Crypto slo cryptocurrency news and
investing crypto slow with more crypto
gains what’s going on guys it’s been a
little while since I’ve done a Raven
coin update and today it’s totally
appropriate basically if you’re running
an older Raven coin wallet make sure you
update your wallet and get the latest
greatest so first and foremost if we
open up my wallet and sync it it’s gonna
say over here warning unknown block
versions being mined so to check your
wallet version simply go up to help
click about Raven core and you can see
that I’m running version 2.2 which is
pretty old I haven’t I’ve actually been
mining to my another wallet so I haven’t
used this one as much but I want to make
sure it’s on the right chain now how do
you get the new wallet well you can go
to Raven coin org follow the wallet
links or you can go to github and you
can usually do this a good way is either
to go to the reddit or go to bit screen
or find the coin and you can find the
official links and I gotta stress always
try to follow official links when you
can just so you don’t get a rogue wallet
of some type now how do you do it well
it’s not too hard so as you can see my
wallet is up and running and synced well
it was st. I’m gonna go ahead and shut
it down okay let that shut down I’m
gonna go over to github and if you’re on
the Raven coin project main you’ll see
and there’s releases and development and
such so also another thing that happened
was there was a algorithm switched to
x16 rv2 and again you won’t be able to
mine in Raven calling unless you update
your miner so we’ll talk about that
after we get the wallet update
so I’m gonna go ahead and pick my
version I typically like just to grab
the win 64 zip I click on it I’m gonna
go ahead and save it to my desktop it’s
pretty small file all right and I’m
gonna go ahead and hit extract here
extract 7-zip extract here okay I got my
Raven folder not a problem now what do I
need to do I need to find where my old
Raven coin wallet is which shouldn’t be
too difficult
I’m gonna go ahead and click on this
wallets my graveyard a wallet said I
don’t use anymore here’s my cutie Raven
coin wallet shortcut I’m gonna right
click on that open file location’ now
all we are replacing is the Q T that’s
it so if we actually look and we do our
% app data % ok we go to the % and we
look for Raven Cohen all right we do not
want to mess with these files ok don’t
want to mess with the wallet dat don’t
want to mess with any of that again this
is in the app roaming data folder
we are simply updating the QT so as you
can see I keep a running version so I’m
going to go ahead and create a folder
with today’s date 2019 okay 0 9 0 to
2019 all right I’m gonna go ahead and
I’m going to throw my Raven coin QT
there okay boom
and when you go to half screen and I’m
just going to grab the Qt okay
and we’ll see that okay
so Ben usually has the thing in it so
there’s my Raven cutie all I’m going to
do is drag that baby over here because
this is where my shortcut points and I’m
replacing the previous Raven coin –
cutie executable all right so I’m going
to go back so now I’m gonna go back to
my thing and delete the rest of this
don’t need it and I’m gonna fire up my
wallet slow so slow all right and then
we let it fire up 2.5 1 and we’ll see
what happens
give it a minute for the blocks to sync
up a little now I’m probably behind
because I was on the wrong chain okay
so I’ll probably just set this up and
let it run for a while now downloading
right and voila I am now mining on the
correct well not mining my wall is on
the correct chain that’s it that’s all
there is to it now as far as your miners
go we’ve always used let’s see I’ve
always used enemy or t-rex so basically
just go out there and make sure you have
the latest greatest of t-rex or enemy
I’ve had good luck with both of them I
really don’t see one to be advantageous
of the other
I used to sit and battle with that but
now I really don’t care so that’s it
make sure you have the latest Raven coin
wallet so that you are on the proper
chain and update your miner so that you
are mining the new x16 are that’s
today’s update this is crypto slow as
always if you’re not talking gains then
we’re not talking