Today’s the day Plutus Fest. I’m
walking over there right now getting
ready I have my custom Bitcoin tie. I
made this awhile ago, one in the world. I
was gonna make a Cardano related tie. I
didn’t have time first of all I didn’t
have access to high quality images so
Cardano Foundation please hook me up
with some high quality images so I can
make a custom Cardano tie, but I’m
headed to Plutus Fest right now so
let’s go let’s do this
I’m live at the University and I need to
figure out where I’m going so this is
kind of what it looks like I can pan up
a little bit I have my gimbal
okay I’m gonna turn it off quickly I got
to find out where I’m going all right
but hey everyone we just finished
Charles’ talk. We’re just going to set up in the
back corner here and so really good talk
so far. We had Professor Wadler and you got that on camera. We had Aggelos Kiayias
I’m not the only person who messes up peoples names. Everyone messes up peoples names. We’re all humans so it’s okay.
Philippe has to keep extending his arms
because he’s so much taller than me like
right now he’s leaning down
he’s about eight feet tall and i’m a hobbit
I’ll get a stepladder.
There are some tall people here. I’m only 6’1″
There are some giants here so okay all right
Rick where are we right now okay
we’re the University of Edinburgh at the
robot lab is right here to my
left hand side we’re at Plutus Fest
we’re here for Plutus Fest and there’s
a lot of folks here everyone that you
see from IOHK and Emurgo and the
professors are all here so we’re
having a good time there was a couple of
speakers this morning I think we
caught that on film over at the other
place but we had Professor Kiayias speaking
Professor Philip Wadler Charles
Hoskinson now we’re back over here for
coffee at it’s not called the Tevito Center the Tevito Centers is where we’re
doing Plutus Fest this is called something else
but it’s just we’re having coffee in the
lobby there’s an auditorium and a bunch
of other rooms around here where they
had IOHK meetings yesterday we’re
having tomorrow and we’re just kind of
using it as our get-together facility
because the building where the
auditorium is at, it’s just an auditorium
there’s a courtyard outside but it’s not
like the coffee joint and there’s also a
bar right across the street called St.
Andrews brewery. That’s
the after-show that’s like the after
effect as people go over to the
brewery to have a good time
thanks Rick thank you I’m going
to show a couple of the robots will be
and we just met Charles by the way so that was great