so welcome back fellow coin collectors
and banknote collectors sort of misuse and today I have a lot of Japanese yen
I’m currently overseas in Hong Kong and Japan and we’ve got some Japanese
currency my mother-in-law got this herb beforehand so we’re gonna use it when we
go hopefully but anyway before we use it we need to check if there is actually
any good serial numbers now most of these are
actually in pretty good condition this one has some damage at the top
could be could we actually ink from another banknote and some of them were
actually circulated as well so you can see this one’s got a central fold so
quite frankly modern banknotes in this conditions really not worth keeping
even before Japan and you’re getting unique serial numbers so let’s have a
look so we have this one it’s double 7 but nothing this one not being there we
have K P and generally when Japan uses up all its serial number sequences which
it looks like ahead they usually change the color of the actual ink that they
actually used something they’ve used brown and green so far and this is black but the lighting is not that good
because I’m you know Kong they have small buildings smaller units and they’re lot of things generally not good
in them double v net yeah I know there’s any two nine and two no six six double
five that wouldn’t mean good if death nine or eight had been changed
Sam yes I’m not too sure which is actually a replacement prefix a lot of
countries don’t have in Australia have replacements so most likely Japan
doesn’t one two nothing day nothing there and in
a later video actually show oh sorry I’ll show the Hong Kong’s new banknotes
there’s a 5000 yen I’ve only got one of those pretty well circulated so
generally you don’t want to keep him 10,000 yen which is a better huh 120
Australian dollars nearly a hundred American dollars so really it’s not
worth keeping modern banknotes that much maybe one of each just for your
collection oh six five oh if that one had been zero
day zero had have been one that would definitely be a keeper but no no not
worth keeping that condition now she can see hasn’t damaged up top more ink and
these ones actually getting out they didn’t in their security features for
seven one four seven nine damn I’m getting so close that’s really no okay
six one four four three no you don’t worry better perfect like the M R and
this one two four two seven no no no so I know a lot of people actually go on
holidays although they use watching actually go overseas when you get money
just check a check for serial numbers close up people actually click these I
have that free had it been at eight that would have been a good one
so it’s eight three double-o-double eight damn damn we’re really not worth
keeping to free then once a little bit close six eight
six five no nearly getting closer it’s a bit like $2,000 here strain dollar so
these okay I’ll just go through this quickly Japanese yen are pretty good and
these ones are actually mm-hmm apart from this feature here there’s not much
anti counterfeiting features for the modern time so in Japan needs actually
upgraded sir banknotes because actually become an
easier to counterfeit increasing the technology so I’m afraid we don’t really
have anything there Jackson keep which is a pity because I quite like Japanese
banknotes their next search I’m going to do is
when Chinese yuan or remember and yeah just keep on checking your money and see
what you actually get thank you very much for watching
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okay bye