How did earned 5,000 pesos load
in a month?
I used it for my top up in my Mobile Legend,
to buy skins.
Watch and finish this video, because I will be giving
the top 3 applications where I have earned 5,000 pesos.
Hello everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado
and welcome back to my new video
where I’ll share to you the top 3
legit applications and site
where I’ve earned my 5,000 pesos load per month.
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Let’s get started and start to number one.
Number 1 in my top list is
basically, in this site we will just take on surveys
and I suggest
to set your survey frequency into
as often as possible.
I’ll teach you in how to take surveys here
in your dashboard you will see
available surveys.
Just click ‘take the surveys’ to start answering.
In this site there is no right or wrong
and good thing here is they are considering our answer.

This survey could be done in 2 minutes
and if you’re done with it
you will earn 60 points.
We have done our survey.
“Thank you. You have completed the survey and banked
your points.”
Check your points balance now.
You can check your account history
if the 60 points has added from the survey you’ve took.
So that’s how easy yougov is.
You just have to take surveys
and if you’ve earned 5,000 points
you can redeem 1,000 pesos load credit top up
and good thing here is, you can get it in any network.
Number 2 in my list is
the Premyo Load
sad to say that this app is only available for android.
But I think there’s a possibility
that IOS will also have this
because this app has been very successful.
In your google playstore
just look for Premyo Load.
And all you have to here is to guess a
secret number.
And we can earn from 0.10 up to 1.00 peso load
if ever we got a correct guess.
The number that we should be guessing is from 0 -999.
Let’s try 500, since it’s in the middle
the number is higher than 500
let’s try 700
lower than 700
lower than 650
Congrats! I’ve got the correct answer which is 598.
And I have earned 0.10 pesos.
They also have another ways of earnings.
This is their new update where you just have to roll
and if it hits 123
you will instantly earn up to 10 pesos load.
We can claim here 100 pesos load.
Eveyday we can redeem load as long as
we reach the minimum value, which is 100 pesos
and here in my payment history you can see
that all my request here has been approved.
Which means that this app is totally legit,
and very easy to earn points.
And the number 3 in my list is
Good new here is that
this is available to IOS and android devices.
Just search in your playstore or appstore
Dent – Send mobile top up & call friends!
Good thing about this app is that this is
international application.
And any countries can earn mobile top up here.
Okay so here
you can see the dent price which is
0.00043 USD.
And they supported 191 carriers
in 71 countries world wide.
Not just load
but we can also claim here mobile data
Okay here,
just click see all packages
and find our country which is Philippines.
Cherry mobile,
Globe, Smart, Sun and TNT
can redeem 50 pesos worth of load.
And we can also get 1GB for Globe data
in Smart is 800MB and 1GB.
How to earn dent points?
Number 1, we can invite friends
you yourself and the one that you invited will get
590 dents, if he/she signed up in your link.
Number 2
We can also buy dents
using crypto currency.
Bitcoin, ethereum and bnb or binance coin
to convert it into dent coin.
In this part
we will use all the load that we’ve earned
and convert it into mobile legend diamonds.
Just go to
And put here your user ID
then select your recharge
meaning, if how many ML diamonds you want to top up
the minimum that can be top up here
is 10 pesos, which we can get 11 diamonds.
And if we top up 500 pesos
you will get 570 diamonds.
Alright in here,
we select payments. We can choose globe
smart, tm,
sun, g-cash
through online banks,
bayad center and at 7/11.
And since we’ll be using load
just select whether globe or tm, smart, sun and tnt.
And here you’ll just have to put your email address
and the rest will follow once you click the ‘Buy Now’.
So this are my top 3 free applications
on how to earn online
5,000 pesos load per month.
It’s so easy to earn here,
and good thing is
it’s all 100% free.
I hope this video will help you on earning free load.
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Thank you for watching! My name is Aiza Mercado
and see you in my next video!