what’s going on guys Patrick here
bringing you a brand new videotape of
another kill video for you guys full of
information today let me talk about the
many altcoin season being led by X RP
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so now let’s move on to some technical
analysis because I know that’s what a
lot of you guys want to see and with
Bitcoin we know with the decrease in
volume and us getting closer and closer
to the end of this to the breaking point
in mid to early October we know a big
move is coming we know a breakout is
coming soon and we know that it could be
to the upside or it could be to the
downside different people have different
theories and to me I’m waiting for more
confirmation or a confirmed break of
either trend line I did go into more
detail about that in the last video if
you guys haven’t seen that make sure you
go ahead and check that out after you’re
done watching this video where I
describe the possible scenarios to the
upside and to the downside as well with
some targets depending on where we
breakout but as you can tell with Bic
when we’ve been seeing a lot of wakes
now Rick’s to me mean a lot of
uncertainty in the market but it also
means a lot of volatility that
volatility can be very probable like I
capitalise on a short entering around
here and taking profits already at this
range it was very profitable and it was
nice but to have these wakes that allow
us to enter trades like that otherwise
we wouldn’t be moving much because
candle bodies for a lot of these are
very very small I also think we’re being
manipulated I told you I think whales
are trying to get Bitcoin under $10,000
it barely goes under they pick it up and
then they sell it at roughly ten
thousand four hundred ten thousand five
hundred and they’ve been making a lot of
money this way trust me even though
Bitcoin doesn’t look very volatile I
believe whales are making a lot of money
but until we have more info on Bitcoin
and again check out the last video if
you haven’t I want to dive more into
Bitcoin dominance because Bitcoin
dominance has started to decrease and
we’re starting to see all coins start to
pick up when I talk about all coins in
just a little bit as well we’re seeing
all can start to pick up because of the
Bitcoin dominance now does this mean we
are going to get a full on all coin
season well if we go to the weekly chart
and yeah we’re still a little bit away
obviously since up here all coins have
been performing very well in this range
while Bitcoin dominance was going down
and since pretty much early April right
now right about here when a big point
started to have its breakout all coins
have been suffering significantly during
this run now one thing it is nice to see
this drop down to see all coins start
having some breathing room they’re still
very very far from their all-time high
even from where they were just in early
April they’re still very very far away
from that and that’s why I’m calling
this a mini all coin season and not a
full on all Queen season because there’s
still a lot more room to job there’s a
lot more confirmation that we need to
see before we can expect Bitcoin
diamonds to go all the way straight down
here in my opinion it’s a little too
early for us to jump to that conclusion
but if we look at indicators the RSI was
very very high we have the stochastics
very very high the MACD looking like it
wants to cross as well and this if you
believe in indicators on the Bitcoin
dominance chart it could be signs that
we could start seeing some Bri breathing
room here and there is a lot of room to
the downside there is a lot of room on
all of this start see some breathing
room but there’s a lot more room to the
downside if we want to see Bitcoin
dominance continued to job so keep an
eye out on that in terms of all coins
like I told you guys all coins are
performing very well Bitcoin has
move much in terms of the 24-hour change
again with the weeks of volatility it is
still there but it hasn’t moved much in
terms of last 25 the bodies are
relatively small but all coins are
leading the way aetherium XRP I told you
guys before they lead the way when it
comes to all coin rallies all coin
pushes this is no different x RP started
pumping a theory has been going up very
nicely for the last week or so the last
few days you’ll notice the trend has
been up x RP picked up relatively later
and that pulled in all the other all
coins you’ll see stellar up 30% Cardinal
up 10% all of this look at–that’s iota
is up 20% some news came out in regards
to Iona as well but a lot of all coins
are pumping a BB sequin is up 37.3 and
9% having an absolute explosion in the
last few days stellar is up 31 point
four eight percent iota sup just under
20 ZRX is up over 16 percent rated coin
like I said all coins definitely more
green than red in the market I’m sure
you guys are just as excited as I am and
just to rub it in let’s take a look at
coin 360 because they tend to rub it in
pretty well with all that green and
those a huge percentage gains not doing
too bad like ones up 5% B&B is up 7%
that has to do with finance us B&B is
officially gonna be on by nest on us but
again more on that at the end of this
stellar leading the way like I said the
mini all queen rally has been I think
stellar has been one of the biggest and
also one of the biggest gainers also it
is a top all coin so that does help in
terms of the name recognition
52% today it was the highest of the pump
XRP was up 16% told you guys keep an eye
out on XRP wants to have a breakout and
we’re starting to see what could be a
very big XRP breakout coming in there’s
a lot of room for XRP to go up so that’s
another one that I’ve been accumulating
at the lows and getting ready for that
next breakout this is just the beginning
of it if it does continue if all coins
do still manage to get some room to
breathe we could see a lot of gains
coming in from XRP and you guys have
covered this before etherium is another
one that tends to lead the all points in
terms of all coin breakouts we see
aetherium start pumping we see XRP stop
start pumping we see some of the main
the next you know
10:01 start pumping and after that
everything else has the trickle-down
effect and we see all the other all
coins of smaller all coins start pumping
up as well if you look at doc yesterday
look at that chart it had a massive pump
now I’m not gonna say that was 100%
natural of a pump but just to give you
guys an idea of what exactly is going on
a theory of touch $200 still has some
room to go up I believe we’re in I
believe some of us are in an aetherium
trade right now in the group which is
very very nice to see and hopefully we
do continue to see it pushing higher and
higher and hit that 210 220 230 dollar
mark depending on when you’re watching
this video it might have already done so
so hopefully that is the case now by
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information a lot of excitement there
some of the bigger alkanes I’m sure what
most people want to see first
and there they plan on not only adding
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is William I don’t know how to pronounce
your last name so I’m not really gonna
try he says lots of big dates coming up
that’s right there’s a lot of important
information coming in there’s a lot of
you know important dates in terms of the
CME and also backed a lot of that
stuff’s coming up that could lead
Bitcoin that could help Bitcoin in a
specific move if it is the upside if it
is the downside again we’re all waiting
to see and everybody’s got different
theories but guys thank you so much for
watching I’ll see you guys on Friday for
another video