well if you have a bitcoin and you are
planning to keep this Bitcoin for longterm
holding for example you should be
very careful in privacy and security. the
best way to achieve this result is using
a private and dedicated full node, in
this way you can connect your wallet
directly to your Bitcoin full node
this bitcoin full node is downloading all
the blockchain and in this way this node
is able to check and verify all the
transactions without having to rely on a
third party server or node. and this is
a great advantage because you can check
yourself all the transactions and also
when you are broadcasting a transaction
it’s very important because you are sure
in this way that all transaction you
broadcast are going directly to the
miners and in this way also you have not
to rely on a third party node. there is
also an important privacy advantage
infact if you are not using a private node
any time you sign and broadcast a
transaction there is a third party node
which can correlate your private IP
address to your transaction ID
and this is not good because these
informations are privacy informations that
can be used by third party server.
instead if you are using your private
node in this way you can connect to the
internet using this node and in the most
cases this node is using a TOR
connection to be completely anonymous in
connection to the Internet. in this way
when you sign and broadcast a
transaction, this transaction is going
through your node and this is very good
for privacy because there is no way to
associate your connection IP to your
transaction ID. having a bitcoin full node is not so difficult
there are hardware which can be used for
this purpose for example odroid. this
is odroid hardware for example it has
been configured to be a Bitcoin full
node. infact we have inside SSD drive
1 terabyte, and this has a network plug
to be connected to the network and a SD
card containing the OS system
it’s very easy, this is a
hardware so you just have to plug into
your home LAN and then you can use
your wallet as usual but you have to
connect the wallet direct to this device
since this device is connected to the
Internet through TOR network your
connections are obviously anonymous and
this is for achieving the maximum
privacy. so since this kind of hardware
is really cheap and also the electricity
consumption is very small the use of
such a system is very suggested and
recommended to have the maximum privacy and security with your holdings