Do is this sponsored? -Yeah, it is sponsored by Mack Weldon
We’ll hear more from them at the end of the show all right. I thought maybe Adam was gonna start
I never intro it when its sponsored. That’s a thing
I don’t do
This is 2018 we get a chance to start over if you whatever we want. -Other episodes from
2018 that I think already went up, -Can we get a new graphics package- You know what whatever?
magic wand
Hey, your first question this week comes from LGJaVi
You need to design the new cute thing for Star Wars Episode nine to sell toys and deliver jokes in the movies?
What is your design be? -What is your design be- The cutest thing I know, that’s Matthew R Peak
Awwh. You always wanted to be in Star Wars, right?
Bring back Ewoks. -And now you can at your most cutest- mmm. Did you say Matthew R Peak? -It’s Matthew and Peak.- Oh the R was for rad?
He’d have to replace something that was very like prevalent. -He could be the head of the Ewoks, leader of Ewoks
But they are like new Ewoks
I know we go to a new planet. Where there are new Ewoks
They didn’t pay him for the first movie, so the Ewoks are there
They call them New-Woks. -I say why fight it. You try to cram in Porgs in there?
But people just get obsessed with something else Kylo Ren’s chest -yeah- so instead of Matt becoming an Ewok
Let’s say that Matt becomes both of kylo ren’s pectoral muscles
So yeah when it’s time to lighten up the mood a little bit kylo takes off his robe
There’s Matt and he delivers a one-liner. I could show you the ways of the force robe back on
Let’s get on with the movie. I think that’s a really good idea
I also think that the best thing you can do is see what you’ve already done in another Star Wars movies
And then try and use it that way so we got Matt peek he’s kind of like a chesty Porg type thing
But then you go, what else do people like about Star Wars
They like Yoda and in the way he talks funny, and they also like Rastafarians -Reggae, Peak, Yoda
Yeah, so he talked strange, but he also has weird like dreadlocks. Maybe their ears. What are we gonna make Matt Peak, Adam?
What about you? Uh while I was thinking now that Disney owns all the Fox assets
We just get the entire cast of dollhouse and put them into the next
I love that show -We include Peak to be a Summer Glau’s bottom
That was Summer Glau’s show? -Was Summer Glau in that show.- No, she was in Terminator. -Yeah- She built like a centaur
Wait, who’s dollhouse? Summer Glau is not, it’s Eliza Dushku.. -Yeah- Yeah, Eliza Dushku
You know what’s cuter than Matt peak as the Kylo Ren Rastafarian Yoda
You got it -Matt Peak as a young like a baby Kylo Ren Rastafarian, so we’ll do a young Matt Peak as a baby
Wow, an origin story
Matt peak what do you want to do to yourself to put yourself in the Star Wars universe?
Well, I mean all of that for sure right and then like water bottles or something
Yeah, water bottles. -Gotta stay hydrated in space
We can merchandise water bottles
I just saw a water bottle on the shelf, and that’s
That counts man. Star Wars merchandise. Next question from NuttMark after the last open house and Bruce mentioned crypto currencies
Oh boy, I’m obsessed. I researched the fuck out of it and invested in Ripple. Hey good investment I have since tripled my investment
That’s true making four months of my regular wage in 48 hours, so holy fuck. Thanks for mentioning
Here’s a question, if you could invest in one thing this year
What would it be and how do you know when to get out before the bubble bursts. -Get out now
No, no, don’t, don’t, don’t get out now -Get out now- Stay in – By reading you that question, you are creating the bubble. You realize that
The time it took you to write this question was too long. -No stay in- Get out
If you invest in Ripple, you gotta stay in
Take it and run. It’s gonna burst, and you are gonna lose it all
Don’t stay in -You have to imagine that Bruce is the bottom of a funnel -Don’t stay in
And you are all feeding into the funnel -Stay in
Well what other investment advice to you guys have? -Geodes
Oh, geodes
That’s great! -Buyers and sellers of the nature company
And yeah, -We’re not making more of them- No, I mean, there is a finite amount
And Millennials love that kind of stuff pink salt Himalayan lamps
Or whatever?
