I was fourteen or so and mostly to not pay
for video games was the first reason I started programming. I tried to figure out how to break in and
turn off the controls, this is back in the day when they said,
“Go get the manual and tell us what word is on page 25, 7th paragraph. They usually had those sitting in a text file
somewhere so if you can find that file, you can get
all the words. That was the first thing I started doing programming. After that, I really like to build things. Programming lets you build whatever is on
your mind, which is why I got more into it as time went
on. At that time, Paul, Mark and I were running
another company which was a smaller mobile consultancy. We were helping companies make mobile apps,
create strategy around it and how to bring mobile into their company. It was what we call a ‘lifestyle business’
where we were making salaries but it was the three of us doing work and
having a pretty good time doing it. What Paul wanted to do and what Jonathan our
first investor wanted to do something bigger. It took us about 6 months to come up withthe concept that we might want to try. Paul was really the one pushing for it, let’s
go for it, let’s really do a big thing. Mark and I were enjoying our life at that
time and we were thinking if we’re really wanted
to dive all the way into a really big challenge and we decided ultimately, that’s what we
wanted to do. Mark is focused. I think that’s a good word for him because
He is always trying to get something done, specific done. He will ignore other things in order to accomplish
that one task at hand. That’s a good trait especially when you trying to deliver a major project or a product over the line. Paul, I would say is energetic. You often will get a slack or an email from
him at midnight and then another one at 4 am. He has a lot more energy than most people. Really, really care about the problem you’re
solving. Because a startup is harder and longer than
you probably think. If you don’t really care about solving that
problem, it will get tiring along the way. Caring deeply about that problem you’re
trying to solve is probably the one thing that will carry
you through the tough times that will happen. Basically every startup has the same sort
of flow in terms of challenges, disillusionment and hard times. It’s the passion to solve the problem that
you’re trying to fix that gets you across the other side of that.