When you look at a note, you see a figure
from our nation’s history staring back at you. They’re like these tiny
history lessons in our pocket. But for over a century, no U.S. note has featured
a woman. My name is Rosie Rios, former Treasurer
of the United States. In 2015, I worked with
the Department of the Treasury to create a list of hundreds
of historic women whom the American people
recommended to appear on U.S. currency. The following year Harriet Tubman was chosen
from this list to be the new face
of the $20 bill. This was historic. But I couldn’t help but think, “Why do we have
to choose just one? “Couldn’t there be some way
to celebrate all of these women on our currency?” Notable Women is a project
that lets you put 100 of these history-making
women onto any U.S. note. To make this possible,
we’re using augmented reality. You just hold your device
over any U.S. bill, and you’ll see
these historic figures in a place
you’ve never seen them before. There is no better place
for this than in our schools boy:
It has the names on top. girl: Yeah, yeah.
That’s definitely cool. Rios: Here, these notable women
can continue to inspire the next generation
of history makers. With this technology, anyone
with a phone and a dollar has a new way to experience
our nation’s history.