Awesome, that’s a great answer if people got to dig for oil
They’re gonna dig geodes. -I say you dig for another kind of treasure Star Wars collectibles
When episode 9 hits. The mat peak line hits. You better believe. I’m gonna be in the store day 1 collecting all those things
I’m gonna clutch them to my chest. -They’re riding the beach da Annie.- I think Star Wars is a little too big though
It’s gonna be hard to get in on the ground floor later, so I think the big investment 2018
I’m calling it right now. Tell you guys now so that by the time the video goes up
You’ll have already been on the ground floor, but you guys will be second ground floor
Venom issue number one. -I have that! I have that right now- Wait lethal protector or no?
No, okay, -Looks like the red foil cover- Todd Mcfarlane or whatever in venom issue number one
I have it -And so invest in those
Get that -Buy it- Get as many as you can -Buy it because then the price vote for mine will go up -Because it was only one
Of the most massively printed comics of all time I have that
HD DVD copies of dollhouse
Oh, yeah
Staring Summer Glau
Season 1 and season 2? -Yes, all four episodes
There is a season 2!
Why didn’t anyone tell me? -Do you have those?- Get Joss Whedon on the phone. -What are you waiting for?
Uh-huh -NuttMark, I’ve got some advice for you
invest in -oh here we go
In XLM. -Look at him, he’s the crypto guru.- Invest in XLM (don’t you try websites) which is a
Stellar lumens. -Isn’t that the thing from Mario Galaxy?- No
You should have told him to invest in Funhaus
Ohh, that’s going down
We are annoying our, what do you mean?
Did you imagine if we had done that and then announced we’re making less videos in 2018 and while watch our stock value crash
We’re all just on the windowsill. -Anyway next question from bubonickeg -giass coin, sorry-
What’s with all these black crows in front of my yard. I think that’s it sign that
The investment in your venom number one is about to pay out -It’s gonna go up
so you got about three more months of buying more issues of venom number one, and then it’s time to sell
I want to answer your question with another question. Are you talking about the animal or the band? Oh?
Oh, I love the Black Crows (That’s what I was thinking)
Is that, the Mr. Jones? -No
That’s Counting Crows
Black Crowes the lead singer was married to Kate Hudson
Isn’t that Black Kings?
No -Wait, isn’t that the band that was part of the Paris bombing the black double motorcycle club?
No, you’re thinking of the Eagles in Death Metal
Five Finger Death Punch? (Yeah) -You’re thinking of Finger Eleven- No, you’re thinking of Verve Pipe, not The Verve, three of them. -So anyway, get a bird feeder.
Locoguy87 writes Pacific Rim Uprising is coming soon.
Each of the members of funhaus have been tasked with piloting Jaeger’s to defeat the Kaiju threats. Who is paired together
And what is their Yeager’s name? Does it have to be someone here because I’m pretty sure Lawrence would be paired with an asian girl
Oh, yeah. -Against her will- Yeah, you think the same. -Get in there your drift compatible with me- Yeah, I drift with a blu-ray of
Pacific Rim one. -I am gonna be paired. I’m sorry James of Elise, but I’m going to
Take the most valued member of funhouse Benson. I’ll be paired with Benson. Benson, and I will drift together
Are you gonna be on all fours is he gonna be his hind legs?
He’ll be on his hind legs. Benson will be on his hind legs
I’ll have that helmet on right and I’ve seen Benson punch. He’s really good at punching
I’ve also trained him (ah, limited movement) to use a sword when you guys weren’t looking
What? -Alright, alright
Sneaky. -And the name of our Jaeger will be red rocket
So you know. You’ll be able to see when he gets really excited. -If I’m gonna drift if anyone
It’s gonna be the master drifting, the ghost of Paul Walker
Ah, yeah, the ghost of Paul Walker!
Honorary member of Funhaus
He definitely is
And we’ll be in the robot Supra two
Cause remember, they drove that sweet Supra. -Is that the car he died in?- (Yeah) Oh never mind he died in a Porsche. Porsche 911 – it’s a Jaeger wrapped around a tree
I’m drifting with a hologram of Spoole. And our Jaeger is the HR nightmare -okay
We’re just
I’m gonna drift with Guillermo Del Toro
and the whole time I’m gonna be telling him to hurry the fuck up and like stop acting so tired and out of breath and
He’s like 65 years old
Yeah, I know. And he needs to get a shit together because
Red Rockets getting his ass kicked -Because Benson fell asleep when he was drifting
And I’m just trying to get us out of the docking bay
And our Jaeger would be called fish dick. -Matt Peak, who would you drift with?
somebody who is German and
I’m not exactly sure what we would do
anyway, so our Jaeger would be called the
Jagermeister. Jagermeister is German right? -I don’t know.-
This is from frosty 780 instead of legalizing something
What is something that should be outlawed? -Pot- (Don’t say that) I think pot should be outlawed
But we just got it going! (We just got it)It’s too legal now
It’s been legal for a few days
All the fun is gone. You know yeah all the fun is gone. The cops are going like enjoy your pot now
Yeah, I’m like I’m like. Man this ain’t fun anymore. I throw it out. -I think cryptocurrency
What! (I mean) Buy, Buy!
