Okay, So happy to be here
and really welcome everybody for this
Livestream video it’s already
doing a sort of first video and every
time you’ll do better mate so I’m really
very excited to work for Noah Foundation
and who my company want to contribute to
our society and make our future really
bright. So now we are creating a new
blockchain and I’m really very
appreciating the platform gathered a
nice team of brilliant engineers,
creative marketers and very good
managers and together we can create a
really very strong ecosystem of New Noah blockchain and I want to introduce you Anzor.
Anzor is our project manager, Noah
project manager and Ivan – he’s our CTO
Chief Technical Officer of Noah blockchain. He’s really genius
senior level engineer and I also want to introduce you Dan, my co-founder. He’s
Australian and I do believe our success
cannot be without them so they really
huge contributors to hold Platinum success and whole Platinum team fully
dedicated to make a bright future for Noah. Ok, maybe Dan will continue. Thank you
very much.
Yes, right here Takeshi San, good
afternoon ladies and gentlemen it’s my
pleasure to be at this conference I
won’t be too long and I won’t take too
much of your time try to be as
productive as possible so as Anton
mentioned it’s a privilege for us to
participate in such an important event
for the new Noah blockchain creation and
we put a lot of emphasis into the
importance of creating a new blockchain
for Noah as it actually solves a lot of
problems in the current ecosystem of
Noah and it gives a lot of possibilities
and opportunities for us to build a
long-term product that will have a lot
of extra features and an amazing usage
for the worldwide audience especially
when it comes to remittance or
international transfers within the
banking industry or even building your
own project which can be built on the
north blockchain as well but today I
think the most important part for me to
tell you and share with you is the the
existence of the exchange which is a
part of Noah ecosystem which called
BTCnext. Now
BTCnext is solving a particular problem
for all Noah users and the current
problem is that there is no pure safety
or a security for anyone who is actually
investing in the cryptocurrencies
because simply major exchanges they
manipulate the markets they do the pumps
they do the dumps they can easily take
your coins without notifying you and do
the whole bunch of different things that
you you won’t be happy about so
BTCnext is existing with that
particular purpose to make sure that all
no accuses and anyone who is trading on
the BTCnext platform is fully secured
and there is a particular comprehensive
system of safety methods implemented to
make sure that your experience of
trading is smooth as possible and the
most important part is and we probably
can all see that you know currently
exchanges like Yobit or HitBTC they
try to manipulate
the current token swap roaches and the
best example to give you is your bid
YoBit is a long term exchange
on the market with an existence over two
or three years on the blockchain
industry they currently try to scam
people try to steal old Noah coins from
people to get those coins and then sell
it on the other exchange and make a
profit I mean if you look at the problem
of that particular scammy approach it it
it confirms the fact that exchange biz
they try to make their own benefits they
don’t try to benefit people they try to
benefit themselves and a bit for example
they’ve just simply created a scam coin
called necks and they said to everyone
hey you know give us your old Noah coins
or we’ll give you a new coin called max
which is an alternative token swap to
the official token swap of Noah and the
the problem with that is that that once
you get a new coin called necks it’s
backed by nothing really nothing there
is no white paper there is no business
plan there is no website for an ex there
is nothing and you get a coin that is
worth noting as well so there is no
value behind that asset so why would you
give your precious valuable lower coins
to someone who is trying to simply scam
you and then once they collect old
normal coins from you that they simply
transfer the whole amount to a hit BTC
for example and they sell it for 40 50
60 bitcoins like they do for that for
the last few months already
so BTCnext is here to protect your
interest it’s here to defend your
interest as an investor or as a trader
and we’re here the best possible
engineers from the Platinum team
to protect and create the safest system
in the blockchain industry to allow you
to create or create your own asset or
trade crypto assets on the BTC next
platform as well so I’m proud to be one
of those engineers I’m proud to work
with Anton San and the rest of the
provide these beautiful experience of
trading which will be only improving on
the weekly basis because we believe
there are a lot of things we have to
improve it’s not perfect yet but we’re
getting there that’s the main point
we’re moving forward we’re creating a
platform that creates a beauty of
trading that’s it from my side
thank you very much Takishi San, thank you!
very much thank you
ready yeah yeah no we’ve been pretty
excited by the by the recent
advancements with no blockchain there’s
a lot of work being done in regard to
development in regard to token economy
and we have a lot of planning to do it
as well well regarding the exchanges
regarding the listing the all the stuff
that’s gonna affect the price
in fact the stability of the coin
probably we can’t really predict
anything but will we’re gonna make
everything that’s in our power to you or
prevent things like scams from from
scammy exchanges and stuff like that
that’s why we don’t really care
well and usually this is there because
we aim or something over time so yeah we
we have a lot of plans for development
for different photos because it will
have improved functionality over
the theorem that is token because when
you have your own blockchain you can
be in your own coin you can issue other
points special this is a whole different
thing and well there’s a lot of things
in there to do a lot of work so I’m not
the only one doing that in Billy so I
present to you
Ivan Borisoff with CTO blockchain
very very smart very humble guy but yeah
hello guys i CTO and lead boxing
developer in the Noah project I have
been developing blockchain projects for
more than three years I have extensive
experience in created high load and
Ethereum, else Tron and Bitcoin now we are
included in our project on the basic ten
German protocol as assist exciting
Depot’s consensus algorithm on our
github you can find at last where some
of the note which you can deploy locally
on your computer currently or entire
team has focused it on their efforts
allowed a network this quiet laborious
process as for fast transaction our
notes must send request to judge other
in real-time with minimal delay also in
saved development stage is the version
of the wallet and Explorer to use all
transaction finally I’m excited to be
part of Noah team are to release a SKU
product are for you with instance
thank you for your attention!
