Hey there Youtube! Today I stayed at home once again There’s really nothing to do… it’s a little rainy out there I woke up late… it wasn’t a good day to go out and and although I wanna go out every day, and show you everything around here it’s a little hard to go out consecutively… so today I found something cool to show you guys inside the house which is the Brazilian coin system… currency. whatever you guys
want to call it, which is the Real I have here three bills to show you guys: I don’t have the highest one which is One Hundred Reais because it’s not that common… the currency is called Reais
as you guys might be able to see here… as you also might notice they’re color coded… each bill has another color and the cool thing about them is that they also have in the back different animals that represent Brazil in a way… the parrot, a monkey which is a monkey you
can only find in the Amazonas, and a panther… I don’t know how you call these… the other two bills that I don’t have
here are the 5 and the 2 and of course the 100 bill… currently the real stands for 1.4 or 1.5 Reais per dollar the reason I am actually showing you guys these things is that these are the current bills but they’re not the newest ones… Brazil just came out with a new bill system and design that is going to be just like the
Euros… if you guys know the Euros You’ll know there are not like the American dollars or most currencies actually… that are one size for all bills… the higher your bill is the value of it, the bigger the bill gets… so
actually the lower the value the smaller it gets… so it’s not like you get a bill like
this **makes a small shape with hand** but for example this will be the value for a 10
reais one, the 20 is going to be like imagine they’re kinda the same… one is going to
be a little bit bigger… something like this. so essentially it’s going to be divided by
size, by color and other different things and the reason the real is so cool is that I
think the fact that there are animals in the back is pretty sweet… and they still manage to make
sure they’re not fake and things like that this is one of the only countries that I don’t see
famous people in the back of the bill… there’s also coins… I have here 1 Real… one second… they have the 1 real, and actually they now took
off circulation the 1 real bill, you only find coins nowadays… and they have: 25cents, 50cents, 10cents and 5cents… which is funny because they use the american way of tagging prices so you actually have a product for 19,99 or something like
that… or 7,98 but if you give them 8 Reais they don’t have a single cent to give you back… they don’t have penies. so sometimes it’s funny that some tellers will either round up
so if you pay 8 you don’t get anything back and some round down so if you give
them 8 they’ll give you 5cents back… here’s another couple of fun facts for you guys about the Real… first of all, the actual 1 real bill which I have 2
of them at home that I can’t show you guys… was discontinued since 2006… it’s been 4 years that they don’t have it anymore… I just don’t live here anymore so I thought it was more recent… the Real was introduced in 1994 by Itamar Franco, president at the time… and he discontinued the Cruzeiro Real which was the previous currency the Real is one of the most unstable
currencies in the world in my opinion… this thing went from 1 real per 1 dollar to 4 reais per 1
dollar back in 2002 and now went back to 1.6 / 1.7… I mean since I’ve gotten here I don’t know exactly how much
it is right now, I have seen it down to 1.3 and as high as 1.8… of course we’re
talking 1.3 / 1.8 reais per dollar… here’s another fun fact for you guys… back in 2000 for the celebration of the 500th
anniversary of the Portuguese arriving to Brazilian shores the Brazilian Central Bank created a 10 Real bill that I don’t have
here but I have a picture to show you in a second that is made out of Polymer so it was…
to be honest with you guys I had a couple of these… they’re pretty shitty… but they we’re “special” and I can show you a picture right
here, you’ll see the 10 real bill here **picture shows up** and also I have here all the seven different bills all over the screen… and in a second they will switch… to their back, so this is what’s in the back…
it’s pretty cool. I like the one real bill that doesn’t exist anymore… it was a honey bird… … I don’t remember how they’re called. the 2 real that you guys didn’t see was a turtle… and you guys get
the point, they’re all over the screen… so… unfortunately this is all I got… I would love if you guys still thumb up
the video but I understand if you don’t… don’t forget to SHARE this video and this series with anyone you know who’s interested in Brazil… and until the next
time, I will see you guys… later.