I was going to the HODLGANG? Crypto
NWO here & today I’m gonna be going through the dark web Samsung Galaxy that
I got in my last mystery box and if you guys haven’t seen that mystery box, if
you guys don’t know what happened… basically in this mystery box that I got
over here… I got three things three really important things that I have yet
to go through infront of you guys. number one (#1) was the Dark-Web Camcorder, number
two (#2) is the Dark-Web Samsung and number three (#3) is the Dark-Web USB. We are on
number two (#2) the device number two the Samsung Galaxy the dark web samsung
galaxy what ended up happening is we came across three videos and four
pictures this is what pisses me off because getting these videos to work on
a MacBook and I’ve never experienced anything like this and getting these
videos to work on a Mac was the hardest thing to ever do for example I plug in
my iPhone all the videos pop up I can just drag and drop drag and drop drag
and drop and then if i plug in he samsung galaxy which I don’t know if I
should have plugged this in automatically but I did and I plugged it
in and the videos were mp4 files yes and I can open up mp4 files on my macbook
but for some damn reason it was an opening properly I ended up getting the
videos from the phone to the MacBook and then taking a third-party converter if
you guys don’t know what like VLC is basically I took an mp4 file and I
reconverted it into an mp4 file and then it worked on my Mac and I have three
videos but the problem was the four photos were deleted from the phone and
from my computer and there’s no way to access them and I’ve tried and trying to
try it I went to the deleted files and I’ve tried everything I’ve googled
everything and that’s why this video stick is so freaking longer but I could
tell you what they were there were gloves I saw the photos they
were only gloves didn’t see the videos yet the photos were just right there in
my face and the gloves I thought oh there was white gloves black gloves
purple gloves and pink gloves for four pictures of gloves but then there was
three videos that I have in reviewed yet I’m gonna review them in front of you on
camera we have video number one video number
two and video number three put them all into folders so I don’t contain any
spoilers some people don’t like when all the videos are just right there so we’re
gonna go ahead and open up video number 1 2019 1 1 2 6 o 8 3 8 0 2 so this is in
2019 11 26 November 26 2019 and I don’t know what the last numbers represent but
we’re gonna go ahead and in it I swear I know this place tell me that’s me every time that’s me a storm okay I was just gonna
say I was just gonna say every time I go to this place it’s I take storm on a
walk to this park near my house I don’t walk him there I just drive him there
and then I walk around the entire park boy I was gonna say that can’t be me
because I don’t see storm but that I see freakin storm right over here it’s storm 20:19 how long’s the video seven minutes and
13 seconds it’s that’s mean storuman and November did I have a Canada goose
jacket in November is that a candidate loose check I can see the friggin label
from the Canada Goose check a look at that that little circle on my arm yeah
I’m wearing okay so did I get that I had that in November was it cold enough Nova
brain yeah bro that’s mean storm ladies and gentlemen the dark web
stalker in 2019 find him brob so stupid
where is he he’s at the skate park okay what how do
I explain this place to you guys we didn’t even have the stalker
situation in November I’m just walking my dog okay and ladies
and gentlemen if you’re new to the channel if you don’t know what’s been
going on because there’s been a lot of people saying whoa what are you stalker
dude you should be calling the police for the people that don’t know what’s
going on this has been an ongoing thing this since I found out this was on
December 31st was the day I found out that there was a potential stalker on
the channel a little bit before that because I recorded the video on I think
the 30th and then the video was uploaded on the 31st but around that time I
figured out that there was a stalker on the channel whole bunch of stuff were
sent to me whole bunch of devices were sent to me where I review the files and
find videos of myself being followed find videos of my house being driven
past spying videos on my door be knocked on and this video over here that we’re
looking at right now is a park that I frequently go to thick stormy on a walk
huge huge park and I think he’s at the skate park right now like right now I’m
just walking around taking storms we can go pee do his business Marcus territory
I think he’s at the skate park I just saw the hand how far is he from me oh he’s at the
skate park 1,000% at the skate park you could hear me I’m fine now I just smell my armpit oh that’s
embarrassing I won’t repay him her them five minutes what the fuck who’s that oh oh that’s a
garbage can all that blue garbage can spooked me the hell out I remember this this just was that
couldn’t have been in November this couldn’t have been in November it’s
impossible you look we’re on the ramp well we’re not even on the ramp right
now I thought we I think I missed it we’re about to go on a train now I think
I think we’re leaving yeah we’re leaving we’re going back to
the car yeah we’re leaving oh shit that’s not
good ladies and gentlemen that’s absolutely freaky that one’s an
absolutely freaky video it’s a video of me and storm getting followed at the
part that we frequently walk at which I’m not going to be going to anymore
