Welcome back to Wandering Monk, In the last video, you have seen our journey from Mumbai to Coimbatore, Adiyogi, out hotel in Coimbatore. We are continuing the same journey, after starting from Adiyogi, we have reached Mettupalayam, which is in between Coimbatore & Ooty. The Nilgiri Mountain Rail starts from Metupalaym only. The distance of Ooty from here is 46 KMs and the train takes around 4 Hours 50 Minutes. This is unimaginably slow. But it is said to be a very scenic journey. That’s why many people come to Mettupalayam and take the train from here to Ooty. We will also enjoy the toy train ride but for a smaller section, between Ooty & Coonoor. You will be able to see that in the upcoming videos. Right now we are going from Mettupalayam to Ooty in car It will take 1.5 to 2 hours. Hopefully, it would not take 5 hours. Enjoy the journey of Ooty with us. My daughter got tired of last night’s journey. That’s why she is taking a power nap on the back seat. It had been more than 2 hours since we started, we stopped for a tea break, ordered a coffee for me, coffee is so sweet that you would not need a sweet dish. Very Sweet. It’s fun to have your own vehicle in hills, I saw a very beautiful waterfall on the way, stopped the car and showing you this. If you can see, this waterfall is very high and coming from way up and above. Let’s go now towards Ooty. We have taken another unplanned break on our way, 3 KMs before Coonoor. I saw this very beautiful sight and thought of showing it to you also. You can see just lush green tea gardens far & across. That is the track of Nilgiri Himalayan train. These are the Nilgiri mountain in the western ghats. I have taken something to eat from the shop behind it looks somewhat like a samosa. they call it a puff with veg filling inside. In almost 4 hours we have covered the distance of approx 110 KMs and arrived in Ooty. And this is our first sightseeing spot, Rose Garden. In the Ooty city, The weather is very pleasant and the temperature is at 17 Degrees. The altitude of this place is 6500 Feet. If you are coming with the senior citizens, then you don’t have to climb up the stairs, the entrance to the Rose Garden is right in front of the car parking. The car parking fee is 40 Rs. The adult entry fee is 30 Rs and for children, it is 15 Rs. We have reached the 2nd sightseeing spot in Ooty This is a national botanical garden. Just by looking at the crowd you can guess that, it’s a superstar attraction. It seems, there are many schools, which have arranged a trip here because of being a weekend today. It’s very crowded, you would not find the kind of calmness and serenity that was there in Rose Garden. Very crowded, very noisy. But this garden is as beautiful as the Rose Garden. The ticket prices are slightly higher, I am saying with respect to Rose Garden. 40 Rs for adults, 20 Rs for child & 50 Rs for the camera. This was Fern House built inside Botanical Garden. There are many kinds of ferns kept in here. Look at this board, it’s was built in 1894. It’s been more than a century. You can see the glasshouse in the background. It’s the Botanical Garden only, There are many beautiful and colorful flowers have been planted in this glasshouse. After looking at this green grass meadows, I can remember that many filmy songs have been filmed here, but can’t remember the songs. If you can remember, please put that in the comments. It’s getting darker now, We are finishing the sightseeing for the day. Not let’s go to our resort. I missed one info that this park opens 7:00 AM in the morning and remains open till 6:30 in the evening. So plan your day accordingly. In the parking of the Botanical Garden only, there is a Tibetan woolen market, All the shops here are fixed price, in case you are in need of some woolen, since it is cold here. You can buy some woolen clothes from here. It’s 7:00 PM and we have finally reached our resort in Ooty, I am finishing this video here only, If you have liked this video then please don’t forget to press the like button. Queries, suggestions, and feedback in the comments as always If you have not subscribed yet, then please do it now. Because there are many more videos coming from Tamilnadu trip and many more trips after this trip.