I was gonna say, the price will sky rocket
Stay in!
Just make it illegal to sell cryptocurrency
I just I want like I want to come to the office and like find Bruce here like he’s been living here for some reason
Because cryptocurrencies gone there even that he has a job. -Well he has a crypto farm here.- I’ve been mining- Yeah
I say you make it a crime to be in possession of venom number one -I knew it!
The price is going to sky rocket
Yeah, see
We’re gonna control the market. -I’d like to outlaw the film adaptation of dollhouse so that we can drive demand up for it
And we’ll finally get it made like serenity and how popular that was, failed
I don’t know what you focus so much on dollhouse, but I’m really happy about it. -Hey someone’s gotta watch it
I’m really glad it gets brought up every six -Summer Glau we want you back
I was gonna outlaw Matt Peak as Reggae, Rastafarian, Yoda
Awwh. -It was declared racist a long time ago
Alright last question, hit it. -Wallsmither, What crazy technology are you hoping is invented in 2018?
Venom number 2
Woah! -There’s gonna be venom number 2
There has got to be a follow up. -I hope. If i don’t own that right now, I’m gonna go out and buy it
I would like invisible underwear -invisible underwear?- Yeah, I’m tired
Sounds like you’re wearing the wrong underwear Adam because this is the kind underwear you want to be seeing Mac Weldon
Mack Wheldon is clearly better than whatever you’re wearing right now because you show it off people take notice
They go hey, is that a Mack Weldon guy walking around in his underwear
That’s wha they say -And they go give this man a job in the stock market
Crypto (yeah)
Mack Weldon believes in smart design premium fabrics and simple shopping
It’s a simple website
Everything’s like now and anytime you go to a website that isn’t is good
Or is like simple to use as Amazon I get frustrated
Tried to buy some shoes didn’t pan out because I just didn’t like the website -oh man
But Mack Wheldon has a great website really easy to use click, and you got some underwears and some better stuff, too
It will be the most comfortable underwear socks shirts undershirts hoodies and sweatpants that you will ever wear
And we’re just coming off kind of a short break, and you better believe I spent amount of time in my weekenders
Mack Wheldon Weekenders
You’re not supposed to be able to wear your weekenders on a Wednesday, but I did
What a rebel
They have a line of silver underwear and shirts that are naturally antimicrobial
Which means they eliminate odor they will not get stinky they want you to be comfortable?
So if you don’t like your first pair you can keep it
And they will still refund you no questions asked not only does Mack Wheldon’s underwear socks and shirts look good they perform
Well, too. I always work out in Mack Wheldons
I like literally have to plan my week out so that way I make sure that I don’t
Accidentally end up at the gym in some sort of invisible pair of underwear getting screamed at by strangers
Maybe I just forgot to put something on -So if you haven’t gotten yourself some Mack Wheldon’s you should do so right away
2018 is a great chance to start your underwear life over from scratch
So go to Mack Wheldon dot-com and get 20 percent off using promo code “open” today, Today
I just realized I wanted to change my answer to what I hope was invented in 2018 -Okay, let’s do it
Instead of event number two I want dollhouse season 3 -Whoa
It’s coming back. -Adam’s shaking his head. He doesn’t like it. -What come on!- I think Joss Whedon’s too much in demand right now
Stay in! -He’s too busy
Stay in! -Yeah he’s got all these problems to fix -What you waiting for?
Demonstrate alright, so this is where the stuff needs to come out
This is where the seventies come out so we got to go to the to the part of the body that we can get when
We can get there go in so you have to reach to the rectum area, okay, okay?
surely this part of someone’s body at this height that will get the most pressure is the pelvis the
It’s like a plunger so just in case. It’s thrust right in there. It’s like a plunger right?