so how about people are you going and
and so I’ve done the actual coins of Paraguay I’ll do some of the older
banknotes of Paraguay and all of these banknotes near they have been replaced
by coins these stuff in it one girl running up into two one thousand and
there is a five and ten thousand but I do not have that at the moment so up
into five hundred cool I need to get him various different versions first of all
the earlier versions had the serial numbers down the bottom as I have here
the lighter versions so it is have same signatures but this one’s issued later
okay so the light issues have one serial number down in the bottom left and
bottom right yet one has the serial number in the top layer and now issued
by the same printer Thomas did our roof and I’m not too sure why they actually
issued different serial numbers like this deal with the work but perfectly
the same amount of money and if you get them they’re actually not an error what
is an error and so showed before that you can get a pair of odd pair banknotes
he’s a discrepancy in the serial number I have this another video so it’s eight
seven one zero it’s eight seven nine zero so you can find these ones and they
can be pretty expensive on the reverse of this one oh this one is a pair of
going soldier so so dr. Okoye oh it’s a coat of arms it doesn’t have a water
market just as uh held fibers in security thread and on the back he has
the they’re just like the building which is
now musing in Asuncion so I actually quite like that banknotes one of my
first banknotes that I actually got I love it
so then we have the five gue Rani’s and the one 250 grams actually replaced by
coins in 1975 so this has this is black in color but the first issue is actually
blue and they’re actually bit more expensive than the black ones because
they’re an issue for a short time security features same for that one as I
called fibers and a security thread and this one has a Paraguay woman in dressed
up in a older clothing and on this pot here actually has these startegies on
the flag of Paraguay so the flag of Paraguay is pretty unique on one side it
has the coat of arms on the upside it has to start so unlike our Flags when
you turn it over it is not actually the same okay on recess has the photo go
running and it’s probably just unique building looks pretty making the
architectural design and yeah I also like that banknote as well no but it’s
the same banknote then we have the ten gurus
so we any discrepancy in a serial number no just this free at the end is a little
bit higher but it doesn’t make any difference so now we get down to
actually individuals general or general by a a god I can’t say Spanish names and
I presume is a president at one time like all these people on this Bank next
time and here we have a breach at links Paraguay Brazil
so our breach international and same security features as before and this one
is in red and the serial numbers on this one you can get with serial numbers down
the bottom as well 50 go Ronnie Brown banknote do food Josie if St Guardi BIA
he was probably a military leader as well you paralyze had so many coops it’s
not funny Jenny on the reverses this one just has the road that goes through the
Chaco region which is the least developed region of Paraguay basically
features the same as before and you know I just say like currently and pieces
worth one cent we’re saying but you can borrow for a few dollars all these
banknotes are not expensive and the one grounding you can buy five three or four
dollars up into one thousand and five for like probably five dollars I’m
talking a strain so the 100 which was used up into pink 1994 and it’s replaced
by a coin as Jeremy jose EDS who is also on the coin on the reverse we have bad
ruins of who might 1865 to 1870 and it was destroyed in the Paraguayan war or
the war Triple Alliance and unique interesting feature about this is it has
a 100 gu Ronnie’s in the goo or any language so on here we have a CN goynes
we just finished and on cyclothymia which is a dual run and this
next one is 500 actually I like the color of this looks like a light lighter
blue and yellow together makes a quite noise and it says general burn Deena
kabalyero and this one you can also get with serial numbers down the bottom mmm now the 105 and you can also get it with
our signatures that are actually on the back so here and this one has a ship
this ship is the MV Lago your pal which has the name here
your pal and I assume that will go up the whatsit river the river plate yeah
so Paraguay does have a pauper’s all the way upriver it’s not actually on the
coast in this bank note was replaced in 1995 by coin security features as before
beautiful Bank now like it the highest denomination I have anyone pass
this is 2002 and this actually is a comedic Bank night camera hiding the 100
years of the Central Bank of Paraguay and that’s the that’s the camera right
there so here I have the original that I just
show before and you can see the differences this one is actually the old
Bank night it actually has the coat of arms here which are later on and took it
out it has a squid in here I presume that will be for the blind to
be able to differentiate banknotes the 500 doesn’t seem to have it yeah but
this one was replaced by coin in 2008 this one since 2002 Paraguay banknotes
have been dated and on the reverse of this yeah
like the coin before mr. coin here I have it like the coin before it’s a
national pantheon of Heroes which is among more war memorial security
features are as before except it doesn’t have a colored fibers does dear everyone
habits no it doesn’t yes oh yes it does does have color fibers and because this
is all red if this is just a normal Bank night you
know it’s where far bit more and these ones are quite common oh this one has
francisco solano dog-piss who is the leader peril I didn’t award the triple
lights what a Peugeot and more and he led the country into devastation I think
you step like two to four hundred thousand men and apparently I need about
30 thousand survive majority of those were the died of disease and the country
is very militarized and they had a guerrilla war and Betty still
commemorated as a hero of peril boy so those are Paraguay banknotes quite
easy to get quite a good currency to get currently the highest banknote is 100
pairs and your unease and the banknotes you can get a two thousand to a hundred
pairs and if you actually go visit the country so if you have any questions you
can leave them down below in the comment section and I will answer them also leave a link down below if you’re
interested in buying Paraguayan coins because I quite like them myself I want
to get the whole set which I will eventually then I’ll let you know what I
think of them so thank you very much have an awesome coin collecting and
banknote collecting time