so hello people are you going today
discipline back with some banknotes from Peru and this is the indie series so
these banknotes were first issued in 1985 when they replace the sole I think
it about 1,000 Souls equals one Indies and the last banknote is this one here
eaten in T’s banknote and so the name in T is actually the Inca sun-god and used
the patron of the Inca Empire which was destroyed by the Spanish I think 1532 or
roundabout at that time this first one has Ricardo Palmer and he was a writer
so wikipedia has an article on him so he can look up there and here we have the
president the director in it general director and got the coat of arms not in
the reverse we have cotton peeking and also digging
up soil looks like he’s you know Native American type of clothing and she looks
like a miss Dietz or or maybe a Native American in the watermark so has a
watermark of the image of the person does have a security Fred no I don’t
think so so that is the last denomination east
currency suit then we at the fifty is a nickel or the PLO so it always has the
name of the individual on the banknote in this one’s 1987 issue he was a
president and Finance Minister and also has a Inc more pottery day it’s harder
DD ten have it so I had a design on it as you can see they’re all pretty much
the same size but they’ve different coloration this one there’s an oil
derrick pipeline helicopter in the background this is supposed to be a
security feature here does it have a security thread no but it does have a
watermark probably as the UV as well because UV is pretty cheap to actually
produce so these banknotes actually just come in one in five denominations so one
so 10 50 100 500 thousands go like that up into five million but I haven’t got a
five million mine anyway he is a wrong man Costello it was also a president who
was a marshal in the army and a little pottery Native American pottery and the
Incas were the last state of the native empires in Peru periods had civilization
for like two or three thousand years so it’s very interesting especially at the
coastline area and this does have a security Fred looks like sedimented or
maybe it has writing on it I think it just says five 100 not 500 and on the
reverse we have textiles and here we have a
native architecture so the Incas never actually had writing nothing they had a
system of using beads on on on string or whatever to keep information and here we
have the first indigenous or 94 merican and he is tupac amaru second and he was
named after the last Incan improving but he was related to the bloodline and he
was afraid and father side he actually rose up against the Spanish sometimes
oh when did he rise up against the Spanish so I’m looking at you look a
PDSA 1738 to 1781 and he uprising was in 1780 he was captured and executed so
pretty much failed but it was an inspiration for the uprisings of later
to get rid of Spanish from South America how look these nice Native American tapestry or something like that looks
beautiful so it has a nice blend of European and Native American designs and
look this looks like the Nazca lines was just in Peru which are only lines you
can see from an aircraft or air space and he’s a mountain range probably
around the region of the as Nazca lines so that’s a nice banknote there’s
beautiful scenery so as inflation took off to actually issued a lot higher
denominations so you we have the 1000 denomination says and here’s a valine or
Seattle there’s a president also Marshall same as the colony one
hundredths it was around about 1880s later period post independence and on
the back we have D chan chan ruins which one of the last places of the Inca
resonance and here we have somethings most likely in the museum in ink type
artwork most likely pottery it looks very creative there may be five
ounces so inflation is really taken off here mmm look at that this one has me
grab gray there’s the Navy officer morale
we called cloud so Makar Corral is the native from table so on the back we have
fishing so very people looking after fishing lines in the back we have some
trolls and then I like the white it red is imposed on the purplish color which
makes it a nice attractive banknote and hey if you’ve probably seen all of them
printed by different companies this is printed in Germany this one is printed
by Thomas the diver and not only different denominations are printed by
different companies with different years as well so look inflation is taken off a
bit more so here’s the 10000 and this one answer Caesar lay your red arrow and
you see here’s a Reuter this one looks like bit better because it’s a bully
cards more attractive as a bank now so it is one of the better ones of this
series with this orange stripe in the middle actually makes a day money back
we have the Santiago D chuckle so it’s a city in Peru I won’t say any more barely
confront it pretty much on it Wikipedia quite easily the highest denomination I
have is d 50000 so missing the 100 T 500 D 1 million and 5 million in case and
this one is Victor al-hadid Torre he was a politician so all these people are
deceased so this one looks also good as well
because it’s red on blue red and blue it makes it distinctive coloration and here
we have the Parlement of Paris Congress or national international Congress
so if you don’t know English actually adopts a lot of words from Norman French
Latin and Greek so if you look at Spanish you poise sometimes you might be
able to understand what the same ting quantum you so when I’m ill he’s a
thousand Inti’s so no bank or sand child he reserved at that Paris that really
reserved Central Bank of the reserve of Brazil so Reserve Central Bank of Brazil
whichever why you want to say it so hopefully I’ll be able to get the
everything nominations but because they’re higher mmm that might be a bit
hard and see how the actual blue and reds go together actually makes it or
eight event now you had probably stands out a bit more than this one this is
just pretty much one color so it doesn’t really stand it as much as this Bank
night when she say quite nice you know if you’re collecting these inky
banknotes please leave a comment down below is lower denominations actually
pretty easy to get the high denominations are a bit higher and they
all have a date on it a marine style printed so this one’s
printed in Italy Zeca start oh that’s also printed in Italy some printed in
Germany okay Thomas De La Rue UK window strike I said Germany and I open this
turquoise Germany guess Dominica sauce I think that’s Brazil you know Thomas deal
over United Kingdom as well so anyway I hope you enjoyed a series of banknotes
actually quite a nice series probably not too popular in there please leave
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