hello people and hey going and have a
look at these pigments these are paintings from obviously Australia they
have the old name and Commonwealth Australia which is currently what
Australia’s actually turned us and their $20 this one is from 1968 and it has a
central security Fred this side the security Fred would have been somewhere
in here has a watermark over Captain Cook
okay and yeah I’ve done a videos on these so this is a king Sid Smith here’s
an aviator in about 1955 we disappeared off Burma we’re trying to fly around the
world in a broom knees represent wind currents actually they should have put a
plane on it that will probably look better on the back is mr. Hargraves
named Lawrence Hargrave I am 52 1915 and looks like he was an
aviation designer ladies banknotes all about aviation as you can see has um
Andy’s head in front there’s a wind currents various non engine aircraft go
in quotes as well okay this one’s is 19 1972 yep and as you can see has some did
you feel up from wheeler this one in sir feel from random so these ones you can
tell that they’re a concurrent and you have one syllable as well 1974 the
major difference is in the name this one just says Australia so no nicer before
they changed all banknotes from come off Australia – Australia as you can see the
calibration is still the same and a change here from Commonwealth Australia
– Australia so they pretended for a common trait and
its territories of the como tu dis Australian it’s legal tender for
Australian and its territories now the current one is just this this banknotes
leg within them I hope you like these banknotes I do big and actually convey a yeah they convey actually the $20 value
you can’t back that so a bit smaller now let’s see if I’m fine
so this is the current one looks a bit smaller
this is issued 2013 okay yeah legal tender so it has the same rough you know
writing is here did you son Stephens and some Eric I know anyway so they’re paper
shame banknotes like him and get him if you like him
thank you