Muddy Mo, Muddy Muddy Mo, Muddy Mo, Muddy Muddy Mo, AYYYEE! What’s up crypto world is your boy Muddy Mo aka the king of minnows aka the dapp whitepaper gawd! and you have tuned into crypto dapp yap. So today
we’re gonna be talking about pyrabank alright the ultimate hourglass contract
holder alright pyrabank the will and the minnows fish tank all right so what
do I mean by that are not going set in just a second but for now you know let
me talk to my minnows y’all ready no man money motor king of minnows I got a ton
of my minnows alright so one thing we should look for in every contract that
we get in is looking for equal benefits with whales one thing we know that we’re
always gonna be behind because they have big bank to have more crypto than us but
these hourglass contracts like power bank and some others are very very good
for the space alright because they allow us to get dividends don’t matter what
all right so we get dividends right along with them alright so as a minnow
one thing we should always look for is longevity in projects alright we know
coming into crypto coming into crypto adapts the most successful crypto that
thus far has been P through D which was the original hourglass contract so just
make sure you I know man we will gain heavily with longevity I love that I’m
good at money Mogu the roms we will gain heavily from longevity as minnows
alright so long-term equals good for us all right we win win win win win win win
regardless for our glass contracts like power bank I got one in war stay tuned
alright so let’s jump right off into this man this y’all a little pyro Bank
tutorial alright so let me just talk about power bank and wild like it
alright so one of the major reasons I like power bank is because it’s long
I already talked to you about the hourglass contract its long-term and it
just checks out all right now one thing about long-term is you know basically
means that it’s just very reliable it’s a very reliable system probably the most
reliable type of system thus far which is the outlast system for dams some
other notable contracts that run off our glass system right now that’s doing
really well is in bankroll you have credits token air just drops table which
is which is that and then you have pirate bank so pirate bank to me is like
a specialty site like this is all that they do but that’s a good thing right
like you want to go to a hamburger place for a good hamburger you want to go
there and get fish this chicken I like it they’re putting all our glass
contracts on one site they have multiple different coins that they want to
support so all that really means long term is that they’re gonna be reliable
so you know they get that money mo already because they’re reliable are
they gonna be around for a while they can adapt that have to coins so another
thing that I like about power bank is that all the contracts are on the
blockchain right it is aetherium trial whatever it’s on now I’m sure can adapt
to new coins if they want to put new coins on power bank but as of right now
you can look up every transaction alright it’s very transparent they get
that minnows that money momento and another thing that I like about it is
that you know they have backup sites for all their sites that’s good
most people who cover the inter crypto won’t know how to interact with directly
with the etherion water on contract so this gives them a kind of a second way
to get into the contract if they lose track of this the main site or the main
site goes down so that makes sense all right
another thing I like how it’s built off of the community right it’s built off of
people one in and out the contract you get a certain percentage in a certain
percentage out that’s what the true hourglass contract is and all of these
power your power bank contracts do that all right so basically everybody
everybody be this community-driven right so two people helping people
that’s all it is going back in and out ending out whatever our coin you’re
trading in or whatever coin you got on one of these contracts it’s everybody’s
gonna eat from all right and another thing that I like is that it’s very easy
to use right it’s clean it should be easy enough your site should be easy
enough for elementary schooler to be able to understand and to perform
whatever your needs with them to perform on your site it should be that easy all
right so being easy to use and being a clean nice looking site is great for
mass adoption all right so in other words it’s great for minnows all right
minnows gonna be coming in about uh swarms because for mass adoption is
gonna be minnows coming in so it’s gonna be really easy for them to come in and
immediately start getting some dividends all right Tyra Banks and this that’s my
version yeah weird more stay tuned all right so let’s jump right off into power
of a man this is the home page power bank calm all right I’m sorry you know
one thing I want to make sure you are clear about Elmyra bank is that the
token prices don’t crash are the token prices on all of these coins stay the
same if you into those contracts all right now one thing I do like about
power bank is that its front page is this FAQ so pretty much all the
information you’re gonna need is gonna be on this front page let’s just scroll
down so you know we got what is power I go through our let in a second it just
goes to everything A to Z you know if you just new to the platform you can
even figure out how about trying on here so you know that’s one thing that’s