just gonna be sticking to around the freaking block but I mean I take storm
here to go so we can just smell the trees that he usually smells smell the
bushes and trees and just piss off that squirrel that he usually pisses off
every single time I’m not gonna be going there anymore and I have a death wish
bro what am i doing that was not in November that couldn’t have been in
November video number 2 titled 2019 eleven twenty six zero five zero eight
five four oh one dot MOV tell me it’s my house before the snow after the snow it’s up
2019 11:26 like i don’t get it this was not in November 26 this Clinton had been
the first video was sent November 26 this one says November 26th that in a bedroom buddy you can creep
where’s the bike Chris bite oh there yeah that’s the bike okay
I was shook for a second Oh Inc you can’t gonna see in there buddy you ain’t
gonna see in there buddy no no the bike the blinds are closed can barely yeah I need to clean under my deck
this guy’s exposing me brother oh fuck that’s me oh that’s me oh my god my
computer Caucasian wake up Oh Stormy’s bulls are still like that
upside down right side up upside down you see how there’s three bulls right
here and then 1/4 ball on the left the bulls are still like that oh I’m gonna
have to take a look at the cameras this has to be recent it can’t be this cannot
be in November it cannot the first video where I was walking in the park with
storm I was wearing a Canada Goose jacket I don’t think I got that in
November I’m almost a million percent sure I did not get that in November it
was not snowing in November I didn’t need a Canada Goose jacket the biggest
thing is the fact that this could be before it snowed or could be after it
snowed I think it’s after it snowed because we have three stormy balls on
the right side one of them is right side up I’m gonna show you guys right now I’m
gonna show you guys right now give me one sec what the hell bro I’m telling you I’m telling you I’m
checking the cameras I’m checking the fucking camera is
really crazy so I had Wi-Fi cameras before and I have now I have these wired
cameras so the good news is I recovered my account for the cloud storage thing
that I had and I checked out my footage and you guys wouldn’t believe what I
found take a look at this that’s camera number one gate side and
then I had another one this is the side of my house right now so I’m gonna open
up the other one on the other side of my house now this is the right side of the
house look at this I had three cameras set up three in my
backyard and one of them didn’t get the footage this one did where does he go after that’s the
question I’m gonna fast forward a little bit brah brah brah okay brah I went into my house what after
looking at it in examining the day but ended up noticing is that this was
recorded on January 31st so this person recorded me sleeping in my basement on
January 31st 2020 one month after I published the SSD video we are almost
one month ahead a goodness I still have the footage I’m pretty sure this thing
only backs up up to one month old crap good thing I had good thing I checked
cold ladies and gentlemen this is recent 100% recent so I went through the
cameras and guys saw what you just frickin saw thank God it took two hours
to five to two hours to find all that footage that I just showed you but we’re
back 5:48 in the morning video number three it’s a mask it’s the mask it’s the
fucking mask it’s 11 seconds long oh my god I just got the chills you fuck you I don’t have your mask I
don’t oh my god okay ladies and gentlemen if you guys don’t know what’s
going on I know there’s tons of people that come onto the channel every single
day and they’re new and they don’t know what’s going on they see this mask and
they’re like creepy mask this is not just a creepy mask this mask is in
terrorising it has ruined my life in a hole of 2019 I lost friends I’ve had bad
nightmares it was just a catastrophe of a friggin piece of thing I threw it in
the middle of nowhere everything was okay
did my unboxings just continue my youtube channel and then I got another
mystery box seven months later with that same very mask that I threw away in the
middle of nowhere I broke that mask I broke it I destroyed it and I keep
getting can reminders of this mask is matte mask keeps popping up the topic of
this mask keep popping up it’s pissing me off and I don’t know what to do I
don’t know what to do it’s it’s not leaving my in life and then there was four pictures there
was four pictures that were deleted that stresses me the fuck out that they were
deleted but there was four pictures of black loves white gloves pink gloves and
purple gloves just kidding serious well shit that’s all for this video
don’t want to see what’s on the USB I kind of don’t want to see what’s on the
USB to be honest because at this point the camcorder was really really really
kinky it was really kinky and it didn’t involve me but involved two other people
doing really crazy things by themselves this one is number two the dark web
samsung and this one involved me here this one involved following me watching
me sleep but and the freaking mask and then also four pairs of gloves different
pictures that I can’t freaking show right now
generic purple gloves generic pink gloves generic black gloves and generic
white gloves and then now we have to go through the USB holy Sh not excited to
go through this thing right now not excited at all to go through this but I
think I want to stay tuned for me going through this dark web USB go ahead make
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so much I will see you in the future and remember stay off the dark web