hey Rob can you do a currency search
with $20,000 sure let’s do it hey everyone its Rob with Rob finds
treasure and recently I had a viewer say Rob can you do a 20,000 dollar currency
search try to get all hundreds if you can I did they only had 12,000 in the
hundreds believe it or not and so I said well do you have 20s and they said I
think we do they go to the vault they had 17,000 in 20s and instead of
going through all the drawers and finding the extra 3,000 they said well
can I give you 3,000 in 50s they did I put my own strap on there I got those
from a $2 bill strap but it’s 3,000 so we’ve got 17,000 in 20s and 3,000 in
50s not searched yet we’re gonna go start with this stack we’re hoping for
star notes birthday notes radars repeaters solids you name it I’ll let
you know what find something cool and we’ll loop you in along the way if we do
so we’re like on our fourth bill here I think and always and I bring you in is
because I just want to point out how close this is to a radar the first three
is 1 for 3 and the last for the last 3 backwards is 1 for 3 but as always is
the case as a 4/9 had it been a 4/4 or a 99 or any pair in the middle it would
have been a radar always look out for radars they are valuable
there are collectible and they’re worth a premium let’s get back to the all
right guys we’re a few bills in still and we found a trinary made up of 4 6
and 8 now I’m starting to get picky I’m not keeping trinarys anymore I have so
much cash tied up in to trinarys I’m sending it all back to the bank I’m only
keeping binaries or better I’ll point out my tinarys when I have them
because some trinarys look awesome and I’ll keep them but in this case other
than the 6 6 6 in the middle which I’m not a fan of there’s really not much to
point out on this and other than the fact it’s a trinary the inking is
good the back centered it’s not an old bill whatsoever
it’s only a 2009 so it’s good go back I don’t keep trinary
twenties anymore I only keep trinarys of one dollar denominations
because it’s just not tying up a lot of money let’s get back to the hunt I’ll
point out though I’ll pull out my Trinarys for this search just what we see
how many we get now let’s get back to the hunt
all right guys this first bag of twenties just kind of proven fruitful
I’ll bring this bill in because this is what’s called a broken ladder if you can
see here and if you look at the numbers and I’ll point them out we’ve got a one
two three it’s missing the four but we got a five six seven eight nine broken
ladder it’s only missing the four to be consecutive numbers or to be every
number in an eight in a row sequence that’s a broken ladder we’ll pull it
aside because it is something I’ll probably end up keeping that when I do
keep broken ladders let’s look for some more here first stack is done we’re
using this thousand dollar strap as a replacement for the bills that I pull
out of each strap let’s go with the second strap now second bill in or the
second strap we’ve got a star note and as you guys know at the end of every
video I’ll be checking the print run and the rarity of all my star notes so I’ll
pull this aside it’s good to see a star note already we’re on the sixth note in
and it’s got some marking on it but it is another star note so pull that aside
the second star note of the stacks second strap was a good one to start
notes still replenishing from the thousand dollar stack let’s move on to
stack number three yeah almost halfway through the third stack and we’ve got
another star note so we’ll add the star note to the star note collection third
strap is down a couple of older bills in one star note let’s go on to the fourth
strap two-thirds of the way through the fourth stack and we’ve got a new trinary
with five eight and seven so we’ll add that up here to the extra finds and look
for some more here another trinary one eights and nines
again not the greatest but we’ll take it for now finish the four stack
move it on with the fist stack fifth stack yielded nothing noteworthy so
let’s go on to the sixth stack three-quarters of the way through the
fifth stack and we’ve got another star note here so four star note of the
stacks let’s keep looking got a start on that stack let’s move on to stack number
six seven stack number seven so many stacks next notice a trinary four nine
and eight we’re gonna go and pull it aside as well alright guys we got our
first quad double it’s got four sets of doubles eleven forty four, 44,99
obviously if the last two were eleven or the first two were ninety-nine we’d have a
lot better of a situation going on because then we would have a radar with
a quad double but it’s still a double or a quad double we’ll pull it aside
not a bad find I do want to point out that I also look for bookends I just
don’t keep them because they’re really only worth maybe one and a half two
times face value and I know that’s pretty good money but on a twin our bill
in this condition they’d have to be an uncirculated condition to fetch any
price a bookend is when the last two and the first to match so in this case 77
and 77 but when it’s in this condition is basically face value so if I find a
bookend it’s really got to be almost an uncirculated condition for me to
consider keeping it now that we’ve covered that let’s keep punting seven
stacks down move it on the stack eight and obviously with the finds the
replacement stack is running low but that’s okay we still gotta look through
that let’s go look through this first humming this eights that guys we got
another start out it’s now our sixth start out of the stacks and it’s a low
serial number doesn’t mean it means anything but let’s look for some more
all right now we got our six star note right there no add to the star notes and
keep looking alright guys eight stacks of 2,000 done
at 16,000 with a thousand here in twenties not really because we pulled
out a couple of hundred here and then we’ve got 3000 in 50’s
so let’s knock out these 20s and then we’ll knock out the 50s all right I send
out the 20s for the ones I want to keep again we’ll check the rarity and print
run to the star notes but first let’s knock out the $50 bill see if there’s
anything worth keeping in this stack the top bill is in 1996 bill and $50 with no
special serial number I won’t be keeping this but let’s look to it anyway I don’t
know but I think it’s pretty cool that I got a star note in the 50s this is only my
second fifty dollar star note ever Oh two seven four seven nine seven eight we’ll
be checking its rarity all right $20,000 worth of notes search
17,000 and 20s 3,000 in 50s here’s what we’re gonna keep overall we’re gonna
keep this note here because it’s a broken ladder we’re gonna keep this note
here because it’s a quad double I decided to keep these to trinarys
because in my opinion they look a little bit more cool I don’t know why but it’s
just me I guess with the three 7s and that bottom one and a bunch of eight 9s
and that one and both only have one number off being a binary they’re just
the best of the trying areas that I’ve kept and then we’ve got a fifty dollar star
note that we’re going to search for its rarity and then we’ve got 6 $20 star notes
that I’ll check for their rarity give me a second I’ll do some research and
I’ll be right back alright guys I’m pretty excited here so
the $50 bill star note not rare at all part of a 3.2 million print run these
two 2009 20 bills are part of a 3.2 million print run as well not rare and
these two 2004 are part of a 3.2 million per run not rare either but here’s why
I’m excited I’ve got some pretty rare star-notes here guys this 2013 star note
if you go to my currency collection com you can look it up this star note here
2013 MB zero zero zero six three nine five nine star is part of a six hundred
forty thousand print run so right at the middle of the rarity so
it’s gonna fetch pretty good premium that’s nice and all but I’m super
excited about this one the reason why is it’s also 2009 mg zero zero zero two
five one one one and this one is part of only a three hundred and twenty thousand
print run it’s way up on the rarity scale I don’t know the exact value of it
yet but I’ll tell you this much it’s in pretty good shape it does have a crease
of course it is circulated you can see a crease here and a little bit of folding
here and a little bit of creasing here but at the end of the day it’s still in
relatively good condition there’s no markings on it
there’s no stains on it it’s just got some folds and it’s still gonna fetch a
pretty good premium at three hundred twenty thousand on the print run so
that’s pretty cool at the end of the day I hope you enjoyed
the hunt with me if you did please give the video a thumbs up and as always
thanks for watching