what could be back there we found a lot
of hardy parts what are the chances if there is a Harley Davidson back that’s
what Alice kept saying Harley Davidson back there I’m hoping for a safe town
samurai sword I think the jewelry is in here the best
boxes are yet to come Oh silver to the peak where we go this
conversation again even I got any styling now that’s 20 bucks 20 bucks
found gold found silver found money ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
pirates of all ages I forgot to make an intro for this video so there it is yeah
it is what 8:00 in the morning just dropped
Michael off one of the hard parts about where we moved to recently is it takes
like an hour in the morning to get into school literally the traffic is bad it’s
a 23 minute drive on a regular basis during traffic hours it’s just about a
hour so dropped him off at school waiting for Alex to wake up he’s gonna
hit the auction I’m gonna go Rennie you all and start
moving our paws uncle Michael’s gonna help Alex did it come after the auction
and I’m doing what I do every single morning which is going over the internet
and social media and all the things that are storage auction pirate first order
of business as we woke up with offers so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go
through I like what a second let’s get this a little bit better all right we’re
gonna go through and we are going to check out our offers we got three offers
so first one 249 that’s what I’m asking check what her offer says 152 Union
Pacific and he’s got 295 sounds like he knows what he’s talking about
fair offer reasonable offers always get accepted tada
cha-ching let’s go and let’s do this again what do we got here 124 review
offers they’re offering a hundred bucks Oh perfect and one last offer asking 124 for this
train listed it yesterday and this same person wants to buy in bulk I said in my
thing ooh go to my page and look at the other things I’m selling for combined
shipping here they are two reasonable offers two reasonable accept offers and
there we go we want a total of 250 125 125 basically 300 bucks right no am i
doing that math 9 250 no I’m so off 250 125 125 that’s $500 we won a $500 and we
now just woke up this morning first thing this morning it is what Thursday
morning and we made a 150 100 and 100 dollar
sales startup morning off with three hundred and fifty dollars in sales now
how much better do you need to get your morale think I’m already first thing
I’ve already made $350 I need about half that to cover my daily bills and
expenses to live eat food sleep and carry on so I break everything down by
the day we’re already two days in advance now I’m loving it supposed to be
here at 9:00 Oh Michael you’re late what you’re you’re four minutes there’s three
minutes late now okay it’s a bad habit you guys alright but it’s like driving
Cal right now it’s about the closest we get
to a drier day and we were getting ready for a live right in ham we forgot to tie
up tar pissed off and they moved it on us
mine we didn’t get too crazy and but this we’re about we’re gonna go live
from here load this u-haul to get everything ready and as well we’ll make
an unboxing out of this $2,500 ball this is over halfway in here what could be
back there we found a lot of hearty parts what are the chances that there is
a Harley Davidson back that’s what Alice kept saying Harley Davidson back there
I’m hoping for a safe yeah did not make the motor get no bacon bowl 20 do you
remember my party dream it no only if he bets me on his team I bet on my my team
right now that was a deal that was a deal with Uncle Mike your deal was 10 I
owe you 10 all right there’s why flames not panning out very well not go back
through your Texas and Caesars Uncle Mike that bulk them 20 bucks I see a
chicken in there sure Michael F four chicken thieves and other Mike’s a
chicken I do remember that all right thank you
for your lifeline Jack we can’t let my friends go over two minutes all right
all right we’re going to do this turn our vehicle around hello Bebe’s ways like pirates you’re so bossy
you tell me what to do every ship needs somebody to keep these enough
make sure what step ahead of the game I like to be a step ahead of the game yes
you are Michael you do great work great men in the Old Testament are you in this
book Uncle Michael was it great men the United States Navy personal confidential
to all highway employees 20 collection note their tokens found samurai sword
actually did we possess potential you see we got here stainless Pakistan so painted Marilyn protects let’s look that up that one is nice que nós another one
melted but still look at that we’re not live anymore this is nice I’m gonna have
to have both of these looked up I don’t know if you saw alive I found another
one this is personal so we’ll turn this do you think so no I’m saying it’s not
silver its silver with flatware don’t we call it the moving world yep
now once has a potential no not right before we get discouraged being
disappointed stop trying to gain sympathy uncle Michael no one likes a
victim don’t victimize yourself buddy Oh click Oh that’s almost kind of good maybe stop
it’s a it’s for a projectile dispenser what’s the I just put it in my truck for
now I’m putting all that stuff in my backseat take it to my house oh we’re
gonna do this to a German we got the two slowest people in the world
me and Alex trying to keep with Uncle Michael mmm dibs dibs are you dipping
all this I think the jewelry is in here the best boxes are yet to come oh you
say hey one gorgeous no no moved it off this is China this is not what I
consider China yeah did you try to look like dude that’s not
bad though mm yeah 1776 eludes me this is where
I’ll say that’s like a $3 cup here B now if you put those on this you’re gonna
get 24 now all right Betsy what is that a record box and shaken
cookie cutters no no the plane is then all right
nothing special um silver-plated bridle set somebody did not love them enough to
get them a sterling silver bridle Sam Steele beautiful Alex trying to save the
positive energy neighborhood has a pyrex dish on it patches jean pants extender
we should get that from opal mine because he wears two tightest jeans
personally you know I’m not a hundred grand this is almost the $20 bill
there’s cool Pyrex but there’s a meat slicer down there that is a nice photo
there shadow to this man for serving our country silver salt pepper shakers no
I’m wrong are they no quick flex made in des pans no they’re not silver though
anybody know the chip flips napkin holders
