so gday people are you going tonight
this is Glen back with another video on Australian $50
banknotes so if you haven’t already heard PJ’s coin cope is actually done a
video on this and this is the era only $50 right now probably not nearer that a
mistake it is according to the Reserve Bank of Australia unintentional and they
are going to correct this mistake on the next banknotes so the mistake is in the
spelling of responsibilities in which they leave out the last I so I’ve got a
few back notes here so I’ve got a H a a and be hating consecutive run of four so
I’m just gonna check each one and see if they all have the spelling mistake so
I’ll zoom in and let’s see get a higher magnification okay so if so where is the
word responsibility so just bear with me okay so as you can see there’s my card
print so we have the word responsibility just say okay it’s RESP Oh in yes IB by
L T why should be L ity and we have it there as well the same so is there any
other spelling mistakes that you can see side by side referee said no can’t
really see any of spelling mistakes cannot should have been separated should
do very much bit of work and oh there’s a nother responsibility
in the bottom this moping just there it looks like it has the same spelling
mistake as well yeah definitely so it’s fresh ones abilities gonna see any more
no that’s really curious Hannah actually spelled it wrong
three times I’m not too sure on why that happened
no worries the Reserve Bank of Australia so let’s have a look so it’s a haitch
let’s have a look at the AAA okay responsibility the top stores the same
era up here has the same mistake what about the consecutive run yeah definitely so it looks like either curse
on all the bank notes so this is just to just go for a little sample just to see
if it occurs on all banknotes and it looks like it does so these the whole
run off 2018 I would presume have it because well obviously no one actually
found a mistake yes someone has the Reserve Bank is gonna correct it so just
a common type of mistake it’s not gonna actually put any value on the bank now
because this is printing and it is most likely for the
next 20 years gonna be the largest print on probably for the next 5 years
– they need more bait notes because a 50 dollar bank note it’s the most used
banknote and it has the highest run or print run represent and therefore this
error is quite quite common so they get too excited about it
just keep on spending your $50 like normal because unless it’s in
uncirculated grade this banknote only be worth $50 especially in 50 years time so
anyway thank you very much and I hope this era teaches you something that
everyone makes mistakes Oh awesome better no click and type
label bye bye