really really dope about this front page it’s clean and it’s clear it got a great
direction alright look at that I got videos on how to get into trialing power
bank so Tory’s all of that so all that’s right there
alright so now starting at the top welcome to decentralized finance and
that’s essentially what this is guys this is a decentralized finance platform
with multiple coins that they promote on their front page they’re saying things
like you know you enter the first middle or lad
you’re talking about you when I crashed like I just said that’s really dope they
got their contact information here they’re on pretty much everything
discord I know they good on there they got telegram up their Instagram so
that’s cool all right so let’s jump down so all right so what
is power bang alright so decentralized application on the Tron Network alright
it was basically created to provide holders of his tokens with the safe and
consistent supply of dividends all right do you hear that
that means non-stop dividends it was made for that very reason
alright and it’s all done through the blockchain he’s open ledger it’s
automated on a decentralized smart contract alright so that’s what power
bank is all right why should I care let’s talk about that real quick so it’s
just basically talking about it being stable is the reason that you should
care all right so these other games and these other casinos these things can go
up and down but this hourglass contract platform that they are it’s gonna
probably stay around just because it’s based off of people entering and exiting
in the contracts all right so you don’t have to worry about a lot of pumping
domes and because you’ll basically make your crypto so that’s not even a big
deal to you and another big thing about it is that you know you basically you
know getting dividends for the lowest possible risk like I said guys this is
stable this is very very consistent and due to it being on the blockchain it’s
not a high risk are it’s very low risk this is what you should get into if you
want to be safe and make a little crypt on the side alright so how does it work
so basically the smart contact will deduct a fee from every purchase of sale
of power so anybody who purchases or sales some of their power their fees are
gonna be split amongst all the other token holders and how much you get
depends on how much power you hold in that contract so basically all they just
saying is that your funds are pretty much safe just because it’s on a
blockchain which is an intermediate thority so it’s nobody there’s no person
no bank and no anything like that if they can come into your contract and
your it’s just you in the blockchain contract
alright so coming down you see they got their power band they got videos these
YouTube videos but mode themselves that’s beautiful and I hear it’s dope
because they’re showing you how about trying like if you do render the any
crypto is showing you how to get trying on which Angley which is turn the cash
in and trying and you know going to know the Guinea you’re trying getting the
child wallet on trying link and then access and power bank and they’re
participating so let’s take you through the A to Z on how to do it I love that
guys that gets that money mo because that’s very clear alright they got the
trial Inc wallet tutorial and also empowering tutorial so that’s dope
alright that’s on the front page alone so that’s really good and another thing
about it is that these videos here I think they’re about a number of things
yeah number of things he made these videos to basically help you guys and to
get clear understanding of what power bank is and how it works
so that’s beautiful that’s real dope all right I think he has like a try on
University so he goes all the way back even beyond by intron like what is
blockchain like from a very very start so that’s rare it’s good to see all
right so real quick you know one thing I like about them is they top menu so the
top menu is really really dope I think it’s really clear and it’s really clean
since their front page is like a FAQ which I think was a very good move they
get their money more people but I want cuz I was dope that was good under each
coin and I going to those just a second you have different options you got the
power X there you got a Tyrian aether bank they got partnered outs which I
don’t really and they’re part of the deficit I hope they improve upon their
partnered apps I think that’d be really good
then on the Heather community right how do you contact them disco or telegram
all that thing and then they got the pirate – right these are those bloggers
you seem uh demos with money emo you see money Mo’s well-equipped or fetch so
that’s good they basically give you different content makers who make videos
about power bank that’s good for their platform I so let’s jump right off into
the trial banks alright so this is essentially coins that are on trans
blockchain alright so we’re gonna just start with trying itself alright so
first off they gotta how to play that’s pretty cool they tell you exactly how to
play the game and they have another thing to have they’re trying smart
contracts so let’s take a look at they could smart contract let’s see the child
alright so this is the trial contract alright so let’s take a look so glowy
already know man money go you know I’m the dad white paper coffee ain’t got a
white paper I’m gonna go today contract all right so y’all see that 2.2 million
