Owl Currency Press ‘+’ button to add a country to see the exchange rate. And select a country. You can see the country. Press the country. The chart and news come out. Press ’90’ or ‘365’ to see other days for chart. Now scroll down to look for the news. Press a news you want to see You can see the news. Scroll down to read it. Press Android’s Back button to go back. Press ‘Currency’ menu of the bottom. This is Currency converter. Press ‘Calc Mode’. Then you can have a Currency calculator. Press a country flag to change Euro to Canadian Dollar. Press ‘Clear’ button, and input what you want to convert. Press ‘Swap’ button that is between US Dollar and Canadian Dollar. Press ‘My Portfolio’ menu of the bottom. Press ‘+’ button to add a new portfolio. Let’s say that you have 10 US Dollar and want to convert it to Canadian Dollar. And you have have 20 US Dollar and want to convert it to British Pound. Scroll horizontally to see your asset. And you have 10 Canadian Dollar and want to convert it to US Dollar and British Pound. Your total asset is US $37.82 It is easy to convert my asset by country. Press ‘Alarms’ menu on the bottom. Press ‘+’ button on the right bottom. Set alarm condition using a seek bar. Alarm will send you an alarm notification. If the price is lower than left seek button or
higher than right seek button. Press ‘Error’ button if something is wrong. Success. Thank you for watching.