Who is Kris Krohn anyway? Like is this
guy legitimate? Is he for real?
Is this like one big scam? Is this like…
Is this for real? Well, in this video, I
want to break all that down for you. I
want to share with you my whole
background. I want to share with you
where I’ve come from. I want to share
with you how you can find out whether I
really am real or not and all the things
that I claim. Whether they’re actually
true. If they are, it could be
life-changing for you to go on and make
millions of dollars with me. And if not,
you better find out right now if I’m a
You know, III really can’t blame society
for wondering. I used to be one of the
most skeptical individuals on the planet.
I thought I’d have life all figured out.
I was going to go to college, that’s going to
be a doctor. I was going to make great money
doing that. And frankly, when I found out
I was too dumb to get into medical
school. Like I just frickin could not
pass chemistry, was just tough stuff.
That’s when I started searching for
alternative plans. And like you, I came
across those charismatic individuals
that were making millions of dollars. And
they were either making money, you know,
through eBay at the time. Or they’re
making money through real estate or some
kind of online business opportunities or
some kind of MLM. And when you’re new to
spending time with people who are
successful, It’s really natural to say,
“Dude, that’s a scam. That can’t be real.”
But check this out for just a moment. We
tell you just a little bit about Kris
Krohn. For those who don’t know, I have
put on over a thousand events. And I have
had thousands and thousands, thousands of
thousands of people that will actually
go through and experience my events that
I actually claimed to be life-changing.
Some of you watching this have actually
been and you’re like, “Oh, my gosh.
Unforgettable things happen there.” But I
could just be saying that. I could be
doctoring up the pictures online if you
go to kriskrohn.com, my website. It could
be a me be fake. Or well Kris Krohn so
the best seller. He’s got 3 books on
Amazon. He’s working on his fourth book
right now.
He’s an actual Amazon best-selling
author. But maybe I somehow faked all of
the reviews online. Maybe somehow faked
all of the 50,000 plus books that people
have gotten from me. Or I love this
one. This is my favorite. I’ve got over
600 videos on YouTube. Do you know how
much time effort and energy it takes
into creating YouTube video?
My favorite comment is when people like,
they’ll see me in like a nice house and were
like, “Oh dude, whatever. I bet he just
rented that house.” Like I get that
comment. I’m just like, “Yeah, you’re right.”
I rented the house 600 times. Or
maybe I had a buddy that was rich and I
did it for free. Or maybe like maybe I’ve
just got such a great silver tongue that
I B.Sed all this. I didn’t… I made all
this stuff up and like I’m just like the
world’s best B.Ser. As opposed to Malcolm
Gladwell’s. You got to take 10,000 hours
to become an expert of anything. Or you
could say, “Kris, claims he’s done 3000
deals totaling over a half a billion
dollars worth of real estate with all
these people and he’s created all these
millionaires.” Like you could go to kriskrohn.com
and actually watch videos of
people that worked with me and
and literally made over a million
dollars. And it’s not just 1 or 2.
Like, I’ve got all of these people
they’re out there that are making money.
In last five years, my investor has made
over seventy million dollars. So, you’re
The skeptic says, “Kris, could just make
that stuff up and maybe these are
made-up statistics. And maybe the… Maybe
it’s Photoshop from the pictures and
maybe the people were paid to make those
testimonials. And maybe Kris, just these
600 YouTube videos. Like maybe that’s
just to scam because he somehow makes
money doing this.” Dude, I totally get it.
Because that’s exactly how I started out.
Dude, I want to I want to take a little
journey with me because I want to share
with you my crazy, crazy skepticism that
I had. Most people don’t know this. So I’m
giving you some insider knowledge right
now. When I was a college kid, I was
fairly introvert. It wasn’t that hard
for people to like really imagine but
like the Kris Krohn back then was shy
and nervous. Didn’t know if he could
become successful. But really, really
wanted to. And I got exposed to the real
estate gurus, right? Like Rich Dad, Poor
Dad. Robert Kiyosaki. And at the time
Robert Allen with multiple streams of
income. And Dean Graciosa and all
of these people Dolph the ruse. And I
would meet these people. They would come
into our company’s office. I was like on
the phone with like a hundred other
people on this like boiler room sales
floor. And what we were doing was
basically calling on all the people that
were responding to these gurus marketing
like late-night infomercials and stuff
like that. And our job was to sell them
into higher level packages and coaching.
And so on the one hand, I was skeptical
but on the other hand, I was totally
intrigued because I was like meeting
these people. And I want to share with
you something that I learned. As a little
gut Richy. And there’s a lot of people I
personally know that don’t want me to
reveal the information that I’m about
to share with you. But I’m going to do it
anyway. There’s this entire guru system
of taking a charismatic individual that
figures out how to do 1 or 2 or 5
or 10 or a hundred deals and they’re…
They’re like they’re just they’re
talented. It’s their space. And what they
do is they package it up and then they
start really making money not really
doing maybe real estate but selling
information on how they did it. And what
that means at the end of the day is they
are out there selling this information
to all these people because they’re
thinking, I could do a house and make a
grande. But if I just get a hundred
people to each give me a thousand bucks,
I’d also make a hundred grand. And at
some point, one of those becomes easier.
