Hi guys it’s Majesty Ibianga here with the
Financial Drive-Thru, where we help you
get an edge in the cryptocurrency and
financial markets through up to date
news, information and everything you need
to get settled in the space. And I’ve got a
good one for my Nigerian viewers today. I
stumbled upon this tweet, it’s by PundiXLabs
I think that’s PundiX, the company and
this is the first live bitcoin to
Nigerian Naira transaction on XPOS
terminals and this was done successfully
in Nigeria. Here they are thanking the
team and the MD of Joetech system and
the NPXS contributors for their
support. so we’re just gonna cut straight
into the video and see because
I’m quite excited about this – I’ve been
talking a lot about mass adoption and
especially in Africa where not much
stuff is happening in Crypto, this is a huge deal
so I’m gonna play that right now (trails off) – ” The
Xpos in my hand we’ve got 0.01 btc
or 1000 NPXS
tokens and I will be spending out of my
0.01btc to do a 200 Naira
transaction.That is the cashier, and I’ve
just popped into the store and the POS
is giving me three options
To pay cash or to pay
with an XPass card or XWallet
if you pay with Xwallet you can do so
you can see the camera here you can use to pay
with a QR code
all you need is just to scan a QR code
on the X wallet and then you can scan
the QR code with the Xpos.
Today we use the XPass
So I’ve just click on the X pass
and it’s asked me to use PundiXPass
I’ve clicked on the Pundi XPass and see what’s gonna happen it’s
given me the options to either pay with
different currencies that are supported at the
moment – we’ve got BTC, Ethereum, NPXS token and Binance token
I’m gonna choose BTC at the moment
and if you can see, it
automatically calculates for you the
accurate coin market cap rate from
converting the digital currency we have chosen which is Bitcoin
to the local currency which is naira and
you have two seconds lock-in period to
safeguard the consumer and the merchant
and right now I’m just gonna click on
there we go. Thats the FIRST live transaction in Afirca, it happened in Nigeria. Blockchain adoption is possible
thank you for a
wonderful community and thank you for
all these wonderful people who sacrificed
their time for me for two days! for two
days!! for two days!! thank you everybody
made my day thank you to all my
management as well as PundiX. we said we
gonna do this and we’re doing it. I will
continue to collaborate and partner with
people that believe in the adoption and
scalability and speed of blockchain.thank
you everybody
We will continue to crack the code as usual. Thank you.” That was a good one, not exactly the smoothest demo
I saw the guy have some issues but all in all, I
think it was a pretty good effort and i’m
quite pleased with the fact that this is
happening actually in Nigeria because you
know we’ve been going on and on about
mass adoption and use case scenarios and
while I still don’t feel that a lot of
people are gonna jump on this in the
sense that people still haven’t reach
the point where they are willing to use
their crypto to buy things like coffee
and the regular miscellaneous use cases,
but it does show that we’re getting out
there and so this is huge
so since I saw this I’ve reached out to
PundiX to see if I can get to speak to
someone in their team, I’m optimistic and
I hope the size of my channel isn’t
exactly an issue but yeah that’s
definitely something to look forward to
and I want to know your thoughts in the
comment section of the video let me know
what you think about this, is this a huge
deal? and I’d love to know what this
means to you in the comments so do let
me know. I checked out the PundiX
website as well, they have some pretty
good things lined up and I’m gonna link
the website in the detail section of the
video so you can look it up yourself as
well. if I do hear back from them
favorably, I’ll be doing a more in depth
review on this and I definitely love to
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