Hello to our Payza our customers in
India. I will show you how to use your India bank transfer withdrawal feature
so that you can exchange foreign currency in your Payza account and
deposit Rupees into your bank account. Start by logging into your account; in
order to use your India bank transfer you must first have a Payza account that
is verified and your bank account connected to Payza; see the links in this
video for assistance on how to verify and connect your bank account. Next
click on the withdraw funds tab at the top right. Then select the bank transfer
option. Choose the currency in your Payza
account that you want to withdraw from. Then select the bank account you want to
deposit that currency once it’s exchanged to Rupees. Indicate the reason why you are
withdrawing your payza funds and depositing them in your bank account.
This is for tax purposes for the Indian government. Now enter the amount of
foreign currency want to transfer to your bank account. You can also add
details about this transfer, such as a reminder or specific information, if you
like. Click next. Check to see that the
information you provided is correct; you could also see the amount of Rupees that
will be transferred into your bank account after fees. If all the
information looks ok enter your PIN and click withdraw, or go
back and make changes. And that’s all you need to know about
India bank transfers with foreign currencies. Alvedar and until next