is almost 2.3 million trying let’s see if that matches their contract all right
let’s see if the blockchain matches their actual site it looks like it
matches their site alright so that’s a good sign that means everything is done
on the blockchain alright so yall already know man relax alright so let’s look at money more real
quick alright now check this out boom just say if you want to buy a small my
5-time 5-time will give you a hundred nineteen pirate eyes are we minnows man
we already know man we the little guys alright but we can still buy you know
some power with that even with a little bit as far I’m and I get that money more
cuz that’s dope man so let’s see what happens we shot about that file trying
for the part and one thing that’s good about these
trying these trial banks they have or these Truong contracts is that y’all do
man the trial blockchain works very fast so
boom it’s already in there so I just added those those pyrrha onto here all
right so now this is where you can see what’s going on all right so it shows
you how much power you have and how much that trying value is right now that’s
dope you can see that and also the USD value of extra extra value that’s dope –
and these are your rewards so based off of who buys and who sells whatever they
get you get some of it right so you can reinvest it or you can draw it straight
to your wallet that’s dope all right so that’s trying oh and one thing about
trying real quick they have a leaderboard right so this is dope you
can kind of see where you are on the leaderboard and you can also see the
desk but this is just where you are trying on the leaderboard so if you want
to leaderboard congratulations but it just shows you where you are based upon
everybody else and that really determines how much divs you get all
right all right so let’s look at beats coin all right so beast corn
so beats coin all right this is another contract they got going all right
another hourglass contract all right so you know let’s see look same looks
similar no nice and sleek nice and pretty is telling you two steps step one
step two step three step four boom nice and clean all right nice and clean let’s
see all right boom so this how many beats I’m holding and these are the
dividends I’m getting so far all right now beats coin is not gonna be as
popular as you know trying to beat et but let’s let’s see what beats coin is
just for you guys we don’t know all right so what is beats coin I got a
clear link to what is beets corn that’s dope I
I think you can buy beats going on trying trade or any other trying crypto
exchange so but anyway this is Bitcoin well let’s just take a quick look at
this so we’re building a platform to interact with digital media Wow
that’s what beats corn is doing we’re reinventing a global marketing platform
for digital content producers and the consumer that’s dope all right we plan
to transform how advertising interacts with the content provider as well as
implementing strategies to engage users all while increasing the revenue
potential of everyone involved all right so basically they’re trying to get more
people engaged with this music contract oh right because you already know that’s
a big issue all right so they’re actually fixing the problem they’re
trying to solve a problem in the world that’s that’s a big thing that’s really
really cool about beets corn so let’s go back to power rack now it I just want to
let you guys know that it’s still very very early for this beets corn contract
most people don’t even know to buy it right you gotta be a crypto deaf veteran
like money mole hit to know about beets corn but you
know same thing same hourglass we still get some so what is this what is it
called it’s called people helping people that’s it that’s what it is all right so
that’s that also has a leader leaderboard for that also it shows you
where you can buy beets corn that’s dope – lets see try Trey it is ok so yes I’ll
try and trade that’s where that’s where you can buy it boom is showing you put
your trial on here you’re gonna buy you some beets corn you got you no problem
we’re gonna give you a link we’re gonna make this easy already I already told
y’all man they they good for making things easy that’s though now last thing
on beets corn real quick you know it’s the same 15% n at 15% out all right
and I started percent over artis you losing but over time now this thing is
not meant for us minerals especially to go in or out we got to get into staying
alright because if we don’t it could be real bad for us all right we can lose a
lot 30% could get up there if we don’t if you don’t think about this the right
way so just making sure y’all rely devs alright so this is the BCG contract
now one thing about this BTT contract that we gotta be careful careful of is
that you know there’s other platforms is doing PTT now generally for you guys who
don’t know you get B TT for just holding trying in your wallet you can do finance
wallet try and Link wallet they give you B TT for that every month so people have
nothing to do with a B TT so they can either throw it here which you know will
be dope or they can throw it in another contract but you know to me this power
back on track it’s gonna be consistent cuz you got everything goes right here
so why you got to go anywhere else it’s all right there I and just like anything
else got some more it has the rewards there
alright now also is 15% outfits him sent in so that’s 30 percent overall alright
