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December the 26th 2019 strong ham bitcoin is the next bitcoin emotion
offended by someone confiscated will compete don’t complain we’ll talk about
that conviction you know I got that be a unique beast yeah I will unity peace
relentless this is this shows gonna be about being relentless pressure
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so thanks bitcoin embassy london for the super chat the other day hey i want to
say one of my old buddies out in southern california crypto hwy let calm
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you know what no matter what happens with the videos and all this a lot of
the people out there that have had their videos taken down having issues with
YouTube and it goes way cryptocurrency and Bitcoin they’re
paying themselves as victims I am NOT a victim I don’t want to be associated
with any others people I am relentless I am relentless and if
we live in the world where everybody wants to be a victim sure you’re gonna
you’re gonna encounter obstacles when you’re dealing with private corporations
you roll with the punches and you take it as an opportunity so it’s not just
for everyone that’s saying aid the youtubes picking on Bitcoin you choose
become cryptocurrency I said this yesterday I’m gonna read you a tweet
here I mean do the research on your own it’s not just cryptocurrencies they want
I mean they want to be like TV YouTube wants to be like TV they don’t if they
change their algorithm they’re going after people who are the excuse is that
it’s it’s not if sir it’s for the children it’s for the children
there are people are selling regulated products and that boils down to some
keywords now like I think if you use the word investment or speculation or Manero
or altcoins or this that there’s all sorts of combinations it’s not a human
being it’s an algorithm so it’s it’s picking off random videos on people’s
accounts and it’s it but it’s not just doing any cryptocurrency and we’ve been
warned about this for a while that they were going to get stricter alright but
here’s an example if you go to 21 48 on this video this is a tweet Lewis
rossmann whoever that is talks about getting a strike on a video because his
cap of his cats this is ridiculous how YouTube can strike any video I guess
even cat videos aren’t safe on YouTube anymore okay I mean it’s ridiculous on a
certain level that you mean everybody worshipped the algorithm and now it’s
doing things that are hurting people it’s a private corporation if they don’t
like cat videos if they don’t like kid videos if they don’t like smaller you
got to understand they as I just said a second ago they want to be like
television so this is probably not happening to Fox or ABC either the big
guys that are on YouTube they can have a conversation with people on YouTube and
say hey you gave me a you gave you flagged me or whatever you give me a
strike take it away and they’ll talk to them that’s what YouTube wants to deal
what they want to deal with huge entities they want it to be sanitized
and this is the way they’re going about things and at the same time there was a
lawsuit about children and everything they want to avoid all liability I see
why they’re doing this we see it’s been the writings been on the wall I’ve
talked about this on my be on Bitcoin shows for a while the direction
YouTube’s going in so we can cry about it and say we’re victims or we can just
keep on doing what we’re doing on YouTube as long as we can you we have
podcast we have Twitter there’s Minds everyone’s talk this is a
time to innovate diversify all of these altcoin people they’re always talking
about the die diversify for the sake of diversification when it comes to coins
well how about with social media and so no I’m not am I happy that YouTube is
done I’m not happy that YouTube but I realized it’s a private corporation and
I’m not gonna waste my time crying crying over it I’m not I’m not gonna and
I don’t want to be you know there’s there’s people who are listing all the
youtubers who have lost videos because of that and I I don’t want to be on the
crybaby list I mean come on now and as I said on yesterday’s video we don’t know
what the next thing YouTube is gonna do they could they could retract everything
they could go out after everybody my whole channel could be gone tomorrow for
all I know and I’m ready for that whatever um but so YouTube is um the
crypto YouTube you know I’ve been on it since I’ve been making this since 2013
to 2014 15 it’s become a trash heap I mean there’s no doubt about that there
is no doubt about it that he’s it is filled with nonsense by the way pound
that like button people and i think steven crowder was the guy who warned
everybody weeks ago that they retro actively could punish people you have a
video from 2015 they could say oh that’s bad you’re punished now alright but be
relentless be relentless and I am I happy that the YouTube trash heap is
getting cleaned out here no no I mean eighty percent are gonna do what they’re
gonna do they’re always going to find the big connect stuff but you
you do have to admit that over the years it has turned into a trash heap the
stuff there are some Bitcoin jewels in in the crypto trash though now tone base
says happy holidays everyone don’t don’t ever forget no matter what YouTube or
Twitter or Google or the banking system does to censor you your Bitcoin will
always be uncomplicated when you hold your own Bitcoin when you hold your
private key dude tone that that a take take that away from this situation
people they can take away your YouTube videos but hey if you really own Bitcoin
you didn’t lose your Bitcoin now that’s another thing some of these dudes are
really panic-stricken and desperate sounding and one of your victims as I
said but it mate maybe it gives us some insight into some of these creators on
how much cryptocurrency do they really hold okay because they didn’t just lose
their Bitcoin they lost their YouTube they lost earth and lose their whole
youtube some videos got taken down maybe they get steam on times maybe they got
the they can’t upload they can’t you live I mean there’s a lot of and and
that sucks for them that sucks obviously but they still have Twitter lease though