okay thank you thank you thank you
So Anzor San, is asking about the difference
between validator and Delegator, can
you give us some comments? So these are
two of the basic types of the of the
main roles in the blockchain chain so
validators are the ones that are that
are holding the network that they are
actually the backbone of the network
because they are the teams or people or
companies that are holding no blockchain
servers basically nobody knows
so there are they’re maintaining them
they’re launching them they’re
maintaining and they’re spending their
own money and usually fired money I mean
like use dollars or whatever money it’s
not scripted usually for yeah so they’re
spending this money and for these
servers they pay for them they maintain
their integrity and they are the ones
that start though the back blocks the
black the transactions into the blocks
and then they verify blocks so they’re
mostly like miners but they’re not
mining in the sense of making the
proof-of-work sense. Though this is
deeper the stake
they are sort of mining with their stake
so of course not all of them where most
of them will not have enough state
to be on top to waste all by themselves
that’s when negatives come in. So the
delegations are the ones that delegate
their own coins their own staying to
those essentially they vote for them by
delegating thing points when they bolt
delegate errs receive a certain rank in
the like the incorrect of the validators
and according based on that train they
receive the new emission of
though yeah and delegators based on
these different criteria of the
validators because elevators share the
profit with the delegators.
Essentially mine as well but they don’t
have their own servers they either
points and forest of certainty that
every validator will be able to just set
for themselves and then maybe to
increase the fee to pay for the service
or terms like that so they they make a
deal and the validators receive the the
delegators receive the Commission.
See so you mean now we as the investor can
be a delegator and we can earn money. You can be a validator too but this
requires a lot of work I guess yeah no
it’s not me yeah so you’re you’re a
delegator you can receive additional
profit mm-hmm points so yeah they’ll say
okay let me translate this in Japanese
this is another question said the reason
is asking she actually saw Anton son
took a picture with their CEO of Finance
she’s and do you think if
there is a possibility that Noah will
get there sitting on Finance this is the
first question
and the second question is when will the
test net start its operation. Okay first
the first question and the finance I
believe that that it might be possible
but this is not like I will be honest
this is not like the first first focus
of our team because I understand that
finance actually requires a very huge
listing fee so and this will not
guarantee anything
you know the Binance you should
understand the Binance, Bitfinex, Huobi and other major exchanges, they’re
certified Cartel that is like holding
this market and the they have this well
control over it and nothing will happen
only well at least in the exchange sense
nothing will happen
that’s out of their control everything
you see there every pump ever done it
happens because they say it’s like well
listing on Binance it’s a very cool
exchange it’s a very nice success case
but done that wrong this is like dealing
with the devil in some sort in some
sense because the moment well first of
all we have to pay for that and we don’t
waste resource on that we better wait we
better spend it on meaningful
development on actual features and if
you look at most of the projects that
are currently listed on Finance
most of them especially the recent ones
they don’t really do anything this is
just a speculative asset oh yeah be
better developed the system we better
increase the the like the
the amount of holders and amount amount
of users the actual users and since we
have such a nice and cool community it’s
very it’s really very strong it’s
fascinating because I’ve never I think
I’ve only seen maybe one or two cases of
such communities
it’s very regular because things are
really strong people that’s earth ok
this is we love it we will promote it
and this is really happening because I
have people writing come on then I have
a Twitter account full of Noah holders
what do you want it so it’s like a
network and we like that very much but
will promote the network activities we
will reward that and we want strong
thing and be bigger than Binance well
if we won’t probably be bigger than
any time soon but as the community as as
a network of people who actually use
this we want to be the ones to whom
Binance comes and says okay you guys
you’re so cool
I want to list you for free or at least
a good exchange other than it is next
first actually do you know how much does
it cost to get a certain talk and listed
on Binance I think it’s I think it’s
very expensive I think it’s five million
or maybe from two to five million
USD, yeah it’s like crazy I mean who
So in your opinion if a project is on an
early stage then it would not be good to
you know just get a certain talking with
you know Binance just dumping a lot of
speculation and the price of the top
will be destroyed yeah yeah yes.
Okay it was a secretary second question
was a when
the test net will stop its operation
Well actually as of now we will start
the main operation right after the swap
so this is not as important as
of now important thing for now is the
SWAP thing that is happening on the 31st
of August so there’s very limited time
now there’s still time because no
there’s family days you can still
withdraw from this scammy Yobit or from the not so scammy but still I believe
other exchange yeah you know the
I’m sorry yeah you know the exchange the
Yeah you can still withdraw on BTCnext and swap so this
is the most important thing for now yeah
about the network thing and
everything going out shortly officially
in the channels so you will know
everything response to I say ok I got so.
Let me translate your part..