so let’s talk a little bit I’m gonna skip our heads for a second I’m gonna go
that alas yes to pay p.m. with that let’s go to ather bang alright um so you
know they got the let’s go to the etherium contract scene just looking
like alright so you know just just shows you that you can interact with this
contract directly on ether scanner right it’s just you and the blockchain alright
so I already know man power bank relaxed and is alright so that’s eight the bank
alright same thing give you the steps very clear it looks like they got a good
system going here also let me show y’all is check this out it gives you all the
same you know statistics this is a little bit
different about aid to bang alright so it’s only 13% of entries in 10% of exits
alright so essentially that’s 23% that you’re looking at that you got to make
up which could happen especially since its dropped this contract here has no
way to go with all all right so now let’s go to the data you already know
Pyrrha hex you already know man that’s my baby that’s one of my babies one of
them one of my side chicks all right all right
Pyrrha hex as y’all see man’s nice and pretty you already like that
good-looking individual don’t we like that on he we like when stuff look good
don’t isn’t really pretty all right Pyrrha hex yeah I already know man I
made some videos about this and this is with the hex token alright y’all ready
daughter controversy that goes around hex but I will tell you nobody made a
video about this this number here should keep going up because people are still
buying hex we’ve got a lot of days ago in hex and this contract you know people
help me you know we like that right everybody eats with this right now the
hex price is going up the hex value is going up and if you’ve been in this
contract you’ve been earning alright so make sure make sure if you in hex you
should probably be in power making you’re gonna get more per day all right
now let’s take a look at what they’re offering in the menu let’s see boom I
got the liter boy let’s check out the leader board real quick clean nice and
clean sound like that with no hassles right
but you can go find out what percentage you hold if you’re in power head so
let’s look at money more real quick let’s see let’s see alright you see we’ve got the
little guys in here we’ve got the minnows Oh be alright so this is muddy
mo right here so y’all ready I got point zero one percent I’m trying to get that
up I’m trying to get more of a percentage this thing is gonna be a long
a long time now yeah I gotta think you know hex we still early right it’s still
got what about 300 days in the a lobby before that’s official out there horn
and no more buying it what what no well I should say no more buying it on a a
lobby what what that’s dope man that’s dope so power hex already you know
putting you out right to the contract right this is our contract it’s clear
right blockchain go check it out for yourself don’t be late right so it also
has how to play just like everything else it has the hex holders list it has
everything in here man it shows that the contract is verified
on e3 skin which is dope it also shows you how to stake your hex now look this
is how big they are this how smart they are right this is Richard Hart’s hex eye
so they take you to hex hey go by hex and when you buy your hex bring it on
home the Pirate Bay that’s it bring it on the power X we
need that right there’s people having people you weigh all these months to get
a couple hex that might be left for you when over here on power hex you can go
and make your hex every day what make sense to you right dollars make sense
talk to us minnows alright just how we come up hex is still gaining value
alright why not let’s gain more hex in the meanwhile alright just people
helping people now this show that was telling you how to stake your hex right
they were saying go stake it over there if you want to or you can come stay here
and make some money you can choose that’s confident that’s
confident right that’s super confident they like you know what yeah i’ma send
you to his side with Richard Hudson anybody to power hex I doubt it just
keep thinking about that alright so they also tell you here to his site you swap
hex alright you want to swap some hex I’m
two units while you can swap it for any basically anything that you have you can
swap it for hex this way you buy your hex and when you buy your hags what
you’re gonna do y’all know the answer what you’re gonna do with the hex what’s
gonna do you’re gonna bring it right back to pirates right it’s the best
place for all right that’s fire all right yeah y’all want to hear more stay
tuned all right so yeah just checked out crypto depth yeah man this one we was
talking about pirate man the will and the minnows fish tank all
right I think we all in there together and you know one thing to take from this
is that power bank is a long-term project all right so it gets that money
mo yeah but being all these things and also being clean and safe all right you
interested in anything power bank my links in the description below I got
trying I got BTT it got beets corn I got either what what else got hex it’s all
in the description man yeah y’all wanna hear more stay tuned and man thank y’all
for rockin out with me I truly truly appreciate it
it’s your boy muddy mo aka – king of minnows aka dad my paper ball and you’ve
just experienced crypto DAP yeah all right now if you’re interested in
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