Well real quick-like Entire market cap [stuttering] Crypto’s 275 billion now one from like the … you know rock bottom, 230 something and it did end that day around [stuttering] 240’s but To 260s Wake up today, it’s 275 you know billion So in two days it went from like you know low 240 to 275 that’s good. You know Once again DENT coin, I’m looking right now DENT coin’s up like Was it 20 percent or somewhere around know 18 20 percent? Something like that. This VERGE coin or whatever Popping real good to it popped yesterday and today real real nice actually I don’t have any of those, but I’m just noticing it when I’m looking So yeah, let’s fingers crossed. You know that one psychic lady Utsava she, was the one that, did in fact call the sell-off like she told everyone to get out of, Litecoin especially because that was one lot of people are asking about back in December I didn’t know about it like I said even if I did Crazies crypt those were going up. I don’t even know if I were to listen to her like oh come on. You know no way and then we would have seen it happen like oh yeah big sell-off and She said she was telling people You know it was $300 get out of it when it gets down to around 2 or whatever, then it’s probably okay to buy again so That was one thing she said, but she was also Binance coin (BNB) oh and also Campus Coin (CMPCO) to she likes those two as well But she’s saying she felt like Bitcoin the month of April she just texted me last night, actually I’ve been chat with her a little bit Last night She says she feels like and again these these psychics are hard They always say pinning a number downs just for whatever is difficult cuz there’s so much Free will involved, the people buying selling you know, but generally you know sometimes I can get a feeling of it, and she thinks 11,000 Bitcoin will be April 15,000 Bitcoin will be May and Just a feeling you know she had so we’ll see I’m not coming here to tell you that you know Oh, it’s a done deal you know, but I checked my phone. You know check[ed] the price of today Oh, she text me last night because I put my phone on silent You know or else I’ll get woken up in the middle of the night people never seem to remember J. Snippets on the East Coast time So it’s like you know almost midnight here. It’s only you know three hours behind wherever else these people are. [stuttering] My phone’s vibrating and beeping and so I just I just turn it on silent, but I noticed she had Text sent me a text a little bit so Again, I’m just gonna tell you now these these psychics and stuff of some of the stuff, they say if it happens you know I’m coming back out here to tell you hey, you know they said such-and-such and guess what just happened. and um… You know I’ll be giving credit when credit’s due for sure, but if credits not do no credit. Right? For you know I’ve had a few of them on and you always talked about ’em Anyways, you know what some of the things I said, so It’s all good. Let’s see this these green numbers percentages keep going today tomorrow the next day The week after that let’s go, baby. Let’s go I can see that cruise ship ready to sail crypto cruise, baby take care