I know what I want.
But I didn’t see the prices
in the menu.
We only work
with bitcoins here, sir.
Wow! Bitcoins? How modern!
For example,
how much is the chorizo steak?
-Depends on how you want it.
The medium-well chorizo steak
costs 0,003 bitcoins.
-And medium?
-It’s 0,5 bitcoins.
-So medium-well then.
One Medium-well chorizo steak.
1 bitcoin.
What? But you said
it was 0,003 bitcoins.
It was, but it’s gone up.
In fact, it’s 2 bitcoins.
No, wait…
How much
is the fettuccine Alfredo?
The creamy fettuccine Alfredo
is 2,4 bitcoins.
Never mind.
What’s the cheapest you have?
The medium-well chorizo steak.
It’s 0,2 bitcoins.
But you just said
it was 1 bitcoin.
Yes. Not anymore.
So I’ll have
the chorizo steak.
A medium-well chorizo steak.
And to drink?
How much is the lemon water
with chia?
1,5 bitcoins.
So the water is more expensive
than the steak?
The steak is 3,2 bitcoins.
You know what?
Cancel everything.
Just bring me
a glass of water.
It’s 5 pesos.
-Wasn’t it in bitcoins?
-Not anymore.
Everyone invested in bitcoins
and now it’s not worth anything.
In fact, this is a club now.
You can’t be here.
Please, leave.
You can’t wear sneakers.
Leave, please.
Yes. How many?
C’mon, baby. Of course.
-The check, please.
-Of course. It’s 6 kisses.
Six kisses?
What a great price!
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
Sir, excuse me. Your hand.
-The tip.
-Thank you so much. See you.
Thank you.