Gday people are you going today
today I have a lot of Hong Kong 500 dollar banknotes near for the exchange
rate one American dollar equals at 7.8 Hong Kong dollars and when Australian
dollar includes about 600 Hong Kong dollars so this is a worth a little bit
less probably bit 85 australin dollars off the top of my head let’s do a lot of
money this is the second highest banknote you can actually get a $1000
but this is probably the highest denominated banknote you that you’ll
probably get because um the $1000 is and we’re not as common so you can get these
from ATMs 100 hundreds are the most common that you get from ATMs and this
is the new series well it’s not that friend knew this was introduced in
February 2011 so these banknotes have been in
circulation for about 7 years and one month something like that
and the 1000 was issued in December to 10 because um they have a problem with
counterfeiting of 1 fastened dollar banknotes so that’s probably why they
are not common and they are not accepted in a lot of places so we’re just going
to check the safe there’s any good serial numbers so as you can see these
2014 most of these banknotes 2014 I think because they the most common date
on these banknotes to actually see so GX anything good double four but no lv 7 6
3 6 yeah still nothing collectible this one oh
middle 585 – yeah I suppose you actually need two numbers or four numbers so
that’s nearly there but no not really oh and these dots on the bottom they’re
actually like Braille for those who are visually impaired so they can’t see that
probably and the same as these four double lines on the side just to have a
look a mix 147 yeah nope nothing in there Oh double 5min
middle damn it that’s four where’s the six and that six
was a one or there six was a four day yeah but not nothing and if you need a
like knows Oh top six double nine if that was the six instead of afraid it
would actually be a keeper but maybe that one I’ll put that aside have a look new Alice as you can see all these are
2014 which are the most common HSBC bank note date so new Oh double two in the
middle but apart from that nothing they were like oh you can check serial
numbers here which are red so these here numbers are black these ones are red no
but this one’s easier to check because they’re closer together double to new
eight nine one eight two new empty No nothing on that okay eight new oh look
we have an older Bank night it’s from 2007 so this is 11 years old
but on this one easier number to check is up here it’s double four but no so
this is the older series can actually still get them still legal tender so all
banknotes made in Hong Kong are still legal tender doesn’t matter of the date
but these are the ones well in this condition you can’t actually sell it’s
just worth five hundred but if you get a five hundred from unknown 1910 and that
will be worth a hell of a lot more money din five hundred dollars so what do you
think about this banknote please um well it does have a double to double serial
numbers can’t marry off my hair would you actually call that mmm I really like
a letter not too sure and these back at ease banknotes has a Chinese Lunar New
Year which was back in February as Chinese dragon and drum beating so they
are to scale wait ghosts or at least the drums are anyway and you can actually
get to other banks Bank of China and Chartered Bank but obviously all these
are Hong Kong and Shanghai banks so there is nothing actually there to keep
oh wait the last two where in sequence so five three four eight one four four
and eight one eight four one I mean eight four zero eight four one so a in
sequence but I won’t keep those because quite frankly Hong Kong banknotes
actually hard to sell I have sold a few 500s you can probably get so these ones
were for about 85 Australian dollars you can probably get $115 for him so quite
frankly they’re not really worth selling you poke better if investing five
hundred dollars in stock market than keeping a brand new five hundred dollar
banknote but I have kept one of each denomination just as a collector’s item
who knows maybe in five hundred years they’ll be worth a lot more money but
not now and not in 30 years time look at that Hong Hong Kong Airport lady say that he’s um one details that regulates
air travel and here is all part of face looks like 747-400 and this is the
actual terminal one so thank you very much for watching please subscribe to my
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and coins and old currency from all around the world just to show you what
is out there and have an awesome banknote collect in time