but they should still have their Bitcoin right they shouldn’t all of a sudden be
poor I mean are these Jews like in debt or what is their financial situation are
we getting some insight behind-the-scenes insight into some of
these creators you know they talk a big game about cryptocurrency but do they
really own it because they didn’t just lose it I mean they lost YouTube so very
interesting um for me and I said bring it on bring on whatever is gonna happen
I roll with the punches they take my darn Bitcoin my financial situation
hasn’t changed at all so my good good good reminder by odd tone that they
can’t take what your Bitcoin and yes this is the ‘evil I see this is a part
of the evolution of the web if YouTube wants to go in this direction then work
then we’re gonna go in another direction content creators who have conviction at
least who believe in what they’re talking about they’ll go in another day
I just want hang it up because oh I can’t be a influencer anymore
can’t get YouTube can’t pay me anything no if you really like Bitcoin everything
you’ll find another way to share with everyone a Bitcoin they get twitter is
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your twitter can have its trash too of course
but Twitter I use Twitter as a way to magnify the message so you guys help me
magnify the message if you want to support the show retweet the stuff on
Twitter you can learn so much on Twitter if you treat it like a blog and you
don’t get into the arguments because if you get into the arguments become
successful obviously but as I said and I will tweet out the sleep Peaks that are
on mines and on Facebook and and most importantly sports meister calm that is
where my podcasts are you don’t need to see my face audio podcasts are already
there it’s I’ve been having fun with them I mean these these youtubers they
should they should have gotten into the podcast world and you it’s fine the
person who got me into podcasting originally a total Doomer I mean
conspiracy theorist type of person and I broke my relationship with this dude too
because of things he said but sometimes people who are insane can’t you can’t
give you good some good idea so I I could have gotten more hardcore into
podcasting a little earlier I should have hey don’t say shoulda coulda woulda
I did it and hey you sports Meister calm listen as some of you are listening to
this right now and they’re saying like Adam again why are you talking about
this YouTube stuff I don’t even know about it
relentless baby and I am relentless quickly Nick Carter said crypto Twitter
is as bad as bad as it is is better than the crypto YouTube which is mostly
touting Ponzi’s and cloud mining scams okay that’s one way of looking at it but
speaking of that on Twitter ergo BTC points out a debt Arbus star or
miss star ponzi is a fully self sovereign ponzi that’s using BTC pay to
accept deposits hey there’s a guy on YouTube promoting it surprise surprise
found that like button lay this their let’s go over some fun to
avoid Demers woman is all I guess she wants attention or something she’s been
talking about future spud and how that that because of futures and
financialization maybe after the having the price won’t creating all sorts of
fun around the futures and the price things are different this time
Plan B takes her to task and he talks about the inelasticity of the Bitcoin
demand of in the last six I’m add for Bitcoin and now you don’t have to worry
about the Bitcoin futures again we’re gonna get your strong hands ready people
strong hangin against the the Bitcoin future spud strong hand against
fungibility Fudd we’re gonna keep hearing about that
Marty ban writes about that I link to that below he brings up pay join again
as this solution to get everybody into coin joins and to create some
fungibility here alright link it’s linked to below yesterday show I talked
about the a lot of aetherium going to crackin and now we know that it’s
Jeffrey wickel and aetherium developer and one of the founding team members has
sent ninety two thousand dollars of a theory on ninety two thousand aetherium
eleven point five million dollars to crack in on Christmas Day we know this
is wickles address as much as anything can be known because and I’m quoting
trust notes here it’s linked to below that’s a publication because the
originating one interacted with aetherium name service ENS two years ago
and I talked about this on a past show that if you’ve got a dot Etha dress
which is done by the etherium name service that people can figure out who
you are and that’s how this guy people figure out how he who he was so again
everyone get used to podcast out there get more familiar
people’s podcast more events got a good run of course we talked about it before
Sports Meister calm I’ve got one of course it’s this you’re listening to it
now and I want to say something something about this space you know
we’ve got people that want to be victims in the space and this is what a big boys
play but what’s up with the guys in the space the people in the space and
there’s a little bit of overlap between the victims and this group but this is a
lowly group of people not to tell you that brag about being snitches and
informants well I’m gonna tell them I’m gonna report them to the SEC I’m gonna
report them to YouTube is I don’t like their videos we we talked about someone
the other day who was bragging that he was reporting YouTube videos that he was
the one behind the the YouTube purge which he wasn’t but they’re people like
that then I think it’s great to be an informer and a snitch I mean this is
unbelievable in this space but hey we deal with them I’ll call them out there
but this is not a time to tell him people but you know bsv what does that
really stand for bitcoins snitch his voice is that the Bitcoin snitch voice
is there a bit then some of esv dudes oh my god they they love them I’m gonna get
my lawyer I’m gonna tell on you I reported you it’s all Bitcoin isn’t
meant to be freedom it’s meant to be the structure or telling on people lawyers
law yeah Bitcoin snitches voice or Bitcoin snitch vision that’s that’s what
they are okay I’m atomized to become wiser this
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