And if they become famous and big enough,
they get behind the right kind of media.
They could get millions of people buying
their products. And then they’re making
crazy amounts of money as an infopreneur.
In information market or someone’s
selling information. And when I figured
all that out, I started asking myself
this question. “Are these people real? Even
if their results are real,
can I get behind their products and what
they’re doing?” And one of the things that
I learned is that a lot of the what
people were buying, they would spend tens
of thousands of dollars on credit cards
to buy these real estate programs and
guess what? These programs usually didn’t
work. Their coaches were actually
Realtors that were being paid $30 a
session to be on the phone and keep you
from canceling the program. Sickening
what I am sharing right now. But very,
very, very true. And I got exposure to all
of this firsthand. When I went and
created my 25 homes. This… And I
wasn’t trying to be like some rich kid.
I just wanted 25 homes to pay
me enough residual income. 10 grand a
month so I could be free. And when 25
got me $12,000 a month, I didn’t have to work
anymore. And for 6 months, I didn’t. It
was the weirdest 6 months of my life. I
moved into my dream home. I started
traveling the world with my life. And we
were in Jamaica. 6 months into
retirement, right? We’re in Jamaica and we
were celebrating retirement. And my wife
asked me what I wanted to do with my
life. And at this point, my name had
gotten out there. And all of a sudden the
people were treating me like the Guru.
They were now asking me, “Kris, how…? How
did you do all this? Can you teach me? Can
you take me by the hand?” And then I
thought, “Well, I could but that’s going to be
time and effort and attention.” And then
they’re like, “Well…,” So then I started
doing it and I started helping and
started taking all this time. And then I
said I need to programize this. Like I
need to put this in a program in like
simplified or I need to write a book or
something. There’s a line though and I
decided not to cross it. And the line was
this. I can either teach people how to do
real estate or I can give him the fish
and do it for them. And you know what I
did? I decided I didn’t want to be one of
those informational gurus so what I did
is I went out and I actually just
started doing it for people. And I took
on with thousands of clients and I built
up at
nationwide of 200 in-house experts, my
real-estate power team. And we bought
thousands of homes for our investors.
They got to keep 100% of the money. In
the last 5 years, they made over 70
million dollars. So we created this
massive elaborate system. And after doing
that for years, I want to tell you
something. I didn’t get rich, I didn’t
make money but it was absorbing all of
my time and I finally said, “Oh, my gosh. I
got to get out of that system. It’s so
amazing that I’ve helped all these
people. But there’s got to be a better
way. And today, I want to share with you
who I am and then you can decide for
yourself whether I’m a scam artist or
whether you’ve exposed me. I’m at a point
in my life right now that I make the
majority of my money doing real estate.
Not selling real estate information.
Right now, I’m committed to my next
hundred million dollars that I’m
building through real estate. I have a
game plan on exactly how I’m doing it.
And I’m just telling you right now. I
don’t care if the economy goes up or
down. I know how to crush it in real
estate. Year over year over year over
year. And I know how to compound money
from 20% to 40% to 80% to over 100%.
And you know what? I figured it
out and I systematized it. I’m building
all this wealth. The reason why I do this
YouTube channel… And if you click the
link below you can go to my website or
you could go to one of my funnels or you
could go check out my products. Because
the reality is I have people that will
follow me and they’ll say, “Kris, I am
that action taker. I’m like you. I need a
mentor and I need someone that’ll help
me.” And for you, yeah, you can buy $1,000
or $2,000 product and I will personally
and with my team actually work with you,
I’ll give you the contracts ,I’ll take
you by the hand, I’ll show you how to do
it. I’ve got a really cool real estate
club. But we’ve got really high standards.
I don’t just let anyone in. And most
people actually have to talk to a member
of my team before they even can be
admitted. So, I want you to understand
something. I make money selling
information about what I do. But it
doesn’t compare to the vast wealth being
created from all the real estate. And by
the way, I’m okay with both of those. I like
making money both ways because part of
me, I’ve become a teacher, I’ve become an
individual that now knows how to package
this information. It’s my gift. I don’t
just do it for me. I have people that I
love and people that really care about.
People there sincerely say, “Kris, I
really want to know how to do this.” And
for them, I’ll totally take them by the
hand and I’ll help them. And the majority
of people I work with, they pay such a
small amount of money that it’s meaning
to me. Look at all the money I’m making.
The money is meaningless. But you know
what it is?
It’s skin in the game in its commitment.
