so hello fellow clinically this
disclaimer back wish some when you sink points and
today we’re gonna noodle these ones are not from the bank actually the change at
my mom collects but she doesn’t actually care about coin collecting so it’s just
the same as getting points on a bank but you don’t know what you’re gonna get
look we are the first coin we have is a 2011 20 cent coin I think there’s like
between 6 and 11 million of these made can’t remember off my head because I’m
not at home so don’t actually have the resource books just have the internet
but I’m using my phone so I kind of check on the internet but we’ll keep it
aside anyway so a on in a 1967 I’m pretty is grade so I’m gonna keep those
okay 1982 wrong nope and as you peach acorn capers you rotate
them like this because you can get some that are actually not in the proper
alignment especially if the one dollar 2001 so good to look at these claws and
to see anything else so it’s nothing that okay this one to fares and then six
quite a high mintage not worth keeping okay 2015 to dirty bookkeeping
get some more 1981 now these ones do have three and a half course it’s not
this one because I I can quite clearly see there’s actually free types just one
has D like the square border around here so it’s virtually almost squares you
have a two actually pretty rounded and this is usually quite flat so this is
not really worth collecting 2001 these are usually you can get rotated one to
this one and also the reading has a problem if this year but that one seems
to be quite nice and also you can get a problem with the course data actually on
that platypus so 1977 quite a common year and you see
this one has almost no reading that’s just circulation so really it’s not post
much damage it’s not really a good clicked in 1999 let me have a look at
that again that’s 2009 you go mining a1 this is has a more rounded on the corner
and you can see the quality is actually quite different so especially decides
this one’s more flatter than that and if he just you know 1981 quite a lot of
coins you’ll get used to the actual differences 2008 no in 81 so this is the
third one that I see this is three and a half course and the clock it is so it
called closest to the animal you should be half yes see that’s a half
that is a that’s a half as well so 91 four and a half course there’s a very
common 50 million I’ve made so really adds no value to the actual coin so them
two are the same they’re supposed to be Canadian but
considering that they also incur as her in sets and that were made by the REM
I’m probably not gonna say the Canadian never 981 so 81 total was at 160 million
165 million coins so really not worth keeping 1918 yeah John Lennon passed
away 1968 you’re not really what’s keeping that given a decent model coin
and you give me in higher condition 98 no it’s called noodle and people like it in circulation sorry about the
interruption and here we have a 20 cent 97 not sleeping so one had everyone’s
Christmas and New Year’s 2017 keep therefore coin set and it’s a bit noisy
here but that was my number four she’s not into coins she’s wonderful okay 81 I ain’t anyway
Christmas Christmas was nice so these are actually oh here’s a nice coin
actually keep this one Federation northern Western Australia say has the
number and the kangaroo poor kangaroo paws my favorite favorite flower power
from the Stewart’s disappear this is a some indeed over in two million so
that’s good cooling to keep okay so another 90 2017 okay number nine inch 74 okay so here we have 1999 this one is 14 in critical
condition so maybe maybe not I’m a sucker I just saw what the hell
happened a tax law the corrosion probably that was probably found in the
ground probably someone lost it in the ground and the environmental fix
happened to this so if you get Roman coins and you said that actually turned
his color pretty much the same okay and have 18 coin hmm 2010 so with these ones
you get a bubble right there it’s just wonderful bubble know and that’s an
error coin you can get it so you barely see it but some more coins 69 it’s in
pretty good condition think I’ll keep that one k9 the 881 three-and-a-half claws as you
can see Elsa found three four and a half core so keeping anything over 75 that in
circulate conditions not worth keeping no there’s too many of them entered the
coin sector actually quite easy to get so you need 75 not worth keeping
so 75 – currently unless it’s low mean or in well here you go
say this one you keep 2019 because we’ve got no to mintage and it’s actually in
pretty good condition almost uncirculated okay 2005 there is a
commandment in for 2005 but that one is also I mean coin new yeah postman
damaged 94 this is a low mintage coin but because it’s so damaged it’s just
not worth keeping 77 coin so anyway hope you weren’t christmas was good and this
will probably go out after new year so happy new years was good and I just
enjoy coin collecting okay so it’s one of the bowl okay
75 and keep these dear uncirculated just too many minted okay 2005 even if the
commemorative but wouldn’t keep it if it’s in low grade this this is the
waiting damn not the wavy but as you can see quite circulated saying I’m not
really worth keeping ok 9 2008 ROM memory I can’t remember
all the types of varieties that we have enough these coins but most of their
varieties really not that popular there’s only a few and people generally
don’t know about most of them eight to ten let me save it to the bubble damn
Hey mm quite a nice coin 2005 surprised I’m standing Iike memory two guys in a
fog it 96 2016 and here we dam PD that would have been a hundred dollar coin 1978 good condition okay another 1967 so
this is the commemorative I’m talking about as you can see it’s quite
circulated I think this I can’t remember the actual mintage but it’s a high Mint
coin sir are you worth keeping 98 69 okay beautiful artist wanting a higher
condition this one I’ll probably actually keep
in better condition and all the other sixties coins I’ve seen 2006 no the last
coin is 214 first 214 I’ve actually got okay so that
is mine so I’ve got a few coins the best one that keeper probably these two this
one’s probably six to ten million I think this one’s about two million and
just a lot of very good coins from circulation 69 so these two are the
actual good ones I’ve got so got there very high grade you can see the readings
actually fully there so 66 69 I’d actually keep those you can sell these
for a few dollars each I have I’ve sold all my know most of my 20 cent coins
from the 60s in high grade so this one these two I keep for putting in sets
then usually overseas buyers like to get sets of coins okay 78 no check no
mintage she’ll be home indeed but still nice coin just put that in with a set
probably put it in these days 60 coins and a 2009 don’t know the mintage so
just keep all your 2009 so just in case you know they alignment coin thank you
very much for watching and just take it easy to have a good time collecting
thank you and bye bye