already listed here.
Just click exchange
and in BTC
you can search here asimi/btc
for now, 1 asimi is equivalent to 0.00000566 btc
take note: that amount is not fixed
it may go bull run and may go down.
The more user of Asimi who buys and sells
the more increase of value.
I will make separate video
how to exchange Asimi to BTC
coz for now, i will view more ads to earn a lot of Asimi.
Just remember, always go to “view V2E”
and start viewing ads.
50 ads per day (maximum)
and here in the Philippines,
10pm always is the ads replenishment.
I hope this video helped you earn money online.
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Thanks you again for watching
my name is Aiza Mercado
and see you on my next video!