What’s up YouTube today, we are checking out the path of exile Trade website. It’s official functions. And in this video. We’re going to take a look at the bulk item exchange So in the last video we looked at how to search for individual items and in this video We are going to be taking a look at how to exchange large amounts of currency or even small amounts of currency any amounts of currency But how you can convert currency from one form of currency into another? So let’s say for instance that I’m playing path of exile and inside my stash tab I’ve got a couple only a couple of regal orbs and I really want to do some regal Crafting so let’s say I’ve got a particular hankerin for some regal orbs Well, what we’re gonna do is we’re going to look for regal orbs under the items I want category on the path of Exile trade website. We’re going to look for the icon for regal orb. There we go It’s right there and we’re going to say the items that I have. So how much am I willing to spend? Well, I’ve got I’ve got some chaos orbs in my inventory. So let’s say I’m going to convert some chaos into Regals So we’re going to select the currency that I’ve got. Chaos and then we’re simply going to search and it’s going to return for us a number of sellers That are trading Regals for chaos. Now. Typically I’m gonna give you this warning right away. Typically when you are converting Currency the first few folks. This isn’t true all of the time. This is a general rule Typically the first few folks that are going to be listed on this are one of two people either they have mists Listed their price or they are price-fixing In order to try and get the market to move a particular direction. So for instance this guy Kamisama senpai, he is listing that he is going to trade one Regal For one chaos. So is SW Jedi son? So it’s deadly pain. There’s a bunch of people that are trading at one to one So we see that Right here. The first five people that are trading are trading at one to one so you can simply trade one chaos And get one Regal back However, as we scroll down we start to see that that price differs the further down we go So if you pay 23 chaos, you’ll get 21 Regals So at this rate vibe Eva, the diva has started to see that the market is now swinging in such a fashion That chaos is actually converting into less and less Regals chaos and you are going to see that as we continue to go down. The ratio is going to continue To skew here. We’ve got cake in mouth selling. He’s got 345 Regals and he’s selling 31 to 34 Here’s another player King J. 666 he’s selling 11 for 10 11 for 10 11 for 10 22 for 20 and So on and so forth now when you’ve found a large chunk of the currency traders that are all sitting at the same price line That is probably where the market is actually at Generally speaking the first few people again have either miss listed their currency or their price-fixing now There’s a whole bunch of talk in in path of exile You’ll probably see it on the subreddit in in the trade chat As well as other players on the forums chatting about whether or not price fixing is a good thing or not We’re not going to chat about that here in this video We’re simply going to say As a word of warning when you message the first few people on whatever search it is that you’re looking for the reason why Oftentimes you won’t get a response back is because the person either miss listed it and so they’re not going to trade with you at the particular price that you’ve messaged them at or or They are price fixing and so they want the price to move They want everybody else to list their price at a particular price that they’re aiming to buy or sell at So then what you’ll do once you have found a buyer that you’d like to buy is you’ll contact them You’ll click the contact button and then there is a helpful little slider that allows you to sort how exactly how much of a particular currency you want to purchase and During the trade, which is really really nice and then you can simply click on it select it It’s going to copy it as soon as you select it and then you’ll be able to go over into path of exile and simply Enter into a whisper chat and paste that message so that way you’ve actually messaged that player. So here’s an example of it There you go. Hi, I’d like to buy your 110 regal orbs for my 121 chaos orbs and incursion, but it boom there’s the example Alright, so other examples of currency. Let’s say for instance you want to sell currency. Let’s say for instance you have regal orbs and you want Chaos orbs so items. I wonder chaos items have Our regal you can either look manually for that conversion on the bulk item Exchange or if you’re simply flipping the conversion There’s this little arrow key here that allows you to flip back and forth between the icons, which is really handy. So Let’s take a look If you have Riegel’s and you want to trade them for Kaos, you can see here that a bunch of people are trading Hey Regals, 1 2 1 for Kaos and we’re gonna look and we’re gonna see hey look at that ratio It looks like the ratio is skewing a little bit as we continue to look but it’s at slightly lower rates so you can see here that the market is clearly moving in one particular direction for regal orbs that Regal orbs in general are going up in terms of their value When you compare? purchasing regal orbs versus selling regal orbs this is what currency trading is and the way how people make More currency on this is simply by buying more currency for less than what they are selling it at it’s a very very simple economic principle that you buy low and You sell high and it applies to all sorts of currency into all sorts of trades in path of Exile Now if you want to get a quick overall economic view of where the league is at the best way to do that or the fastest way to do that is to simply look at the exalts to chaos ratio, so right
now there’s one person who probably is either price fixing or has it miss listed at a hundred chaos to one exalt and then you Can look down and you can see the rest of the market 100 to 108 to 1 1 10 to 1 113 to 1 114 to 1 1 15 to 1 my goodness 1 there’s just a bunch of people sitting at 115 to 1 So this is probably where the market is actually at exalts are probably the worst The worst offender in terms of the price fixing and the miss listing simply because there are so many people trading it in order to flip currency and make money in p OE so just be aware of that when you’re looking that again that first couple of of of Actual Lister’s are not actually listening with the market going value is so you can message a bunch of these people and you’ll often see People put posts on the forums and on subreddit saying our trading sucks and trading is terrible and and this game needs to fix its Trading because I just messaged a dozen people and none of them responded Well, that’s because they’re probably either miss listing their prices or their price-fixing and they want people to sell at that particular price They’re not actually they’re not the ones actually selling at that price They want other people to miss list their stuff so that way they can purchase it at a particular price and cut the margin So again, we’re not gonna chat about whether price-fixing is a good thing or not in this video That’ll be in another video another discussion for another day But the bottom line is is if you message a bunch of people at the top of a list The reason why they’re not responding to you is because they’ve either miss listed it or they’re price-fixing so you want to find where that sweet spot is in the market and it looks like right now it’s 115 to 1 now a General rule of thumb if you want to see whether or not the markets gonna go up or down is to compare the present league To standard because eventually everything migrates over to standard. So if we wanted to see what exalts are going for and standard right now exalts are going for about 145 to 150 anywhere in between 1 138 is the lowest – 150 is the highest ok So in general because everything migrates over to standard at the end of a league This means that exalts still have room to move in Incursion League at least as of the time when we’re checking this. So that means that the market price is probably going to go up and so eventually Most currency prices by the end of a league they match up with where standard is at for people that are trying to make money In standard trying to make currency and standard eventually everything lines up and conforms to standard So that means that if you’re looking for a currency to invest in what you do is you simply look at where it’s at and the present trade league and then go look at what it’s at and standard and if there’s a big Gap there then you can invest early especially if you’re a standard player universe early in the league simply hoard a bunch of that currency flip flip flip flip flip flip flip and then when you go into standard you can flip a Bunch of that currency and now you’ve got a bunch of currency to play around with in standard Alright, so that’s a quick introduction into the bulk bulk item exchange into currency trading and currency flipping using the path of Exile Official trade website. Hopefully that’s helpful to you if you’ve got questions or comments Feel free to leave one down below as always you can subscribe for more path of Exile videos Where we feature getting started videos, we feature path of Exile trade and tools videos as well as news and announcements Everything that’s path effects related is pretty much what we cover here on the channel So feel free to give us a like and subscribe down below and check back for more Exciting new topics and videos here for all of us or xx Isles and very glass