You spent a lot of time today looking at the exposition in detail. I think Mr Putin showed Mr Erdogan almost the entire range of achievements of our aviation industry.
You also said that during your talks you discussed military-technical cooperation and mentioned that a regular delivery of the S-400 system took place today.
Did you discuss any new contracts? Thank you.
I could hardly show all the achievements of Russia’s missile, space and aviation industry in such a short amount of time.
We are proud of our advanced developments in this area and our new prototypes for arms and equipment, and not just military but also civilian produce.
We also demonstrated the MC-21, a new civilian aircraft, which, I believe, the President liked.
Our friends liked the helicopters, especially the MI-38. These are light helicopters that are used, in part, for medical purposes.
Mr President intends to carry out a large programme for the development of medical airlift services in Turkey. We also have plans like this on our agenda in Russia.
Thus, we talked not only about military or military-technical cooperation but also about civilian related cooperation, both in space and aviation.
As for military aviation, we discussed cooperation on the Su-35 (generation 4++) and even on the new Su-57.
We have many opportunities. We showed a new weapons system and a new system for radio electronic warfare.
In my opinion, our Turkish partners were interested in many things. I am referring not just to procurement but also to joint production.
Incidentally, we are open to this and, in certain areas, we will be actively discussing it with our partners.