well maybe you picture your feeding in your squeeze I’ll be careful do you know that night see where’s that where’s your beautiful
commentary okay I’m discussing where’s your beautiful cottage a particular isn’t it doesn’t lose like this think
she could use one of those for her little thing she’s done no dress candelabra that’s pretty dope you gotta
hit you know yes so that’s gonna be have $800 in canvas stuff getting everything moved right now
trying to get it all wrapped up we’re gonna put that upside down on my horse
on the corner those speaker Brisby it’s still some gas hmm right
Disney’s license what yeah did you do anything with them from those lawn darts
magnetic darts cute drop mojang thats a nice bobble head right there it’s not a
bobble head but whatever it is it looks old
is it the baseball jugs oh it doesn’t that might not be what’s
original to that looks old mine who’s this all guys my grandma loves Kenny
Rogers isn’t me the key is that your personation of Elvis should I cut that
out or leave it I don’t know he’s got text the show that’s Marshall when you smallest
violins Oh although there’s some smallest violin
for a man sings a sad sad song what kind of watch looks like a good one okay
it is Elvis the back may look like was a big one a good one
ooh jewelry box right there black box mm that’s almost a cool patch
US Navy aviator I love to be not aviation
who is it I got excited for me again yeah Oh Franklin Mint that isn’t open
that up that’s a collector we haven’t got there that’s all that good stuff
oh that is good uncle Michael ooh a coin collection yeah bound coin
collection nope knob collection all right sound tennis ball I need that for
my dog the far that we get in this the more thorough we get crocodile glasses
change point clicks yes wait we wait for something on the top one tomato
you already saw that oh it’s the way you left this open for a reason or closing I
see a baseball card collection oh is that a business correlation mm right
three dogs we have a new offer 78 bucks on the
train I sold one for 250 when you guys got here what’s in that box in the back plank or mousetrap so we have a $88
chain right and they want to offer us 7888 do we take it we take it all
reasonable that’s like walking the plank isn’t it but where is it going to that’s
kind of cool because it’s the plank mat walk I believe it or not on YouTube
millions of you but we should catch one set up a camera we’re here with the
final box on my videos here Lincoln wheat pennies I believe it’s the
copper 1943 none of these no okay more of these two dollar bill
welcome I just add the sheets nope you’re good
Alice literally wants them oh I can’t sell agree no my grandkids
oh did you yeah we find one of these already yeah we did but look at this two dollar bills were colorized
solarized I don’t think your granddaughter will ever know Uncle
Michael and Alex would appreciate it more sure they will know you mean do we
need white gloves for this pups are those Mickey Mouse gloves found Michael
Jackson’s gloves I see new thumb natal white glove unboxing who needed the
white gloves to unbox this box Mickey Mouse or Michael Jackson’s clubs
comment below and yes to complete it of the bear Jason whatever that is certificate of
registration which had his name on it that’s probably garbage this is a
particular me that’s a a sticker that’s probably good he was that from 1940 to
1995 I paid forty bucks it’s cheaper now isn’t it
who’s that right there some days and Giants don’t anyone to like the same
getting up wild card on the freighter what is that that’s a 10-carat I bet you
is it open it up is he use the white club piece of crap goes okay stab
yourself stop there good job of stabbing yourself mm something gay let me see
10k thank you Longo thank you I wasn’t right though I
don’t know what I’m doing making sugar mark nope Scott Brosius yes Oh Desert
Storm alright Betty Boop Oh silver dollar
that’s 20 bucks can you show me the whole world do you have that problem off
there we go this conversation I can’t even I gotta be styling now that’s 20
bucks 20 bucks found gold found silver found money I’m like in this box I do
not because they’re 90s even my teacher here there 88 87 86 85
made a man stop great I don’t want to see those cards they’re good for an AIDS
collector but they’re not really good for anybody who likes them for the value
No I’m gonna get a lot of hate comments
right now Larry you don’t know about cards sold a million cards
Oh dibs no I thought they were the actual with Disney stamps not signed
transits not signed printed this looks perfect weight loss maybe the Washington Mint Silver Dollar tux
I would say this one is probably 25 because it’s silver is not very high but
it is George W Bush it is a president Matt it’s probably 20 you’re right
silver crude will look them up oh yeah maybe a point yeah we’ll put we’ll put a
little thing right here this says Michael Jackson’s or Mickey Mouse’s
gloves and now we start to unload in this unit if you remember this
five-dollar unit got a make space use of space what’s going on over here guys
pimp down pivot down no I wasn’t filming that Alex no he’s
got electricity and everything that’s gotta be worth a few bucks
and it would’ve been cool if it was 49ers it’s a print still cool bit
Supreme are you go ahead I’m at the camera you want to look at it we’re
looking at why do you have to be so mean what you have to tell me what to do
go ahead victimized like Uncle Michael now where that guy say is the original
naked Vargas what do I know I shouldn’t tell you anything apparently I’m just
bossy he’s just guessing over here I say a
whale yeah yep you’d be playing the old victims who’s going to you let everybody
just pretend like you don’t pick on me and that I’m just this evil senior
citizen abuser I’d be senior citizens I’m guessing because they believe you’re
a senior citizen oh my gosh Wow their messaging every YouTube don’t take a
personal one why can’t record you we have filtering believe you are on Grimes
finds or know you were on the Hales yeah and you were talking about the safe that
was Uncle Matt Davis property told make sure the hires to come crack their safes
and so ends another day of moving the storage unit and we sit here and stare
of everything we have in this storage unit that we need to get rid of this is
what we’re dealing with and we got to wrap up by January 1st
we’ll be relocating to some type of facility that will be closer to my home
right now I Drive now 25 minutes to get here everyday and my son will be
switching schools over to break so it’s time to relocate so if like my eyes or
look exhausted welcome to the storage business