hello everyone this is Adam Meister the BitcoinMeister the disrupt Meister welcome to today in bitcoin and litecoin today is january thirtieth 2017 special thanks to the person who sent me some Bitcoin that was very nice of you i will be available to chat with all of you after this video is done i’m sure we’ll have a lot to talk about tomorrow at two p.m. eastern time i’m scheduled to have a huge guest on the show keep your fingers crossed tuning around two p.m. tomorrow huge guest if all goes well keep your fingers cross so this video reasons why litecoin is a good speculation segregated witness is key segue so I was uh I was going to rain until ah the litecoin said with update site which i will link to below which i’ve linked to in mirrors other videos of mine was updated because Pete they can start a signaling approval right now and the site is just not not working right and so I decided okay let’s let’s just get this out the way let’s talk about this now and as I mentioned in a previous video which i will link to and of course i will link to that segment progress site to hopefully they they show the progress of what time you guys check it and everything but in previous leaders of mine about litecoin I said to hold litecoin and now i’m basically expanding upon that giving some more detail and making it official that this is a speculation this is this is different this time I usually I don’t usually go into depth like this about all coins so like calling it for those of you don’t know it’s just a copy of Bitcoin and that sounds really boring I in today’s Alcorn world where all kinds do all sorts of crazy things and but it is really not that simple litecoin isn’t trying to overtake Bitcoin and it’s perfectly happy being the silver bitcoins gold and that’s what it’s always been known as that’s been his gimmick but if it can prove it get it ment segregated witness for Bitcoin can it is going to prove that it is a proactive test net for Bitcoin and what I mean by that is that it will have implemented a cool new feature of Bitcoin before Bitcoin can and hopefully it will establish itself to it will continue to do that and that will give it some long-term value actually but this is not about super long term right now with like this is about which about to happen here in the next few weeks and months possibly and it’s gonna be like a video I made about mineiro a few months ago many of you remember seven arrows a good speculation it can double triple quadruple value at any any moment and I again I don’t make calls like that very often but the time has come here and again a speculation to me and I know people have different definitions of speculations but in terms of cryptocurrency it’sit’s some thing that you first of all you don’t you have enough money to blow it all like if you’re gonna buy like point i’m not saying to do that but you you’re willing to lose it all but at the same time there’s a good chance there is a chance a legitimate chance based on real factors which I will discuss that the price of litecoin could double at any moment or any possibly tripling also i’m not going to say for Drupal or anything like that anytime soon so like one reason i’m behind this possible quick rise that’s based upon segregated witness again this is all based upon people learning about segregated witness and how litecoin can implement segment for Bitcoin but like going really does have a presence in China you’ve all heard the rumors before i will link to the charts means the major exchanges there they sell bitcoin and litecoin and that’s it that’s it the people there and pose how many people there are doing cryptocurrency in China that’s up for debate but what they know is Bitcoin and light coin so once they hear about this it’s gonna be on their radar they only had to choose from and I know some of you can see whether these other exchanges in China to have x y&z gee it’s look at the numbers and that i will i will link to hear the litecoin markets numbers and you will see that it is likely is it is the number to crypto currency in China period end of story so that’s huge and it right now one shot me if you know some of its mind in china just like kind of bitcoin is but it wouldn’t shock me that right now so these minor guys who you there to make the choice to adopt or not it did some people out there knows sure thing and already telling people already telling speculation is already went up to four dollars today which is odd before before the update site was lie on and get if your mother’s China centric point people then you have to believe this is a positive thing for life was like when is very much is skewed toward a China more so than other all coins at least so if you want those people to think China is important well you probably should look into this with situations going on with litecoin so with with recent speculations at recent pumps whatever you want to call it with your top tier all coins like dash like etherium like mineiro it seems like the speculators out there push it to double-digits show again I’m saying I would not be shocked this thing could double to you know eight dollars at shoot and I mean and again we’ll get into that a little bit more but ten dollars is also possibly in my just round up to like these like these other ones have got just get to that double-digit and then it sticks there for a while I there’s nothing scientific what I just said by that anyway not I not everyone is a segment for Bitcoin fan ok we know that um but there are lots and lots of people out there that are dead are segregated witness for big point and are going to take interest in this story and it will make cryptocurrency enews if they see if they are getting closer to successfully implementing segregated witness on litecoin in fact I want to be shocked if they start to stories tomorrow because now that the process has begun to the approval process of the signaling process whatever you want to call i’m not a technical log I hear of litecoin head has started so they’re going to write stories about people going to talk about it who knows maybe make the mainstream media these are things that get people excited just because this is my third video about litecoin and segregated witness or I don’t maybe it’s my fourth who knows it doesn’t mean other people know about segregated witness yet in the cryptocurrency community in the Bitcoin community it doesn’t meet there’s a lot of people that don’t know a thing about that what’s about to happen that it litecoin might implement segregated witness so take that into my that I mean I’m explain my logic why I’m making a video saying that he could double in value