so get a table and you’re gone today
just going from Goomer they pointed banknotes and today I just want to show
you some of the Chinese bank notes that I have now these are from the Republic
of China both on the mainland in like except for this on this one was only
used in Taiwan most of them have a deep first president of China swing yat-sen
and this banknote is a ten dollar or something month from Taiwan this was
only used in Taiwan and is no longer in circulation is it was replaced by a coin
in 1981 so we have like cherry blossoms here it looks like it anyway and you
ever anti counterfeiting counterfeiting measures in the way it’s designed
absolutely it’s in here yeah a bank seals here yeah it says don’t walk so
Republic of China on the reverse we have Parliament House in Taipei and here it
says the writings from right to left so like Arabic writing so there’s a 65
which is a 1976 so that is that thank know next one I have is a five thousand
dollar so 10 month sorry I don’t know Mandarin thank you anyway and this is
Republic of China hey this one was issued on the mainland mmm was issued wait a day down so here’s
the reverse so five thousand dollars okay
date on it he’s 36 which will be 1947 so this was issued by the national
government 1947 their security features as in watermark or security fail
it just has a design and it’s a small printing in the background as a security
feature okay next one I have yes I father I’m swinging it same as well okay
this one has 36 but does that have a Western diet
oh yeah 1949 okay Chung hua PO limited that’s it we printed it and this is
issued by the quantum provincial Bank so at this time and to the communist
takeover varies thanks provincial banks like governments and the federal
government issue banknotes and this one was injured in well double which is
currently new trying it it’s the border province of Hong Kong and this is the
only one I have over there soon yet sin just says uh-oh electrical towers okay
this one’s issued in 24 should be 1935 yep that correlates it yeah this is
printed by Thomas did I ruin London yeah any security features on this one
are the colored fibers as you can say yeah so that’s actually quite a good bank now
I like that one it’s one of my favorite thing that ever
okay here I have a another $10 is it you notice issued 1940 by American banking
committee issued by the Bank of China hmm
so various banks issued um various banknotes they had different types of
coloration so not all ten dollar banknotes were read these two are just
one here which is I might never video so this gold unit but later on is used as
currency so that’s like color so we have a swing it’s in again mm the
denomination 1920s generally on 20 faintness this time the reverse is in
English and your purse is in Chinese this one head hey looks like pagoda yeah
it’s the Bank of China that one and you lost on to that video nice oh wait get
into detail this one gets in these custom gold units in 20 and these go all
the way up to $5,000 so one custom gold uni is one bundle this is used by the
Central Bank of China mmm not bad there’s no watermark and there’s no
security thread so those are my various treatment of China okay so if you
actually wanted to collect the Chinese banknotes of this period you have to
collect quite a lot of them a few thousand actually he was probably at
least some up to a hundred different banks issued banknotes and then you got
the Republic of China the Chinese Empire and the People’s Republic of China to
1953 to see a variety of banknotes and a lot of them are quite expensive anyway
thank you very much for watching have an awesome day