– So as a media advocacy organization for the LGBTQ community, trust is essential to the work that we do. Not only do the people that we’re representing need to trust us, but the organizations and industries that we work with need to trust us. So everyone from the
global business leaders to Hollywood to every industry
that you can think of, Silicon Valley, need to trust us because we’re doing deals with them in that helping them build their capacity and their cultural currency as advocates for the LGBTQ community. It’s so important to our job and the work that we do
in advocacy and advocating that our constituents trust us because we’re speaking
for marginalized people, people that don’t have a platform, that don’t have a voice, so trust is that currency and to see it rise year over year in us is really heartening. I think with LGBTQ people, what’s always really
important to keep in mind is that we represent
every other community. We are women, we are people of color, we are immigrants, we are
people with disabilities, and so when you think of LGBTQ, you’re actually thinking
of the general population and they are one in the same and moving from the
smaller, outside community to general population is really, really important for the community and being recognized that way. And that comes through culture
change and policy change.