should very soon I’m i mean again just because we hear on this channel maybe a couple other channels are talking about it and I don’t even know they’re talking about in other kind of every don’t get much time to watch the other channels anymore actually anyway another reason litecoin is it implements segregated witness because an insurance policy for bitcoin bitcoin if you’re involved in Bitcoin endeavors where hey fees if the fees increase on Bitcoin because they never once said what separated witness you’re in trouble well then you’re going to think you’re gonna start learning about this light point situation and if they’ve implemented segregated witness in court close to doing it you’re gonna be like well maybe I I gotta get some of this just so just in case I’m not able to cheat transactions on big point anymore and there are many their companies out there that perhaps are going to have to start to use this logic and say always say what it what happens if if it doesn’t happen desegregated witness does not have a repeat coin on I’m gonna have to look into this like pointing and I get it more people buy it it pumps up the price i mean there I’m trying to give you reasons why demand is going to increase here another thing Ponzi schemes whether you like them or not they need a small transaction fees and the ripping off people no one’s going to participate in your ponzi scheme if you have high transaction fees so Bitcoin might stop being you know what they use with the MM kanji scheme or any of the Ponzi schemes that are out there and some of you may remember back in july of 2015 the price of Life Points spite i forgot what is spike too I’m but it was the rumor was because if there was a Chinese our party scheme using it for some reason they pick litecoin instead of Bitcoin well now they’re gonna have a good reason I’m if bitcoin doesn’t get its act together in the the fees get very high and the fees the the transaction fees will likely remain very low and stay low and they are quick and things are flowing like on in and it you know party dudes want it to be cheap and quick so you can get cake and review all so like when will have an advantage over bitcoin the longer Bitcoin does not implement separate witness and if litecoin has segregated business so i expect the price I’m to hit high during the hype of segregated witness now once it’s implemented and this is a toner-based thing I learned from Bay City pointed out on you know if you remember when bitcoin the having was coming it was before the happy when he hits high by time we got to having it had already gone down a bit so on but again once the hopefully the segment is implemented on litecoin um the longer Bitcoin does not implement segregated witness the more likely the price will eclipse its high running up to the run going during the run litecoin so again a bit longer before you can get its act together once segment is in place the better for like point so you gotta pay attention once that happens if you were a holder of light point like i am and i am saying and I said this a previous video if you have litecoin you don’t want to sell today definitely got it analyzes things take in everything I I’m telling you right now all these factors um but again and this is so important you risked it all fall apart with segment sales or if the implements if it doesn’t get implemented or if they implemented it is totally broken in something goes horribly wrong and if that happens it’ll crash below what it is right now I mean it will be Panik then we’ll be adding so I mean there is no there is no short thing here these are things that take into account you gotta you gotta look at these things as a day-to-day thing and again I some of these reasons i have mentioned here i’m good how long will the elevated like point price last I’m it and again if bitcoin implement segregated witness so let’s say like going has its perks up to ten dollars eight dollars whatever you want to say twelve dollars and then because it does get its act together to get inspired everyone like this is great it’s working with litecoin so how long with Life Points price stay hi woody return back to hear the four dollars three dollar range again if bitcoin does do it in you know has low transaction fees and fast and everything well what you have to analyze at that point is is like we’re still being proactive or the about to implement another awesome feature of Bitcoin before Bitcoin can if it keeps on beating big point to the punch because all it is all my corneas is Bitcoin basically if it keeps speeding Bitcoin to the punch then its price should bring me it has true value it has two guys it is a proactive test net people going to learn from it there’s no always be a little you know someone that wants it before it gets on Bitcoin so again if it stops being proactive test net if it doesn’t you know after a segment if they don’t start doing like anonymous things that bitcoin is thinking about doing before before actually doesn’t know well then I I then you shouldn’t I don’t know what its point will be I’m you can say well it’s a silver to gold because what does that really mean what does that really mean it to me it means they’re doing things that Bitcoin should be doing before it going should do before Bitcoin actually does it and it people from like like foundation there watching this I think that’s something to keep in mind with your marketing and please come on the show everything we’ve been kind of in touch guys leaving you guys should be marking the heck out of what is about to happen with segregated witness talking to everyone about that because it’s going to get interesting your coin and i’m not saying you should be helping the price you’re calling for bad reasons people should know about this because a desegregated witness issue is a huge issue in bitcoin is just a huge issue and i strongly believe that Bitcoin has to adopt segregated witness and I think this is the spark and buy it again if it is the spark and bitcoin does implement segregated with this everything that i said about like going to build up to the promise the hype and all that that’s gonna happen with Bitcoin to so a lot of other people are gonna be happy out there so i hope you enjoyed this video i’m gonna put new video here every single day for the people not familiar with his channel i posted to today I’m i’m adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister today on the litecoin meister you can email me at Adam at trees or help.com and please spread the word about this video share this video like this video and subscribe to this channel I will be chatting with you guys right now