South Korea’s senior economic
policymakers Monday reviewed domestic and external risks to the local
financial markets the first vice finance minister emphasized that the government
will take measures to help stabilize markets if necessary kim moo-sung
reports South Korea’s first twice finance minister says the government
will take swift measures to stabilize the nation’s financial markets in case
of increased volatility amid the ongoing us-china trade negotiations meeting with
senior economic and financial officials on Monday Kim Imam said there is a
possibility of rising financial volatility of Washington imposes new
tariffs on 156 billion u.s. dollars of Chinese goods on December 15th as
scheduled he added that the ongoing Hong Kong protests and president Trump’s
announcement of metal tariffs aimed at Argentina and Brazil also add to the
external risks in December foreign investors extended they’re selling binge
of Korean stocks on concerns over the ongoing US on a trade dispute and Korean
companies sluggish earnings the Korean Won also weakened against the
greenback first vice finance minister Kim said the government will closely
monitor markets and respond with a contingency plan if there’s a sharp
fluctuation in the foreign exchange market and stock markets on a positive
note he added that Korea’s current account has continued to record a
surplus hitting around 50 billion u.s. dollars between January and October and
the Korea’s foreign currency reserves are at a record high lastly he vowed to
help boost the real economy through structural reform including the labor
market and the public sector Tim Ezell alumnus