For thousands of years, humans have told stories We’ve told stories to share our history to teach, to entertain and of course to have a laugh Australians have a long history of sharing tales that are uniquely ours on screen In fact, the very first feature film was one of our stories For more than 50 years The Australian Government has made sure we can see and hear ourselves on television, at the cinema and more recently, anywhere we like So why is this important? Screen Currency is a landmark report commissioned by Screen Australia For the first time we have a complete view of how Australians value our homemade content And what our screen stories contribute back to our country The report found that 98% of us watch Australian content And most of us think it’s unique when compared to works from other countries In making that Australian content and using Australian screen talent around three billion dollars is pumped into our economy creating over over 25,000 full-time jobs For decades now our big, small and really small screen stars have been showing our skill, culture and values to the world In fact, every year around 230,000 international tourists visit us or extend their stay as a result of watching Australian Film and TV generating an estimated 725 million dollars for our economy And don’t forget the 252 million dollars we make from selling make selling our films, TV dramas and documentaries overseas But where our screen stories really succeed is their ability to affect us and move us From earliest memories, we see the world through a uniquely Australian perspective Our films bring stories to life so that we can understand and appreciate each other Our TV shows give a glimpse into our neighbors lives allowing us to laugh grieve and demand change together Our documentaries record our history and challenge us to rethink what we presume to be true And our online stories allow great ideas to reach us direct inspiring the next generation of Aussie creativity It’s so easy to switch on the TV go to the cinema or stream an Australian show on your phone But the fact that it exists at all is incredibly valuable and special To read the full Screen Currency report, visit Be sure to check out The Screen Guide where you can search for Australian Film or TV drama titles including how you can stream or download them to enjoy at home