Hi I’m Andrew Adcock, the Chief Market Officer
of Crowd for Angels. Crowd for Angels is a crowdfunding platform
based in the city of London and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Since 2014, we have been helping companies
to raise finance from thousands of investors just like you on our platform. To carry on growing, funding more companies,
and offering investors exciting opportunities, we are launching our Liquid Crypto Bond with
attached Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This gives investors a chance to invest in
a £50m 4% 5-year bond that will also reward investors with free ANGEL tokens, a cryptocurrency
that can be held in an Ethereum-based wallet. Investors will receive up to 99 ANGEL tokens
per pound invested. So why are we issuing the bond with free ANGEL
tokens? Well the funds directly raised by the bond
will allow Crowd for Angels to invest in and support companies who are seeking funds to
grow on our platform. But to fund even more companies, we need more
investors like you to be part of our network. THIS is where the Angel token comes in. The angel token is a reward and will only
be distributed to investors in the bond and users who interact with the Crowd for Angels
system as a thank you. Users will benefit from token rewards by engaging
with our website, apps, advertising and media. This will help foster user interaction, loyalty
and spread content through internal and external networks. Over the next 5 years, we expect the % of
funds coming from the crowd to rise from 5% of the total value of the portfolio to 95%. So how do we add value to the Angel token? Well this is through a straightforward buyback
of tokens. Companies who raise funds on our platforms
will need to pay a portion of their fees in ANGEL tokens. By buying these tokens from an external exchange,
the company will create demand and help establish a price for the ANGEL token. Once Crowd for Angels receives these tokens,
rather than sell them back to the exchange, we will burn them instead taking them out
of circulation and instilling the value in the chain. In the next 5 years, we expect to have lent
funds to up to £1billion and we have committed to receiving 1% of our revenues in ANGEL tokens. This commitment from Crowd for Angels aligns
our interests with you, the investors. So why invest? Well, with the bond structure, you get a Return
of Capital, you earn interest, you can place it in a tax-efficient structure and you get
a potential gain on the angel token. This gain then can be realized by investing
in other businesses on the Crowd for Angels platform or selling your tokens on exchanges. So, join us in supporting more companies and
become part of the Crowd for Angels network. Thank you for your support.