I have actually tried in the past. I gave
my program away for free. A program I
once sold for a lot of money. I gave it
away. And you know what? The people didn’t
use it. People didn’t take advantage of
it. Like and it blew my mind away. So, yeah.
If we’re going to try to you know… Is Kris
Krohn a scam? Is he real? Listen, I hope
this video is kind of helping you
understand but here’s what I had invite
you to do. Go click the link in the
description below and just go to KrisKrohn.com or you can follow me on
Instagram. Social media. And you can
follow me and get a feel for my heart
and who I am and figure out whether I’m
a faker, whether what I’m doing is real.
The reality is I don’t need YouTube and
I don’t need you to go and make crazy
amounts of money because I’m doing that
anyway. The reason why I do YouTube and
the reason why I help people is because…
And this is what most poor people can’t
understand. Imagine for a moment having
all the money that you needed. Imagine
having all the money that you needed. And
then some. Like for me, one of the most
important things I’ve ever done in my
entire life. I’m… I believe it’s
important to honor parents. And my
parents had 9 kids. And I’m number
4 of nine. Come from Seattle
Washington area. Redmond Washington, where
Microsoft is. And I knew as a kid that I
wanted to be able to care for my parents
in their old age. My dad over the weekend
here, he just turned 76 years old. My
parents are old. They’re tired. And for
the last 8 years, it’s been my
privilege to take care of them, send them
on trips and vacations. And frankly, it
hasn’t been a lot of money. It’s been by
most people’s standards a ton. But in
reality, not a lot. And it’s been
life-changing for them to have a son
that can like step up and do something
like that. Like that means something to
me. Taking my money and traveling with my
children around the world and giving
them a global education. That means the
world to me. Having the freedom to have
time with my wife to go on trips and
take time together and not have to be at
a nine-to-five job. That means the world
to me. There are some things in life that
are so much bigger than money. But money
has created doorways to do them so much
bigger and so much better.
So, that’s who I am my friends. And you
can buy my books and you can read them.
And you can get some information or you
might want to join my personal private
real estate club. If you know you
or that action taker. And here’s what I
would say to all the haters: Dude, keep on
hating. I don’t even see you. It’s okay. I
know that when anyone I’ve seen it, when
anyone becomes successful, the haters
have to rise up because there’s always
poor people that say, “Well if you had all
that money, there’s no way that you could
really be a good person who want to help
people or give donate to charities.” I’d
given massive amounts of money to
charity. But I don’t talk about that.
People don’t have to actually know that
or understand that. Because I’m not on
trial. I really don’t care whether you
think I’m a good guy or not. I created
this video so that you can decide for
yourself who you are in relation to me.
Because for some of you, I’m going to be
more than a stepping-stone, I’m going to be
a giant game changer to helping set you
on a different trajectory so that you
can fulfill greater purpose in your life.
That’s part of what my purpose is. And
for others, it’s just educating you. And
for others, you watch my mindset videos
and it’s just connecting with you. And
it’s just talking about how do we… How do
we be good stewards of this planet? Like
you could watch me like, “Oh, my gosh. It
just reeks is so much goody 2-shoe.” The
reality is, dude, I love to go out and
have fun and don’t… Don’t mind me.
I’ve got my million dollar houses and I
had this great life. And I’m going to
continue living a really big amazing
awesome life. But now put yourself on
trial. What are you going to do with your
life? Well, I might be a help to you, I
could be a hurt to you. You’ve got to
decide that. So click the link in the
description below. Go to kriskrohn.com.
See some of the people that have made
money with me. See some of their videos.
Feel their hearts. Check out the system.
Download my book for free. There’s all
this stuff like YouTube. I think about
the hundreds of thousands of dollars it
cost to build this YouTube channel? And
guess what? We’re… All the time and effort and
energy that’s gone into this? That’s all
but so much of that is a gift to
millions and millions and millions of
people that I’ll never meet that are
using this information to better their
life. And that produces fulfillment. So if
you really want to know what makes the
tock tick, the clock tick, the tickety
tock, tock clock. My clock tick? Whatever
that is. It’s fulfillment. Brings me joy, it
brings me happiness. Builds and expands
my portfolio. Some of you watching this
YouTube video will go on to become my
partners. And we’ll buy crazy amounts of
real-estate together. It’s only a very
small percentage of you. But it’s a great
way to get the word out there and find
out, “Hey, so I want you understand like
I’m incentivized.” I am money driven? I’m
driven by love, I’m driven by a lot of
things. But I’m just out here like you
try to figure out how to live this
amazing life. And at some point, when
you’re doing well,
you’re going to think,
“How do I help others?” And it all comes
together in a beautiful way. Anyway,
thanks for watching the channel. This
useful for you and you’re not a
subscriber, then if you made to see the
end of the video, subscribe. Watch some more
videos. And go to the… Check out the link
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success in life. Because if it resonates,
will help you get there.
Take care.