so hello fellow coin collectors are you
going this is Glenn and today well we’re going
to have a look at the largest copper coins
I’ve actually come across and these are papal States by Balki CHT nc5 Berkey
1850 and 1852 and these coins were actually in circulation so if I take a
coin out that is when the dead largest Queens in circulation and the Australian
50-cent coin it’s not the largest coin it’s just one of them as you can see
people think that this coin is actually a bit too big imagine using a coin like
this it is very very large and quite heavy especially if you’ve got two you
can actually use these as weapons if you throw to someone you can actually
do a lot of damage okay so these coins introduced in 18-49 so this is just the
second year of issue and these as well as all the other denominations were part
of the currency reform of 1835 which actually removed odd denominations from
circulation so a lot of people also think that the United States issued the
first decimal currency of one dollar goes a hundred cent bird no that’s not
the case so since 1815 88 so 51:5 I think the papal States has issued a
county of once good or it was a hundred Fiocchi and as you can see this is a
five it was a coin that was in a odd type of valuation like a the pound it
was 20 shillings each night each shilling it was twelve pence Oh 240
pence equals one pound then you probably wouldn’t have this denomination and one
by Aki it was five quid Tartini in between
15:18 1835 actually had odd denominations based on nevada by aki or
the a multiplication or a division of this good so this is one of the earliest
decimal currencies it’s probably not the only one but russia also predates the
united states in decimal lies in their currency I can’t remember that date
offhand but when I get some dingo points I’ll actually make a video on them so
this coin here was minted between 18-49 in 1954 obviously only five years most
likely it’s because they are 42 grams and around 40 milliliters so they would
not have been popular and a lot of these coins you can see actually in this grade
so probably very fine and you can see they also have a lot of I mean here so
this has looks like it’s got scratches on it
but it also looks like the actual coins been stamped over top so it’s something
wrong with the metal content you can see the die crack also on this coin these
coins are large and because they’re made of copper they do tend to have a lot of
our problems with the actual metals at it and flan I don’t see that many
problems with the actual dye all day so I might have a mental plan floor so
there’s lots of uh you know little cracks you can see up here as well as
here I go through the PE and we the technology at a time her problems were
for frying in actual metal in them and another thing you’ll need to know is
that every year so you’ve got a 1852 you got a date on it
B cause this is is the ninth point if it Maximus
and oh so the year of his reign this is 5 and this one is year year 7
so the first reign of personal was 1846 so if we look at 1815 that is the fifth
year and that will be after the 16th of June so 16th of June so before 16th of
June 1950 there will be an eye for and after 16th of June 1846 1850 show sign
that will be ni 5 so the date changes actually on the 16th of June every year
so this one is 1852 and so this one would be the latter half of the year
because it’s got 97 and as you can see with these two coins you have the small
coat of arms so these small coat of arms and the large coat of arms the small
coat of arms was issued only on in 18-49 and 1850 and the large coat of arms this
issue in 1852 1854 so in 1850 actually got four different coins you have no.4
no.5 and your so these two coat of arms and
if you look at the coat of arms actually quite nice I like to collect this purple
States coins begin the Vatican coins because each time a new pope takes
office he actually changes the coat of arms so this is the vatican coat of arm
so has his headdress and two keys and this is the personal coat of arms of
the actual Pope which I put on top of it in each time a pope comes about a new
one actually change his coat of arms this one it’s lions and some stripes not
too sure what color it is it’s actually bit hard to find out about these coat of
arms on these papal States coinage so what are the mintage is of these coins
Oh another thing you need to know is that they do have mint marks this says
off of Rome you do have beef or Bologna and this
coin here actually has a mintage included with an O for over ten million
one hundred and sixty-four thousand and for this coin you probably paying at
least $50 in this condition so they’re actually not a check coin to actually
again and if you want the 18-49 which actually low means that you’ll be paying
way more money probably at least probably at least 100 to 200 dollars
just for a coin in this condition Chris actually a lot harder to get for the
second issue this is probably the highest minted coin 1852 ah there’s nine
million seven hundred and forty six thousand and you’ll be paying similar
prices today so about fifty dollars in this condition actually these conditions
a bit better so probably between fifty and a hundred so really not I checked
coin the gate so if you’re into collecting large bronze coins you’ll be
paying a lot of money like I’m trying to get a Egyptian column a large bronze
coin and actually very expensive so I need to save up for that and but they
are actually nice to actually get the nine or forty nine is actually the
lowest mintage in game and they also issued silver coins along with these
there are only one point three five grams
the elements a bit smaller but those coins are actually a lot harder to get
because like 1849 only issued twenty one thousand two hundred and seventy six
mean the highest minted I can’t seize 1847 twenty three thousand so actually a
lot harder to actually get I don’t see many high minted silver coins so and
these would have been withdrawn in 1865 when actually issued the lira
so most of Italy at the time actually use deliver and actually reduce the
coins quite a lot studies large from copper coins shouldn’t say we’re no
longer issue so I hope this helped you out prefer pebbles thanks cuz this is
really a good area to collecting actually quite a nice design as well
lots of Christian motives and now please I’ll leave a link down below to focus a
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